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Ever watched a show you used to love when you were younger and you start to fall in love all over again with the same characters but then have to question all your morals and life choices because you are 30 now but they are still 16 in the show you’re watching? Like is it OK because in real life they’re actually older than me so even though I’m twice the age of the person I am watching, the space time continuum allows me to still fangirl over this person who aged at the same speed I have? Or am I just a creepy weirdo?

When someone disses your show

Pretty much exactly me 💁🏻😂

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Tv Shows:

  • Once Upon A Time, One Tree Hill
  • Agents Of Shield, Agent Carter
  • American Horror Story, Carmilla
  • Buffy, Angel or Dollhouse
  • Faking It, 2 Broke Girls, Stitchers
  • Lost Girl, Orphan Black, Orange Is The New Black
  • Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars


  • Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig
  • Joe Sugg, Zoella, Sprinkle Of Glitter, Jenna Marbles
  • Rose and Rosie, PewDiePie, IISuperwomanII, Felicia Day


  • Hartbig, Mace, HartSquared, The Holy Trinity
  • SwanQueen, RedBeauty, Cartinelli
  • Bechloe, Emison, Karmy, Skimmons
  • Valkubus, Vauseman, Fuffy


  • Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Demi Lovato
  • Hayley Williams, Lana Parilla, Sophia Bush
  • Hayley Atwell, Tatiana Maslany, Clark Gregg

A minor look in Twitch-Plays-Pokemon’s grand history.

A retelling of the tragic events of what was later known as

The Bloody Sunday.

Also known by the community as ‘The PC Massacre’, the events of Bloody Sunday took place, as the naming suggests, throughout Sunday, February the 23rd, right after Anarchy’s successful attempt to capture legendary bird Zapdos (10d 07h 49m, a mere less than an hour after Red entered the Power Plant) with the Masterball (09d 13h 44m) previously acquired in Saffron City. The news came to all as a divine message. Those who witnessed the act simply couldn’t believe it; everyone saw Zapdos (who was given the nickname ‘AA-j’ right after his acquisition, further assumed by some as ‘The Archangel of Justice’) as a new prophet of the Helix, a bringer of light, the one that shall aid us deliver the final strike to the enemy, finish off the Elite Four and free Red from the Voices inside of his head. And that is how We couldn’t have been more wrong. With a full party and no space to bestow, Zapdos was immediately transferred to the PC Box. Despite the voiced concerns of many users that attempting a rescue mission for Zapdos could very well mean the total demise of our hard-earned team, and thus risking wiping the game or getting stuck in a grinding stalemate, Red found himself walking around the Pokemon Center sooner that we’d like to with spirits risen. That is how it begun.

Blinded by foolishness, the followers of the Helix made their first move and approached the PC. Amidst all the chaos, AIR (Air Jordan, Lapras) and Bird Jesus find themselves trapped inside Box 1 before the community is ultimately able to withdraw The Archangel. Given the importance of our two Pokemon (The former being the team’s only surfer and the latter being what’s pushing us through every trainer battle since the beginning of time) a rescue plan was set into action. As a result, The Keeper and All-Terrain-Venomoth get switched for AAEWWW, a Nidoran previously captured in the Safari Zone, and ‘a’, yet another Nidoran hailing from the same region. AWWWWVV the Rhyhorn also get withdrawn along the way.

With constant withdrawls, deposits and Red’s team facing a complete new unpractical line-up that would lead us nowhere, it seemed natural for certain individuals to start questioning their faith to the Helix. Big chunks of people turn to The Dome for guidance, and Democracy begins rising once more, stronger than ever, reminding everyone what it helped to achieve during the Safari Zone descent. In a tragic battle of holding grounds between the two parties, and right after Cabbage was deposited in Box one, the community accidentally switches Boxes to Box 2, making the situation unbearable to handle. To worsen the setting, The Archangel is deposited again, now in Box 2, along with one of the most glorious pillars of our team: Dux, Slayer of Trees. With pretty much every major party member that has ever gone through the roster being lost into the mazes of the computer, everyone in the chat goes into despair. This is only the beginning of a chain of events that would last for another seven agonizing hours.

While everyone attempts to retrieve the scattered Pokemon from the boxes, news of Bird Jesus’ demise reach popular Twitch Streamer ‘Destiny’, who, via a Twitter post, announces a full-fledged frontal attack against TwitchPlaysPokemon. By abusing the democracy mode and using his hordes of followers to send in the right commands in order to release Bird Jesus, he causes a major disruption in our playthrough that would delay the Twitch Community making any actual progress for several hours. His fans disguise themselves and hide among us, trying to carry out his wishes without us noticing. Simultaneously, moves are being made by ours side to report the guy for harassing.

The team agrees to leave the Pokemon Center for some time until the enemy horde dies out, but not before they manage to accomplish several of their goals: one being the storage of the Helix Fossil into the computer.

By the time Red leaves the PokeCenter and heads towards the Dark Cave, first blood is claimed, and the first victim of the day is proven to be one of our Safari Zone friends “A” the Venonat. However, Rhyhorn, Dux and the Archangel get withdrawn once more.

In a short reexploration of the cave, wild Geodude and Zubat get captured by the trainer adding extra weight to Red’s pockets.

What followed in the next six hours was the group’s biggest downfall yet. A major sequence of constant withdrawals, deposits, and, naturally, releases, introduces more havoc. Almost every Pokemon Red had in possession passed in and out of the team at least once, with twelve of them being released out in the wild. Among them marched the mighty heroes Cabbage (RIP 10d 12h 43m), known as The Seed of Hope, Dux  (RIP 10d 13h 15m), Slayer of Trees, and as a last sacrifice to the madness, DigRat  (RIP 10d 16h 02m) the Raticate. Half of our Pokemon and almost every creature captured in the Safari Zone was freed to the world. Many would like to assume that, in the end, they all ended up finding each other and met with Abby and Jay Leno somewhere out there. It is also worth mentioning that Abba Jesus was saved from a release by a, literally, last minute miracle, as the last button vote on his release-dialog ended up being a ‘b’.

Both Anarchy and Democracy were tainted by everyone’s loss, with no side claiming victory whatsoever when the users finally managed to pull out successfully the rest of the original team.

By the end of the day (10d 20h 52m) the party consisted of Bird Jesus, The Keeper, Air Jordan, Dash Bat, Burger King, Rick Ghastly and the Helix Fossil back into our backpack. However uncertain the future might’ve looked at the time, now travelling without a cutter and having no one in our roster to aid us in that subject, the community gathered every last bit of strength they had left and ventured into the darkness of the Dark Cave in order to forget. The massacre that had taken place had to be left behind; abandoned but not forgotten. For the sake of every brave spirit that fell on that day, we had to move on to a brighter future.

On the eleventh day of Twitch Plays Pokemon we all suffered a great loss. Blinded by our own ambition and greed, we ended up causing more harm than anyone or anything can ever compensate for. We lost dear, beloved friends, both old and new. We lost leaders and great assets to our team. We let our enemies take advantage of our weakness and for that we paid greatly. We lost ourselves to desire.

More than these twelve Pokemon were lost on that day.

And then came Day 12, and He Rose.

Bloody Sunday

The darkest day in Kanto now loomed over Red.  An evil greater than even Dome had come and usurped the power of the Voices.  A single man, pridefully calling himself “Destiny,” invaded the medium Twitch’s mind.  Six-thousand followers he had.  Six-thousand disciples of this great evil, who used both anarchy and democracy as tools for their massacre.

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For those unaware, there was a massive push by certain websites to obtain Zapdos yesterday in Twitch Plays Pokemon.

And Zapdos was caught! And then they attempted to withdraw him from the PC so he could be on the team.

Leading to today. Bloody Sunday. Cabbage was killed. Bigdig was killed. Dux, slayer of trees, was killed. Nearly all of our new friends from the safari zone were killed. Nearly our entire team was deposited.

We thought that Flareon was the false prophet, the dark shepherd leading us astray.

We were wrong.

Flareon was only the harbinger of the REAL Prophet of Dome.

What have we done.


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I’ve updated Omanyte’s sprite to Omastar! I also made sprites for some of the past released team members. I might so Jay Leno and Cabbage later. Once again, use them where you like, credit appreciated but not necessary.

OMASTAR (LORD HELIX): Our great guiding god, LORD HELIX, has evolved into it’s final, glorious form.
ABBBBBBK (Abby): The starter Pokemon received from Oak. She holds the S.S. Ticket, for luck and strength.
AAJST(??? (DigRat/BigDig): The big digger, Digrat/BigDig was both a valuable party member, and a terrible troublemaker!
DUX (The Slayer of Trees): As it’s nickname implies, DUX holds a tree it’s slain with it’s mighty CUT.

( Other sprites of the TPP team | Flareon sprite )