The Signs in Slavic Mythology pt. 2

 Vesna (Slavic Goddess of Spring and Love) - Libra

in charge of spring; morning and the birth of everything alive, has rosy cheeks and lucious looks, portrayed as always smiling, beautiful, naked and barefoot

Perun (Slavic Thunder God) - Scorpio 

highest; most dominant deity, fearsome figure in terms of power, also patron of soldiers and noble warriors, standard of male power and dominance, keeper of the law

Zlota Baba (Slavic Wealth Goddess) - Sagittarius

her name means “The Golden Lady”, possesses the secret to obtaining a large pile of treasure, has a golden allure, originally a golden statue of the Roman Goddess Juno

Veles (Slavic God of the Earth, Waters, Forests and the Underworld) - Capricorn

associated with cattle, the harvest, wealth, music, magic and trickery; his animal form is a bear, considered a “mischievous” God, also God of the animals

Svarog (Slavic God of Hearth Fire and Inspiration) - Aquarius

he plants prophetic messages into flames, allows you to catch glimpses of godly affairs, god of celestial fire and blacksmithing, father of all gods

Dolya (Goddess of Destiny, Fate and Luck) - Pisces

doles out fate to all, haunt you if you make choices that were not planned by Fate, may take on the appearance of cats, dogs or little old ladies hiding under your stove

The Signs in Slavic Mythology pt.1

Kutkh (Slavic Trickster God) - Aries

marvelous, mischief-making diety, created mountains and invented sex, brought light to the planet, taught humans to speak

Mati Syra Zemlya ( Earth Mother Goddess) - Taurus

is extremely fertile, always damp and easily soiled, one of the most ancient and fundamental deities, later identitiy blended into that of Mokosh

Zoryi ( Slavic Star Goddesses) - Gemini

guard the fearsome bear monster chained to the constellation Ursa Minor, Zorya Utrennyaya opens the gates of the palace in the morning, Zorya Vechernyaya closes them in the evening

Mokosh (Slavic Goddess of Fate and Feminity) - Cancer

deity of womanhood, goddess of housework, spirit of sexism, deity of chance and predestination

Dazbog ( Slavic Sun God) - Leo

sunny disposition, reigns over sun; flame and rain, secures human survival, considered a positive force

Dziewanna (Slavic Hunting Goddess) - Virgo

admired for feitsy femininity, does as she pleases, hunter of the forest, also cherished at the start of the agricultural year


In Slavic mythology, the Zorja are the two guardian goddesses known as the Auroras. They guard the winged hound, Simargl, who is chained to the star Polaris, and whose escape will result in the end of the universe.

Serving the sun god Dažbog, Zorja Uttrenjaja represents the Morning Star and opens the gates to his palace each morning for the sun-chariot’s departure. Her sister, Zorja Vechernjaja, the Evening Star, closes the palace gates once more after his return.

Imagine the demigods sometimes coming across the gods of other pantheons 

  • Nico coming across Anubis on some underworldy errand and starting a friendship over discussing funeral / burial rites etc. 
  • Jason and Thalia meeting Thor and wondering why he gets a cool hammer.
  • Frank and Clarisse coming across Triglav and asking why he needs three heads to be a war god.
  • Reyna being conflicted as to whether eagles or crows are cooler after meeting The Mórrígan. 
  • Annabeth and the other athena kids in awe of Sekhmet but also worrying over her lack of strategy. 

(feel free to add your own!)

Favourite Figures from Mythology (13/25)

the Zorya

Guardian goddesses of the stars in Slavic mythology. The Zorja, also known as the Auroras, serve the sun god Dažbog (in some variations, he is their father). Zorja Utrennjaja, the Morning Star, opens the gates to his palace every morning for the sun-chariot’s departure. At dusk, Zorja Vechernjaja, the Evening Star, closes the palace gates once more after his return.There is a third sister, and goddess, Zorja Polunochnaya, described as the Midnight Star. Neil Gaiman has claimed her as his own creation as she appears in his novel, “American Gods” - but like all myths, the line between truth and fiction often blends to make something much more interesting.


@hynpos myth event — Day 10: Favorite Slavic deity pair/group

The Zorya — Also known as The Zorja. | They guard and watch over the winged doomsday hound, Simargl. Zorya Utrennjaja, the Morning Star, opens the gates to his palace every morning for the sun-chariot’s departure. At dusk, Zorya Vechernjaja—the Evening Star—closes the palace gates once more after his return.