slayer sticker

A Small Revelation (Part 1)

Word count: 920

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Phil didn’t remember how this habit had started, but for some reason, before he left his room, he’d quickly touch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer sticker that was stuck just above the centre of his door. He’d never really questioned why he did it, until he found himself not doing it anymore. When he walked out of his room in the morning, backpack swung over one shoulder and phone in his hand, his mind was too occupied by thoughts of one of the boys in his classes. Which was yet another thing he had not found an explanation for.

His love for Sarah Michelle Gellar that had seemed never-ending only a month ago, was now slowly fading away. His daydreams were full of that stupid boy and he wished he could just go back to thinking about Buffy, or any other woman for that matter, but that didn’t seem very likely.

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