Boredney Drawing, colored pencils on paper

my tribute 2 my the awesome blogs “Slavesnake” and “Radarhorse”, as their boundless trolling makes me love Britney and their fanbase even though i am a little monsters and never listen to Godney <3

hope you like it! xo

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BREAKING NEWSE: the reworked n remixed version of this drawing (actually made it better with more pencilwork n digital stuff) is available for printing on your sinful asses, mobile cases and tshirts. Buy them along with a copy of Britney Jean and Godney will forgive your sins.

Prints of that master-artpiece available  on society6 


Hey y'all, I got exclusive information and I’ll leak it! This is the cover of Britney’s new album. Yes! Brunetteney is back and she’s in good company, Banana! The super star who found the fame when she performed at the VMA’s back in 2001 with Britney, wich is clearly a great choice and a nice throwback. Another thing is the tracklisting, we have 11 hits that will sure become Britney’s new clasics. Featuring the lead single WERK, 4 mah boys featuring two special guests and the beautiful reedition of one of Britney’s most personal songs, Soda pop, a duet with the amazing Miley Cyrus. You won’t want to miss this album, Britney is back!