Slayers Fiction Recommendations

Mainly LxG most with a little AxZ on the side! (canon)

1. Theguineapig3 series: My first ever story was ‘Another Adventure’ and that was a great way to start! These are my favourite series, slayerseque with plenty of friendship, family, action, adorable OCs and a lil romance. WARNING: You will love Zara.

I particulalry love her fics because they are believable, just like a continuation and they have so much heart! There are Six in the series and the order is on her profile and they are still updating! (LxG, AxZ)

2. Dreamsinger: Only stone on the Outside - Mainly an AxZ but has so much LxG it is pretty equal! It has such a deep storyline and very in depth. This is a lengthy yet high rated one about Zel’s cure.

3. Omoni Series: The first story is a oneshot which leads to several longer stories. Very LxG, very cute, with plenty of action and Slayerness. One of the later stories includes a look into their future with a tragic event.

4. Savvyliterate Series: One shots leading to one large story surrounding the Slayers Try series from the Knight of the Aqualord timeline. It isn’t at all like rewatching Try as the paths taken in the oneshots lead to different characters and situations. LxG! hinty hint situation.

A series of popular one shots: LxG

5. Ichiban Victory: A good mixture of LxG and AxZ. She writes lots of medium length stories but very vast and exciting! <—sweet! LxG!

6. Gerao-A series- Slayers Extreme: A fighting style take on the characters in modern day situation. Very in depth and long story that follows the characters from the start with familiar villains like Shabranigdo and Rezo. A modern style adaptation fic! LxG , AxZ

7. Kaitrin - More mature fics, skip lemon chapters if necessary ^^ im still too innocent to read them! ><

Based around the aftermath of Slayers Next, all the unanswered questions and the unfinished business..hint. LxG and more in series.

8.  Zwolf87The original story of ‘Secret Feelings’ which has been adapted into an amazing doujinshi by Prettio! Mature warning but very sweet and very LxG based. A bit of a shoujo manga touch on Slayers, with the Slayers awesomeness!

Last chapter Lemon warning for younger peeps

9. Finally for now, I will update with more recommendations! SHAMELESS SELF ADVERTISING!

I’m a sucker for LxG so forgive me! I have a fascination with the Lord of Nightmares and her relations with Lina Inverse so I couldn’t help but explore it in my own way with sh*t tons of LxG but not overdone! First in series, first ever of my stories please be kind: (tbc)


Thank you for listening to  my spurt of fangirling! <3 These are in no real order but I strongly suggest these! Keep the fandom going strong and I encourage you to have a go yourself, we’re a lovely community and we’d be happy to read your works! <3 bye for now ~ LinaInversenoUmarekawari