Angel renders the end of Buffy The Vampire Slayer pointless. After dozens of terrible things happen to Spike, he finally realizes that being a hero is preferable to being a monster. He joins the good guys and even sacrifices his life in the finale to save the world. Buffy also gets a solid ending: With the First Evil defeated and dozens of girls around the world gaining her powers, she can finally kick back for a little R&R. At least until the fifth season of the spinoff, Angel, rolled around and rendered all of her and Spike’s accomplishments pointless.

The exhausted Buffy doesn’t get her hard-earned vacation – not only is she still a slayer, she has to lead an army of teenage girls as well. If you’ve ever met a teenage girl, picture all the drama and maintenance times an army. And then there’s poor Spike, who’s brought back to life, thus rendering his heroic sacrifice moot. Not only that, his big moment is treated like a punchline, mocked by the other characters. But the real kicker comes at Angel’s finale: The series ends with the rising armies of Hell rendering every previous attempt to save the world pointless. While we don’t see the conclusion of the final fight, there’s an implication that every single hero goes down in a blaze of glory.

So, after they save the world, Buffy and the gang get like a year of exhausting, humiliating adventures before they all die anyway. It would be like if the new Star Wars films showed Luke immediately contracting terminal cancer from all the asbestos in the Death Star explosion while Han dies of a space-heroin overdose in the dumpster behind the Mos Eisley Cantina.

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