slay eachother


sorey and mik love each other so much im literally dead 

[ps tumblr killed the quality and shrunk it so im sorry in advance! or in late since ur reading this after]

Hillary Clintons whips and nae naes herself into the dungeon while Bernie Sanders does a lil hip dance with his flower crown cinnamon roll and they slay eachother on fleek

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm travelling to UK soon (for a school trip) and I'm wondering if there is anything that I absolutely need to see/buy when I get there! :D *im assuming you're an expert cos you live there haha*

oh maN well it depends what part of the UK you’re going to i guess?? buT if you’re going to london make sure u literally see everythinG cause that shit is beautful but also do not get mislead by the pushy owners in the tacky souvenir shops otherwise you’ll end up with about forty-five london-themed models and no money left

more specifically if you want things to see/do then i’ll recommend this video/vlog thing that my pal jake did where he goes around london 

(if ur in london say hi to dan and phil for me)

anyway if you’re not going to london then i’d recommend buying the following things that are unique to britain

although i dont acutally like it i havE to include tea don’t i  (preferably pg tips if ya want the tru UK experience)

(that knitted monkey along with a guy called ‘al’ are a legend to the british world of adverts)


any chocolate under the brand of cadbury honestlu that shit is gold

nestlé is also notable i guess but    cadbury is The One

walker’s are good although be aware of the fact 75% of the pack will probably (definitely) be air but the remaining percentage of crisps are great 

(it’s the UK equivalent to lay’s)

KRAVE CEREAL i thibk u can buy it outside the UK but i’ll rec it anyway cause it is fantastic

golden nuggets are also fantastic (i think they’re the uk equivalent to cap’n crunch??)

shopping is also good in the uk

topshop is fantastic also topman is beautiful dont pay attention to the assigned gender roles most of my stuff is from topman honestly their JUMPERS

british supermarkets are cool but be aware of the rivalry and competition between tesco, sainsbury’s, morrison’s and asda honestly their adverts just consist of comparison and slaying eachother its so funny

there’s also waitrose but that’s like the rich person’s supermarket i swear everyone in there is so posh take a look at the @overheardinwaitrose twitter

this is the british currency

behold queen elizabeth II’s face on every one i always wonder if when she pays for stuff it’d be like exchanging goods for a selfie

i hope so

waiting for your 1p change will be the most awkward thing you will ever experience 

the amount of deaths this coin has caused

never pay for something that’s under £5 with a bigger note (£10 or £20 or even £50 if ur that much off a vicarious asshole) unless u want a death stare from the cashier that screams ‘never come here again u piece of shit’ 

i’ve been there and it’s not good

ANYWAY i hope this has been a lil insight into a bit of totally useless info about the UK i do hope u have gained something out of this and good luck on your trip here!!!! 

one last thing

remember to bring an umbrella