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Seventeen Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being In An Established Girl Group

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cani request a seventeen reaction to you being in a girl group thats really popular? like 2NE1 or SNSD so not only did you debut before them you are a pro that slays all the hoes in the audience

S.Coups: Look at how your leader does it boys and take notes - I’ve got a truly impressive girlfriend ;)

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Jeonghan: It only makes sense that a beautiful, talented boy would be with a beautiful, talented girl.

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Joshua: We can make beautiful music together. *always trying to get her to do duets with him*

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Jun: *cocky* Of course I’m with a girl like that, we complement each other well.

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Hoshi: * is in the closet about being a fan boy for her past performances*

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Wonwoo: *just hopes she doesn’t find out about anti-fan blog from the past*

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Woozi: *another one who struggles to keep the fan boy in and also desperately wants to do all the duets with her*

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DK: *if you think the two of them would not go to Karaoke all the time and compete against each other you would be wrong*

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Mingyu: *is in utter disbelief about it.* I cannot believe that she’s my girlfriend, it’s super cool right??

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The8: *would just be cute and probably would ask her for advice about being an idol while offering his own support for her career*

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Seungkwan: *sassy af, known to rub it in the face of the other members.* You all should take notes from the king.

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Vernon: *Another one in disbelief, and it comes out in interviews when he’s asked about her* Oh yeah…we uh…It’s just really incredible. I never expected this to develop.

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Dino: *definitely  doesn’t hate the ego boost that comes with it. I picture him going to practice with her, just to practice moves and hang out. Another one to really take in and appreciate any advice she has about the industry*

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sorry to bother you but WHENS MBB FINALE COMING OUT im so looking forward to it like the whole of mbb was hands down the best namjoon fic ive ever read i seriously love the whole thing bc im a hoe for angst and the story has so much drama i love it. CANT WAIT FOR MBB AHHHHHHHHH and also i love all your works ;)

it’s coming out in like a week hehehehheheh thank you so much omg i’m so embarrassed wahhhhh