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reasons to watch andi mack if you haven't already

- cyrus is almost definitely gay and its amazing (he. looked. back.)
- every female character in this show is portrayed as strong and independant, while still having flaws and insecurities, also only two of the main female characters are white (iris and amber)
- the good hair crew is made up of two girls of color and a gay boy, like 👌
- jonah beck
- cyrus goodman
- andi mack
- buffy driscoll
- marty
- bex mack
- bowie quinn
- literally its such a good show and i love it

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Hey, I love your blog! It's actually what finally made me watch Veronica Mars and I'm so glad I did! I just wanted to ask if you would be willing to explain a little about your headcanon of Cordelia as asexual? I don't disagree at all, I just had never thought of her character like that for some reason, and I'd be interesting in hearing more if you're willing to share. Have a great day!

Hey there! There’s little that makes me happier than finding out someone decided to watch VM because of my blog, so thank you for letting me know and I’m glad you liked it. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll indulge in my silly celebratory ritual…

Now, onto your question. Before I try and explain, I should warn you that my answer might not be eloquent at all because “Cordelia is asexual” is something that I feel as opposed to a headcanon I have sound reasons for, you know? But I’ll do my best.

In a nutshell, it just makes sense to me, you know? But let me list down some of the things that make believe Cordy was ace.

  • Cordy was the typical 90s Popular Girl, and as such, she dated a lot. Or at least, she was portrayed as boy crazed. But… she always approached dating as a sport of sorts. It was a competition, and she wanted to get the best prize (boy.) She never showed romantic interest in any of her conquests, they were all a means to an end (either because they were rich, they had contacts or they were the male equivalent of a Trophy Wife.)
  • Even when she did show interest in people beyond this dating competition, she mostly chose men with whom A) a relationship was unlikely (e.g.: Wesley), B) intercourse was unlikely (e.g.: Angel), C) she was the one calling the shots and therefore deciding whether sex was on the table or not (e.g.: Xander, Groo.)
  • She’s one of the few female characters in the Buffyverse who didn’t show an overt interest in sex at some point or another. For instance, when Faith mentions slaying makes her “horny and hungry”, Cordy says “gross”. Now, it might be the appropriate reaction for a girl of her social status, but Cordy always spoke her mind, so I feel it’s entirely possible she thought sex was gross. Moreover, she genuinely asks Xander if looking at guns makes girls want to have sex, as if she’s not aware of what precisely makes a girl want to have sex, even if she’s a girl herself. Then, she seems surprised when Xander admits everything makes him want to have sex because he’s a teenager. Now, it would be normal for a girl like Cordy to try and hide her own sexual desire since it’s frowned upon for girls to discuss their sexuality openly. But she seems to be more interested than anything in finding out what makes girls and boys want to have sex, as if she had never experienced that herself. 
  • She showed interest in pursuing two relationships in which sex was off the table and this was literally a non-issue for her. First, with Xander when she thought he turned into a sea monster. And then with Angel (compare how much of an issue the not-having-sex was between Buffy and Angel…)
  • She was never shown exploring her sexuality like Buffy or Willow were. In fact, she’s only shown having sex twice (although it might be implied she had sex with Groo, it might also be possible that she never did, considering Groo wasn’t a typical suitor and she was the one calling the shots in that relationship): once, in Expecting, and then, with - ew ew ew ew ew - Connor, but we now know she wasn’t herself. As regards Expecting, I can easily understand that as Cordelia experimenting and trying to find out if sex is something she might be interested in, you know?

Anyway, I hope this makes some sense.


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“Oz come on” you huffed quietly, letting your head drop. “What?” He asked, brows furrowed. “I know you know how the tricks are done, but I don’t and you going all Narrator Nelly isn’t adding to the fun” you explained, bringing your eyed back up to watch the magic. There was silence from him at that point, though you knew it was too good you be true. “Just one more, for this one…”

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Do you not fidn Angel attractive just physically or overall as a character? Just wondering! He doesn't do it for me either, and I thought that long before I shipped Spuffy

Both. Like, I know that David is conventionally good looking, but personally, I just don’t find him attractive. And just like you, Angel never did it for me - even before Spike was in the show or Spuffy a possibility. I think it might be partly because he was just Eye Candy for a long while before he became a fleshed out character, and most of his characterization took place on his own show. I understand the appeal but I’m like meh.