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Seventeen Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being In An Established Girl Group

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cani request a seventeen reaction to you being in a girl group thats really popular? like 2NE1 or SNSD so not only did you debut before them you are a pro that slays all the hoes in the audience

S.Coups: Look at how your leader does it boys and take notes - I’ve got a truly impressive girlfriend ;)

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Jeonghan: It only makes sense that a beautiful, talented boy would be with a beautiful, talented girl.

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Joshua: We can make beautiful music together. *always trying to get her to do duets with him*

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Jun: *cocky* Of course I’m with a girl like that, we complement each other well.

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Hoshi: * is in the closet about being a fan boy for her past performances*

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Wonwoo: *just hopes she doesn’t find out about anti-fan blog from the past*

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Woozi: *another one who struggles to keep the fan boy in and also desperately wants to do all the duets with her*

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DK: *if you think the two of them would not go to Karaoke all the time and compete against each other you would be wrong*

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Mingyu: *is in utter disbelief about it.* I cannot believe that she’s my girlfriend, it’s super cool right??

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The8: *would just be cute and probably would ask her for advice about being an idol while offering his own support for her career*

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Seungkwan: *sassy af, known to rub it in the face of the other members.* You all should take notes from the king.

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Vernon: *Another one in disbelief, and it comes out in interviews when he’s asked about her* Oh yeah…we uh…It’s just really incredible. I never expected this to develop.

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Dino: *definitely  doesn’t hate the ego boost that comes with it. I picture him going to practice with her, just to practice moves and hang out. Another one to really take in and appreciate any advice she has about the industry*

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