You Don’t Want Me To Get Angry

Title: You Don’t Want Me To Get Angry
Requested? No.
Plot: A king captured you and is doing his best to make you weak, so you would be even more of a leverage to make sure Ivar doesn’t kill any more of his men, but your husband is not taking it so nicely.
Warnings: None.
Word count: 1492


You struggled to open your eyes, your head pounding like it was trying to detach from your body to escape the pain it was under. The last time you ate properly was around five days ago, and if it wasn’t for a miniscule piece of bread and half a cup of water you were given each day, you would have surely died. Your foggy mind knew what was going on and why you were there, but due to how tired you were, falling in and out of consciousness, you couldn’t get all of your thoughts rounded in one, so every time you were awake, you thought about one of the events that led up to your current state. You have been in this dungeon for around a week, and you were starting to think he was not coming. He was just gonna leave you to die.

You had met the youngest Ragnarsson, Ivar, when you stumbled upon Kattegat one rainy day. You were left in the woods by the man you were supposed to marry as soon as he heard the roar of a bear. You ran as fast as you could and you looked back to notice a large brown bear chasing you. You thanked the Gods once you noticed a settlement and you didn’t think twice before you ran straight through the gates and into someone, knocking them down from a log they were sitting on. You look down and your eyes meet a pair of icy blues of the man you were on top of. Coming to your senses, as the roar of the bear stil rang through your ears as clear as day, you jumped up and closed the door, soon being assisted by the man with icy blue eyes. You noticed he was sitting with his back against the door, instead of standing up, but you noticed soon enough who you were dealing with.

Someone even more terrifying than that bear, the son of Ragnar Lothbrook, Ivar. You had heard a lot about him through others, but never once saw him in person. He looked more shocked about everything than scared. Compared to the poor excuse of a man that left you for dead to save himself. After you heard the bear was running in the opposite direction, after something else that caught its attention, you let out a sigh of relief. You thanked Ivar for his  help and opened the door to peek your head out.
“What are you doing?”
He asked, confused. You explained how you couldn’t just stay here, now knowing the place and the people. He replied telling you not to be stupid and to follow him into the great hall. You listened to him and soon you two were sitting in front of the fire, both of you still in your wet clothes, while the slaves found some dry clothes for you to change into. After that you two drank ale and talked.

You left the next day to see your parents and tell them what happened, but you knew you would be coming back. And you did, Ivar and you soon falling for each other, meeting in the woods before telling both your parents you were in love. Queen Aslaug didn’t really like you, and no matter how much you tried, you never seemed to be good enough for her son. Your parents took a liking in Ivar, after he had convinced them he would protect you no matter the cost, but your mother still told you to be safe. Your love growing each day, soon enough Ivar and you were married, and you loved him not even caring about what anyone said. You were always there when he felt bad, due to not being able to walk, and not being able to please a woman, or so he tought. With you it went just fine, and that’s one of the reasons he knew you were the one. But right now you didn’t know what was keeping him so long. Did he not want to save you?

Unknown to you, he was holding back his urge to just slaughter everyone to get to you, but knew his brothers were right when they said just what he thought, that there was a lot to do before going there. To check the area, and see how many guards they have and so on. And not to mention they didn’t know where the king had hidden you. Soon enough he couldn’t take it anymore and got into his carriage that Floki had made for him and with a few vikings at his side, he rushed to the castle. 
“Y-your useless God won’t h-help you when m-my husband arrives.”
You managed to say, but the king just laughed at your face.
“Are you sure? He has not come yet, could it be he forgot?”
The king teased you, and you couldn’t help but feel a little sting in your heart. You never wanted to doubt Ivar, but in this moment you didn’t know what to think. Until you heard the words from a guards mouth, immediately cursing yourself for even taking a second to think he would not be coming for you.

“My king, the heathens are here.”
The king smirked at you and you leaned against a rock in the center of your cell to be able to notice your husband if he enters the room himself. 
“Welcome Ivar, if you would please come in-”
The king started, but was cut off by Ivar.
“I came to get my wife.”
Was all he said, not moving an inch. After the king tried once again to invite him in and try to negotiate something in return for letting you go, Ivar smirked, sliding his tongue to poke his right cheek. Annoyance was filing his blue eyes, as he once again refused.
“I don’t think you understand me. I said I came here to get my wife. No negotiation, just get me my wife. You don’t want me to get angry.”
Annoyance soon switched to rage as he tilted his head to the side. The king knew he had a limited amount of time, and so he tried another tactic, letting Ivar find you on his own, and hoping to get to talk to him on the way. But all Ivar could see was you. Once he entered the dungeon area, he noticed fragile frame and felt the urge to kill everyone immediately, but the look in your eyes, begging for him to be by your side was pulling him stronger and soon enough, he was in front of your cell.
“I have an entire army coming to destroy every single soul in your kingdom, I sent one of my vikings to get them, so if you don’t want to die today you will let me inside and let me get my wife out.” 
Ivar gestured to the two big men at the door who were gonna be carrying you out.

Having no other choice, fear filling his heart at the mere sight of Ivar’s eyes, the king ordered they let Ivar into your cell. He crawled to you and rested his arm on the rock, looking at your tired face trying to muster a smile. You heart filling with joy as you stared at the man you loved, knowing you will never doubt him again, not even for a second. His eyes scanned every inch of you, to see how much damage they caused you, his heart breaking at the sight of your blood covered clothes and messy hair.

“I will never let anyone do this to you again, my love. Or anything. Nobody is going to hurt you ever again. I am going to make sure of it.”
He said, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead, his lips being the thing you needed and craved all this time. You calmed down, not needing to be on high alert anymore. Ivar motioned for one of the two vikings with him to take you in his arms and out of the castle, while the other one held down the king in his chair.
“This is for hurting my wife.”
Ivar said before he thrusted a knife directly into the kings heart, hurting him right where he was hurting by being depraved of you for so long. He stayed by your side as you were recovering, and kept repeating how much he loved you and how much you mean to him.
“You are my reason to live, I don’t know what I would do without you Y/N.”
He frowned, but smirked as you tried to reply with your voice low and groggy.
“I love you s-so much Ivar, y-you are my life.”
He knew you meant what you said and lied next to you, wrapping his arm around you, whispering in your ear to get some rest, as he stared at you with adoring eyes.

I know I said it would be up earlier, but my internet broke so here it is now, hope you like it :D <3 it took me so long to figure out a plot for Ivar I liked. This is the one I liked the best in my crazy mind. IF YOU GUYS WANT ME TO MAKE IT LONGER LET ME KNOW! (2000 words here we come :D Just say it and I’ll do it)

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fave fenhawke headcanons
  • tight, tight hugs
  • forehead kisses
  • petty bickering over household chores during battle
  • reading to each other by the fire
  • snarky jokes during sex
  • the couple that judges together stays together
  • battle couple
  • comfort after waking from nightmares
  • glowing elf night light
  • cute chuckles at all of hawke’s lame jokes
  • “have you met my partner? they’re amazing!”
  • small love letters in child-like handwriting
  • tracing lyrium tattoos with fingertips
  • cuddles. lots of cuddles. 
  • whispers of ‘I love you’ in Tevene?
  • casual conversation while looting dead bodies
  • nicknames? please?
  • fenris taking hawke’s name >o< 
  • candlelit dinners 
  • romantic dates killing slavers 
  • raising rescued slave children 
  • soft home clothes for fenris 
  • becoming each other’s shadows 
  • casual touches, kisses, smiles 
  • retiring to live normal, happy lives 
  • just so much love
Sinbad Fashion Check!

Content out of the Sinbad no bouken fanbook.

(I’m sorry that it is a bit blurry on the right side, that book is REALLY hard to scan and i already had to bent it to the max, making cracks on the cover… T^T)

“Sinbad Fashion Check!!! A handsome man looks good in everything!!”

1. “Clothes worn during Sasan Kingdom that since became his casual wear.”

-Giving us a peak under his outer garment-

2. “Competition/Contest clothes”

-(Strong arm?) Armor Appeal-

3. “Slave Clothes”

-Clad into a slanted piece of cloth on the waist-

(smaller sin beneat wearing the slave clothes he got after getting his position to take care of the other slaves, becoming the “head slave”.)

4. “Dark Continent Adventure Clothes”

-High King’s Desert Cloak Style-

5. “Casual wear during buisness opening”

-Plenty of jewels are radiating tremendously- *kira kira~ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

6. “Leaf, One” ( i love this one lmao.)

-Sin’s favourite piece of clothing leaving the best impression is this!-

7. Do it yourself Crotch Leaf Instructions! Click Me! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

(Please remember i do this for practice and im still a very bloody beginner so theres also a lot of guessing work and possible errors! I still hope you enjoy this sillyness!)


Seeing the Dothraki pass through your city wasn’t something unusual. They got what they wanted and stayed a few days before leaving again. This year was a bit different. You had lived here your whole life and those two weren’t something you saw every day.

Long blonde hair and nice clothes, no slaves to be sure but no Dothraki either.T hey looked out of place and you couldn’t help but stare.

On your way home that afternoon you saw the guy from earlier, looking out over the city from high above. He looked interesting and you thought, why not give it a try. Maybe he spoke your language after all.

“Where are you from?” You ask as you walk up beside him and eye him curiously. He gives you a look all over, pondering if it would be worth his time to even talk to you.

“The seven kingdoms.” He finally says after being silent for a while but since you didn’t leave he answered in the end, “What’s beyond these mountains.” He points in the distance and you follow his fingers.

“I don’t know.” You answer truthfully, “I’ve been standing here my whole life, everything I’ve seen twice…but I hardly ever leave this city.” It was true but saying it out loud made you realize how much you longed for a different life, one outside these city walls.

“What’s your name?” He turns towards you for the first time and stares right at you with an intensity that almost makes you shrink back.

“Y/N…” You mumble and look down to the ground.

“Hmm…Y/N.” His fingers move under your chin, forcing you to look up at him, “Would you like to come with me? I’m sure I could find some kind of use for you.”

Your face is heating up at his words, your mouth falling open slightly as you think about his offer. You finally nod and he removes his hand, letting go of your chin.

“We’re leaving at sunrise tomorrow.” He tells you before turning around and walking away.

“How did the night ever get like this?” You ask in awe. You were a few hours away from the city and had stopped to make camp, you could see so many stars out here. Inside you hardly saw any.

You hear Viserys laughing beside you, “You really didn’t leave the city at all, huh?”

“No…I think my heart’s beating faster.”

“Is that so?” He comes over to were you’re standing, his hand lightly brushing your cheek. You bit your lip and look over to him, the blush from earlier appearing again only this time it’s dark and he thankfully can’t see it, “I know a good way to make it beat even faster.”

The non-finalized script for episode 20 of Kill la Kill (as included in the The Complete Script Book) includes a bit of a different description for the fantasy sequence that Ryuko sees in her mind:






(Rough) Translation*:

Ryuko’s Mindscape

A young Ragyo holds baby Ryuko, who is wrapped up in a baby blanket. Ryuko’s sleeping face looks peaceful. She seems very happy.

But Ryuko’s baby blanket becomes engulfed by the Life Fibers’ brightness, and that brightness then takes the form of a sailor uniform.

It’s a middle school entrance ceremony. Ryuko smiles brightly, dressed in her new sailor uniform. Ragyo watches happily.

Then, Ryuko’s sailor uniform becomes engulfed in brightness, this time taking on the form of a wedding dress. The glamorous dress covers Ryuko.

Beside Ryuko stands the groom, whose face can’t be seen. Ryuko looks very satisfied, content. Ragyo nods, smiling.

Ragyo: Yes, that is happiness for you. The bliss of being worn by clothing. Do you understand, Ryuko?

Ryuko (nodding happily): Yes, Mother!

Then, the wedding dress deforms into a monster that seems to devour Ryuko, sucking her dry. But Ryuko is filled with delight.

A few parts of this nearly-final script catch my interest.

For one, the sequence is a lot shorter. While the final episode also details Ryuko’s preschool, elementary, and high school years, this script skips straight from baby Ryuko to middle school to wedding day. The final cut fleshes out the scene a bit more, but in doing so, it almost seems to muddy some of the symbolism present here.

Notably, there’s a clear image in the script of a sailor uniform in particular: Ryuko’s baby blanket becomes a sailor uniform that later becomes a wedding dress. However, in the actual episode, Ryuko is shown wearing lots of school uniforms…

… but none of them particularly resemble the classic sailor uniform look as the Honnouji Academy uniforms, Senketsu, and—most significantly here—Junketsu do. The image of the sailor uniform becoming the wedding dress is completely lost in the final episode.

And that’s a bit important, since Junketsu is introduced as a sailor uniform that will one day, well, be a wedding dress. The nearly-final script emphasizes and expands on that idea, but it’s ultimately lost in the actual episode.

On that vein, the most notable element of this script are the ending lines: “Then, the wedding dress deforms into a monster that seems to devour Ryuko, sucking her dry. But Ryuko is filled with delight.” While it’s not as though the actual episode isn’t disturbing here—Ryuko jumps off a tall building filled with glee—I might almost find the image of joyfully being devoured by a monster a bit more so. (Okay, maybe this was cut out because of the inevitable vore jokes.)

More than that, though, the image also ties right back into what Soichiro said about Junketsu: “But as soon as you put it on, you’ll become a slave to clothing.” As soon as Ryuko puts on Junketsu, she is devoured by it. She becomes Junketsu’s prisoner, and the imagery in the nearly-finalized script is not subtle in this idea.

Perhaps the changes were made because the imagery in the script feels a bit too on the nose, but it also seems a lot more cohesive to me—and contains a lot of food for thought. 

For example, what does that idea of the sailor uniform becoming the wedding dress mean for Senketsu?

*My Japanese is extremely limited, so any corrections/additions are much appreciated.

However, if you’re interested in a particular moment/scene from the script, you’re more than welcome to shoot me a message. I can take a look!

genderlessrey  asked:

What do you think Fiona's party banter would be like with each character if she'd been a companion in inquisition?

These are not perfect and need way more polish. But here they are.

Fiona: Finally the truth about you is out in the open. I am glad I no longer need to pretend you are who you say you are.

Blackwall: You knew I wasn’t a Warden? And didn’t tell the Inquisitor?

Fiona: I helped the real Blackwall prepare for his joining many years ago. He was a good man. And a good man still carried his name. There was no reason to tell the Inquisitor.

Cassandra: You are against the Circle, Fiona.

Fiona: I feel mages should be free to live their lives how they wish. We do not look at corruption in Orlais and decide all the nobles should be locked in a tower for the rest of their days for their corruption. But a few mages fall prey to the temptation of a demon and /all of us/ must be locked away? It is idiotic.

Cassandra: But what of the magisters? Did they not enslave your people to serve their own hubris?

Fiona: Again, we do not lock up the nobles of Orlais.

Vivienne: *voice filled with contempt and hatred masked behind a veneer of politeness* Fiona.

Fiona: *voice much the same, only without the mask of kindness.* Vivienne.

Vivienne: You /will/ be attending my salon on the practical uses of elemental magic, will you not? 

Fiona: Won’t miss it.

Iron Bull: So, Fi, I heard you once fought a dragon with the King Of Ferelden.

Fiona: Fi? *Sighs and continues* I did. On an expedition into the Deep Roads with the Grey Wardens.

Iron Bull: *Gleeful, like a small child* I need to hear this.

Fiona: A friend was killed while his lover watched. And my best friend Duncan nearly killed himself climbing onto the dragon’s head and stabbing it repeatedly.

Iron Bull: *disappointed* Oh.

Fiona: Duncan did tell me in one of the letters he sent me after I left the order that riding the dragon was ‘terrifying but exhilarating’ if that makes you feel better.

Iron Bull: *Again, excited* It does. Inquisitor-?

Inquisitor: No. 

Iron Bull: You didn’t even know what I was-

Inquisitor: No.

Iron Bull: *Mumbles under his breath* 

Sera: You magicky people. You’re lucky. In the Circle you got food, yeah? Clothes, yeah? A roof, yeah. The little people, all of their lot would be happy for that. But no, you have to piss on it.

Fiona: Slaves get food, clothes, homes. Does that mean it was wrong for Andraste to free them?

Sera: *Getting annoyed* It’s not the same now innit?

Fiona: *Angrily* Yes. It is.

Fiona: I understand you once traveled with King Alistair. That you…Found King Maric..He and I were…close. Can you tell me-

Varric: *Sadly* Feathers, you..It’s better you don’t know. Believe me.

Dorian: Fiona, I don’t understand why you seem so angry at me. You and I are both the same. We want the same thing; freedom for the southern mages. Yet you treat me like I’m just as bad as the Templars.

Fiona: *Bitterly, voice filled with spite* Do you wish for freedom for the slaves in Thedas? For slavery as an institution to end? Both under the name of ‘The Circle’ and in general?

Dorian: It’s not -

Fiona: Then we do not want the same thing.

Cole: If he was happy he wouldn’t hurt. It’s okay you were proud when he smiled. You just wanted to be safe. 

Fiona: *Takes a deep breath, clearly fighting back tears.* I…Thank you, Cole. I’ve…needed to hear that for…a very long time.

Fiona: Can one be possessed without consenting?

Solas: You ask as though you know the answer.

Fiona: If I knew the answer I would not ask the question.

Solas: *Considers* Some mages are vulnerable to it. Unhealed wounds can call to demons, especially those already on this plane. 

Fiona: And if the person has no wounds? If they healed their injuries before they met with the demon?

Solas: Wounds do not need to be physical. 


A/N: Sad to say there’s little to none of pervy Ben in this chapter but we do get a rather fluffy Ben who’s too cute for his own good along with a third wheel Hux….which sounds funny but whatever, here’s the new CB! Enjoy and thank you for reading! Feed back is welcomed :)

Warning: None

Word Count: 4K+

“Thanks for joining me today.” Taking a sip of your drink from the straw, you gave Ben a smile. “I mean, I don’t mind going alone but since I went a little wild on shopping I at least had you to hold my bags.” Shrugging, Ben’s eyebrows raised as he let out a small gasp.

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Victor is a bored king. He puts out a lackadaisical call to his kingdom: don’t put yourselves out or anything, but send me gifts to entertain me. The presents flood in, from the little girl who sends him her favorite doll to the inventor who’s latest invention fills the throne room with smoke and burns a royal tapestry to ash. More gifts come than Victor can go through in a lifetime - he’s a popular monarch, and a benevolent one - but one in particular catches his eye: a beautiful young man wearing the collar of a slave, the name tag on which identifies him as “Yuuri,” nothing more. There’s no indication of who sent the slave, and he doesn’t talk, not a word, not a peep, but he dances…oh, he dances.

Victor tries to find the words to describe that dance - as graceful as a swan, as powerful as a lion, as lithe as a gazelle - but no comparison can do the slave justice. He dances as beautifully and perfectly as Yuuri, and Victor is enthralled. The diaphanous clothing the slave wears only enhances the appeal, fabrics near sheer, light and flowing, twirling around his body.

Victor is well pleased with his gift.

His pleasure transforms to disgust and fury that night, though, when he returns to his bed chamber to find Yuuri naked in his bed, offering himself without question, without fear or hope or expectation. Victor of course rebukes him, he’s not a monster to take physical advantage of a slave (no matter how alluring that slave is), and Yuuri misunderstands the rebuke. All the grace he used in dancing is turned into a cruel mockery of grace as Yuuri dextrously turns from presenting himself for making love to presenting himself for punishment. Though his bare skin is unmarred, he reacts with no more fear to the prospect of punishment than he reacted with pleasure to the prospect of making love. Not even resignation is suggested by Yuuri’s face or body language, only acceptance: this is his role, this is his purpose. Whoever owned him previously trained him, broke him, used him. Rage fills Victor, but he restrains himself from expressing it lest he spook the slave. Slavery has never sat right with him, and all the worst horrors suggested by Yuuri’s behavior are why. Victor will not let this stand.

Yuuri is baffled when Victor refuses to punish him, even more baffled when Victor wraps a blanket around his bare shoulders - Yuuri’s clothing seems to have vanished, did he walk to the royal chambers naked?? - and escorts Yuuri back to his assigned quarters. Only when Victor gently urges him into the room, turns down his offer of sexual favors again, and bids him goodnight, does an expression enter the young man’s eyes: gratefulness, understanding, appreciation, respect, surprise.

Walking back to his chambers, Victor resolves on two things: 

First, he is going to find out who gifted him the slave and he is going to punish them so completely and so publicly that the next ten generations will remember and no slave will go through whatever broke Yuuri so completely.

Second, he is going to woo Yuuri as Yuuri deserves, heal him, help him, encourage him, and when - if - Victor ever beds Yuuri, it will be because Yuuri, as a free man, has chosen to be with his king. No - has chosen to be with Victor.

Well, at least Victor isn’t bored anymore.

(Spoilers, the first sounds Yuuri ever makes are moans of desire, and the first word he speaks is Victor, whispered in a cracked, worn voice with adoration into the quiet of the night as Victor worships him…)

Guys I keep having ideas for Yuri on Ice Viktuuri AUs and I have no time and I want to write all of them. *sigh* (this one brought to you by two hours of insomnia last night)

(And I think I’d have Yuuri’s owner be an OC - there’s no one I dislike enough in Yuri on Ice to put them in the position of being a villain who has done what’s been done to Yuuri - past non-con, past torture, use of magic to keep him without scars or blemishes…I was running through characters in my head and the worst I could come up with was Georgi but even then…so much of what I love about Yuri on Ice is how no one is really a bad guy and ultimately everyone gets along, which makes writing a story like this tough but I don’t want to, like, ruin that vibe by putting any of our characters in that kind of evil role…)

You know what? When Shiro was rescued by Keith, Lance, Pidge and Hunk he had those purple slave-champion clothes on him right? All we did saw he had, was that.Then, team went to Keefs house in the middle of nowhere and yet, Shiro somehow, was wearing his casual, default clothes and im like ???? Excuse me Keith, Shiro where tf did you get those??? I mean, look, if Keith had clothes that were perfectly fit for Shiro, like they were his own? What if? Were they living together? Or Shiro was and is indeed Keiths closest friend after all, that they were spending so much time together it would not be weird for them to have each other clothes right? I just thought it’s interesting, we had a glimpse of their relationship before whole Kerberos mission incident and I like this headcanon that sometimes, Shiro was spending night with Keith doing something fun, not necessarily romantic, but just being best friends and realising this whole clothing thing made me love them and Sheith platonic canon stuff even more.

In The Past (Hamilton x Reader)


Warnings: Mentions of sex, slavery mentions, ?

A/N: This is the prequel to my Back to the Past series, and i decided to show you what happened when they FIRST met. I briefly went over it in the story itself, but this will have more details. You don’t have to read series before this, it won’t make any references :) Since this is taking place in Greece, I changed the names of our boys/ Erin from BTTP. Here you go!

Jonas- John Laurens

Paris- Lafayette

Eris- Erin

Alexandros- Alexander Hamilton

Hercules- Hercules Mulligan

“We have to leave tonight.” Your friend, Eris said, sweeping the floor. You shook your head, looking around to make sure no one else heard what she suggested. The others were busy cleaning, paying no mind to your conversation. Since the both of you were indeed Persian, you spoke in a different language than the others to hid what you were saying.

“No, we cannot. If master finds out, he’ll slay the both of us. The others may hear us now. I think you may have given us a death sentence.” You responded, scrubbing the floor. She sighed, whispering again.

“Y/N, we need to. I heard him speaking to the lady of the home. They are going to be rid of us in a few hours. She is not in need of us any longer. I have our skeuos packed and hidden in the storage room. I am only telling you this because you are my friend. I am leaving, but will you come with me?” You bit your lip.

The consequences for leaving a master’s house were huge. If master was furious enough, he would bring you to the town square and have you assaulted with various people with sharp and blunt objects until you were a pile of flesh. The cons were outweighing the odds, but you were going to be dead by the end of the day anyway.

Might as well try to save your life.

“Okay, but how? He will be home at any given moment.” Eris rolled her eyes, and walked with you through the courtyard, to the other side of the house. Once the two of you were in the storage room, she began talking once more.

“We put this in his wine.” She dug through her chiton, and held up a small bag of powder. You tried reaching for it, but she pulled it away from you, hiding it once more. “It will make him fall asleep, leaving time for you and me to escape.”

Living in this state of panic was normal. Since you and Eris were abandoned, the master bought you when you were only seven. Usually, women in Athens would be wed at the age of 13, but you two have passed it, not suitable to be married anymore. The master said that he took pity on the two of you, making you his mistresses. But most of the time, you were treated like the slaves, tending to the family’s needs.

“Where did you get this from, Eris? We do not have any money.” She ignored you, grabbing plates from the shelf.

“I will see you in here after we give him the meal. And then we are never to be seen here again.” She looked at you, waiting for a response. You nodded quickly, and Eris walked out, leaving you confused.


That night, you served the master. He was quite grumpy that evening, refusing to even listen to Eris’s advances towards him. But he ate the meal that you two prepared, not bothering to thank you. You were his slaves, so this was a normal occurrence.

Eris gave you a look, glancing at the master at the table. His face was in the bowl, and you heard snoring. The two of you quickly carried him into his bedroom, and walked as fast as possible to the storage room. You felt your heart beating against your chest, almost as if it wanted to leap out.

She gave you your skeuo, and the two of you walked out. No one noticed anything suspicious, since you could leave the home for supplies from the market. Eris told you that she put food and water inside, to last for a few days.

As the two of you were walking away, you looked down at your clothing. “Eris, someone may notice that we are not wearing fancier clothing. Do you not have any chitons with you? We need to blend in.” She cursed, squeezing her fingers as the two of you walked.

“No, I cannot believe I forgot to grab two. We need to go to a store and steal one. Or we may be dragged back to the master’s home.”

“That’s a terrible idea.” You hissed, pulling your skeuo closer to your chest. “We need to go back, we need to confess to the master, so that we may be spared.”

“No!” She yelled, a bit too loudly for the crowded market place. Heads turned towards the shout, and your hands began to shake, looking at all the eyes on you. Eris grabbed your arm, smiling softly at the people. They went back to their duties, and she pulled you into a small alleyway. “Y/N, no. Do you not understand what will happen? Do you not know of the ramifications of our actions? We already made this decision, and we cannot back out on it. Now, we need to make it to Sparta. There may be some relatives that I could convince to care for us. Okay?”

You dropped the skeuo, holding your face in your hand. “How can you be so brave in a time like this? We’re going to get caught and-“

“Excuse me, are you two okay?” You froze at the deep voice behind you. Eris coughed, turning you around to face the man that was speaking.

You almost jumped out of your skin, seeing not one man, but four. They were all clearly wealthy, wearing clean chitons that were made out of expensive fabric. The one that was speaking, wore his brown hair tied back, away from his face. He had dark brown eyes, and you saw nothing but concern in them. Still, you were nervous.

“We’re fine, sir. We were just discussing where to get certain supplies.” Eris said quickly, standing slightly in front of you. You thanked her silently for that, since she was braver than you. Another man, taller than him with freckles scattered across his cheeks, spoke up.

“In a dark alley? At nine at night?” He questioned, and you looked at Eris desperately. She still wore a poker face, different from yours.

“Sure. Can women not speak alone? Do we always need to be with our husbands?” She tested the waters, looking at the men. Another one scoffed, wearing a piece of fabric around his head. You wondered what it was, since you have not seen anyone wear something like that before.

“This would be more convincing if your friend here did not look as if she got caught doing something wrong.” He said, pointing at you. Your heart dropped.

Oh no, they’ve caught on.

“She is always a nervous woman. That is just in her nature. And there is four men standing in front of us in a hidden spot, why would she not?” Eris raised her eyebrow, looking at them. “Do you now understand the predicament we are under?”

“Sure,” the tallest one said, looking at you. His hair was curly, and he wore it in a bun, “But, can I ask a question? Why would wives be wearing the clothing of slaves?”

You almost melted into a puddle right then. This time, Eris did not have an excuse, looking back at you for some help. You stared at her, not knowing what to say. She sighed. “If I told you that we were robbed and almost taken, would you believe us?”

The man with the straight hair shook his head, looking at you. “Certainly not. Let us offer a solution to this problem that we seem to have. From what I’m gathering, you have run away from your home, since you are carrying belongings. And, you are hiding from everyone, suggesting that you are trying to escape. But where might you go?”

“None of your concern, sir.” Eris mumbled, and you nudged her, widening your eyes. He was not being rude to her, and he seemed nice. But her edging him on was not the best idea.

“Ahh, I see…” A small smirk rose to his lips. “The reason we have come over here is because there are guards that have noticed your presence in the marketplace. They are planning to arrest you, Hercules heard them. We see that you do not have an escape plan, so we have an offer.”

“And what may that be?” You spoke, and he smiled.

“She speaks. And your name, miss?” You opened your mouth, but Eris covered it, glaring at you.

“Speak sir. What were you saying?” Eris replied, cutting her eyes at you. You stayed shut, moving her dirty hands off you.

The man looked back at his friends. “We take you in. We make sure you’re safe, and then we’ll let you be on your way.”

“No deal.” Eris said, glaring at them. You tugged in her arm, and she glanced back at you, shaking her head. “Why would we take an offer from a stranger? We do not know of your intentions, and you are too friendly for comfort. You look like men that own a brothel.” You looked down, wanting to protest Eris’s statements. But she was a few months or so older than you, and it would be disrespectful to dispute with her.

“What about you, miss? How do you feel? Do you trust us?” The man asked, looking at you. You held your breath, seeing Eris giving you a look. You knew she did not want you to speak, but the man in front of you was smiling, not threatening at all.

“I would like that, sir. I would like to stay with you.” Eris gripped your arm, holding it tightly. You pulled your hand out, looking at her. “This is the best choice, Eris. We will not last long out here, and there’s guards looking for us. We need to go.” She rubbed her face, making decisions in her mind. After a couple of seconds, she nodded.

“Fine, okay. We will stay with them until it is safe for us to be on our way.” She turned to Hercules. “But if we find anything to be wary, we will leave.” Hercules nodded, looking at the man with the straight hair.

“Let’s be on our way then!” The man with freckles said, smiling happily. You were still hesitant, especially now since he looked enthusiastic. Eris put her arm in yours, giving you a closed lip smile.


The six of you arrived at their home. It was large, almost as big as a nearby brothel. You soon learned their names as you were walking. The man with the fabric on his head was Hercules, the shorter man with brown hair was Alexandros, Paris was the tallest, and Jonas was the one with the freckles.

You both took a bath first, and were given new, cleaner chitons. They showed you an empty room that they had, and you and Eris placed your things on the ground, looking around. Since you two were just slaves, you never imagined having a room for yourself. Eris sat on the bed, touching the soft fabric. You looked at the room around you, smiling.

“We dreamed about having our own room, are you pleased?” You asked Eris. She looked at you, shaking her head.

“Y/N, we have to make sure these men are trustworthy. I fear that you are too gullible.” She whispered, glancing at the wooden door. “They may be listening to us this very moment.”

“Eris, you worry too much.” You rolled your eyes.

“And you worry too little.”


The two of you stayed there for months, growing closer and closer with the brothers. A temporary stay turned into a permanent one, you and Eris not wanting to go anywhere else. The boys agreed, telling the two of you that you were family now.

You heard that their parents passed not too long ago, leaving the four of them to take care of the home. You were stunned that they still stayed together, never marrying a woman. The boys explained that they were not interested in marrying a woman they did not love, in which you were shocked. This was not a common belief; most men married a woman, negotiating with the father for property and belongings.

Jonas was the youngest, always following you around the house when you cleaned. Paris taught you how to cook more types of meals. Hercules was the one to walk with you to the market to get supplies and foods you may need. When you brought up the idea of sacrificing, Hercules shook his head. The brothers believed in the gods and goddesses, but refused to sacrifice live animals to them. Instead, they gave the best meat and fruits that they had.

Alexandros consistently played around with you, telling you how beautiful you were and teased you. You ignored his advances, knowing that Eris developed feelings for Alex. Still, you could not help but smile at him whenever he gave you a compliment and imagined the two of you together. If the others were leaving the room, you followed, not wanting your feelings to get the best of you if the two of you were alone.

Unfortunately, one night, you were in the storage room, when Alexandros came in.

“Y/N, what are you preparing?” Alexandros asked, smirking at you. You froze, picturing the look on Eris’s face if she found the two of you alone together. “Do you want to go out to the market with me?”

Eris faced shown in your head, and you imagined her saddened face at the thought of you being alone with one another. She would not like this one bit.

“Alex, don’t. We cannot be seen together. An unmarried woman walking with you will bring great scandals.”

“What about you and Hercules? You walk with each other frequently. Why can’t I spend the day with you?” He had a valid point, but still, you dismissed him, shaking your head. He had a high position in government, and him being seen with a woman of your stature was not the best idea. 

“No, I’m sorry Alexandros.”

“But you are the light of my life, Y/N. How can I not stay by your side?” Your heart jumped at his words, and you closed your eyes, holding in the tears that continued to form.

“Your position, Alexandros. Please be wary of that.” You whispered, dismissing him quickly. You opened your eyes, seeing his smile drop from his lips. He let out a sigh, looking down at the ground.

“I apologize.” He replied, giving you a closed-lip smile.

“No need, I am the one who should be asking for forgiveness.” You quickly apologized, bowing to him once. He looked at you with a pained expression.

“Please, Y/N, do not treat yourself like a slave. You are our equal in this home.”

And that was the last time he spent a moment alone with you. Instead, you grew to be the best of friends with Hercules, you and him creating clothing for the rest of them. He taught you several different stitches, each one making you increasingly proficient in writing. He was a merchant, his bulky frame keeping away thieves. Once, while you were with him at his stand, he pointed to a family.

“Y/N, do you see them? Do they look happy?” He gestured to them. You followed his gaze, resting on the happy family. The man and woman were standing next to one another, she was holding her child close to her chest. Their children were frolicking in the sand, beaming happily. You looked at them, reminded of your family before you were sold as a slave.

“They do. Do you think we will be able to have our own family like that one day?” You asked, looking at him. He smiled, a pink going across his cheeks.

“We can, we can, if you would like?”

“I do not understand, Hercules. What are you asking of me?” You knew what he was trying to say, but you had to make sure your ears were telling the truth.

“Marry me, Y/N. We can be happy like them, if you like.” Hercules replied, touching your hand. Your face warmed, looking up at him. “I know I have said that I can only marry someone that I love, but, I do. I do love you, Y/N. I’m not sure that you love me, but you can. If you desire, of course.” He considered your eyes, waiting for an answer.

The first person that shown in your head was Alexandros. His intelligent eyes, his kind smile, his fascinating personality. He cared for you, but you could not be with him. You could not live in peace when you are with him. But why did it hurt so much when you thought of marrying Hercules?

You looked at the man in front of you. He was gentle, he was thoughtful, and he had an interesting personality. Sure, he did not stir feelings inside of you like Alexandros, but you could grow with him. You could have a family.

You could be happy.

“Yes, I will marry you.”

The looks on his family’s faces were enthusiastic. Jonas pulled you into his arms, congratulating you on planning to marry his brother. Paris smiled at you, happy for the both of you. Eris was the happiest, telling you that she was thrilled that you could capture the heart of Hercules. Hercules was a loud man, but he held in his feelings around others. Everyone except for you. But the look on Alexandros face was the worst to see.

The grin slipped off his face in a matter of seconds, hearing the news. As you looked at him, you noticed tears forming in his eyes. He cleared his throat, hugging his brother, and looking at you. The only emotion that you saw in his eyes was sorrow. He asked if you could speak with him alone, and you tentatively agreed, following him to the storage room once again.

“Alexandros…” You started, looking at the arms crossed against his chest. He sighed, rubbing his brown hair.

“Why, why would you do this to me? I love you, Y/N, and I want to be with you.” He said, dropping his arms to his side.

“We cannot be together, you know this.” You said, looking away from him. He walked closer to you, touching your hand. You tried to pull away, but he placed it on his chest, and you felt his pulse, it was beating widely under your fingers. You looked at him, shaking. He was smiling, biting his lip.

“This is beating fast because of you. This happens whenever you are in the room with me, every time you look at me. Please don’t marry Hercules, I’m here, I’ll always be here for you.” He was shaking, and you pulled your hand away.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” You murmured, backing away from him. He walked closer to you, but you put your hand up. “I cannot do this, please, don’t make this more difficult than it already is.”

“But Y/N-“

“No, Alexandros, just, no. I am going to wed Hercules, and we’re going to be happy. We’re going to be very happy with one another.” You replied, walking past him. Before you left the room, he said one last thing.

“Are you telling me this, or are you trying to convince yourself?”


Eris helped you prepare for the wedding, giving offerings to gods and goddesses to receive protection during this time. You made sure not to sacrifice animals, knowing that Hercules did not like that process. You gave fruits and vegetables to Hera, asking for a smooth passage into matrimony. On the day before the wedding, you cut off locks of hair, offering it to Artemis. 

You and Hercules made offers to Aphrodite, to ensure that you two would have healthy, well-behaved children. The thought of having children excited you, but you could not help but notice the obvious absence of Alexandros in the process. It hurt to see him not there, but you understood why. Seeing the one you love, marry someone else, must hurt.

You were hurting.  

On the day of, Eris brought water from the river, carrying it in a vase.

You bathed in it, and immediately after, put a wedding dress on your body. Eris covered you with the veil, only to be lifted when you are officially married to Hercules. As you were sitting on the bed, waiting for the ceremony to begin, Eris looked at you.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” She asked, sitting down next to you. You nodded, feeling tears coming out of your eyes.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, why should I not be fine? I am marrying Hercules, and we are going to husband and wife.” The tears poured down your face, and you wiped it away. Eris pulled you into her arms, kissing your forehead.

“It will be okay, Y/N. I know you are nervous, but he loves you with all his heart, he’ll never stop loving you. You should be glad that he does, few marry under these circumstances. Especially women in our position.” She did not understand. She did not know that you did not love him.

That you loved Alexandros.

“At least now, Alexandros will look my way. He will finally see me for who I am.” She whispered happily. You released yourself from her arms, wiping your face again and clearing your throat.

Now was not the time to hear her fantasies with him. You gave up everything, you gave up your heart, just to see her happy. And as you stared at the stars growing in her eyes, you smiled. She will be fine. Alexandros will learn to love her, just like you will with Hercules.

“Let’s go, they must be waiting for us.”


It was dark outside, Eris giddy in her seat next to you in the carriage. You played with your fingers, your heart beating in your chest wildly. Eris touched your hand, looking at you. “You’ll be fine. Look at where we are, Y/N. Who knew all of this would occur? You are being married to a decent man, and I am going to be wed to Alexandros.” She said, grinning from ear to ear.

“What do you mean? How do you know that this is true?” You asked, raising your eyebrow.

“He asked me to marry him moments before we left, and I said yes. We are to be wed in a fortnight.” You almost passed out, hearing the news. Your chest swelled, and you put one hand on it, trying to calm yourself down. “I did not even pressure him into doing so, he just told me that this was what he has been thinking about this for a while,” she scanned you face, “You don’t look happy.”

You broke out into a fake grin, shaking your head quickly. “No, no! I’m happy for you! I am, I’m just nervous, that’s all. Just anxious.” You quickly said, hoping she would believe you. She nodded slowly, her smile coming back.

The carriage stopped, bringing you to a hall. Eris helped you out of the carriage, guiding you to the entrance of the building. You were shaking, and Eris continued to try to calm you down. Once you entered the room, your eyes immediately landed on Hercules. He smiled at you, kissing your fingers. He noticed how shook you were, so he put his hand in yours, walking you to the feasting table. He was elated, happiness radiating from him. You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. It will be fine, you will love him. Everything will be okay.

Before you could sit, you heard shouting. You looked at Hercules, and he grabbed a sword that was leaning against a wall. Alexandros ran to the room, panic on his face. Paris and Jonas stood up, concerned.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” Paris asked, taking a shield.

“Are you okay?” Jonas asked, grabbing a sword from Paris. They all looked battle-ready. Eris sat at the table, motionless.

“We have to flee. There’s a mob coming, and we need to go.” He said, looking at you. “Y/N, they’re looking for you and Eris. We need to split up, and go our separate ways. I will take Y/N with me, Paris and Jonas go together, and Hercules can take Eris.”

“But, Alexandros, that makes no sense, why can’t I just run with Y/N? She is to be my wife. I need to protect her.” Hercules said, looking at you. You smiled at him, looking back at Alex. He shook his head.

All of you heard shouting, and you knew he was not lying. The glow of torches slowly came toward all of you. Jonas gripped his sword tightly. “Let’s fight.” He stated, determination on his face.

“They will expect that. And there are hundreds, while we are only six. We need to go, now.” He grabbed your arm, pulling you out the building. You ran with him, running through town and he hid in a dark alley. You heard yelling, the crowd running past the both of you. He looked at you. You were trembling, clinging onto Alexandros. He wrapped his arms around you, saying sweet nothings to calm you down. After a few moments of this, you let go of him.

He looked at you, a million thoughts running through. He lifted the veil from your face. “Run away with me.” He uttered. You widened your eyes. “Don’t, don’t give me any more excuses. I love you, and I know you love me. We could run away, far away from here. Hercules and the others won’t be able to find us, and we could be together. We can be together.” His statements were pleas, desperate attempts to get you to be with him.

“What about Hercules?” You said, imagining the look on his face when he realizes that you ran away. Alexandros shook his head.

“I left them a note. They will know what happened, but we need to leave now.” He grabbed his belongings that were hidden in a hole. You gave him an evil look, and he laughed. “I did this so that we will not have to travel back home,” he touched your cheek, “I have been planning this for weeks. I told Eris to marry me because she was suspicious of our relationship. That was the only way that this would have worked. The others were not skeptical, and she was the only one I had to convince.”

“This does not seem like the wisest idea, Alex.” You whispered. Your heart was telling you to go, and the look on his face made you want to. But living with the brothers was the best time of your life, and you were not sure you wanted to give that up.

Being with Alexandros, having to wake up to him next to you every sunrise, seemed like an unfeasible hope.

“I love you, and if you love me, we should leave soon. They will be home soon.” Alexandros said, his eyes flicking between the two of yours.

You nodded, smiling. “Let’s go.” He grabbed your hand, and the two of you ran through the city, out into the night, never to be seen again.



She was waiting with the other brothers, tapping her foot on the ground. Paris and Jonas walked around anxiously, discussing possible places that you and Alexandros might be. Eris could not help but worry, hoping that you two were not hurt. She was just talking to you happily about the proposal, and now, she hoped Alexandros was not dead. Even the thought of it put a knot in her chest.

Hercules walked out of the back room, holding parchment paper in his hand. His fist was tight, his hand shaking. He looked at Eris and his brothers, tears in his eyes. “They ran away.”

“What do you mean, they ran away?” Jonas asked, looking at the paper in his brother’s hand. He scanned over it quickly, his eyes widening. “I cannot believe it.” Paris did the same, shaking his head at the words.

Eris was clueless, looking at them. Since she could not read paper, the brothers looked at her in pity. “What? What are you saying?”

Hercules cursed, throwing the paper on the ground. “My brother ran away with my wife, he said that they were in love. He said that we will never see them again.” Hercules was furious, hitting his fist against a pillar. The pillar cracked, leaving an indentation.

Eris dropped to her knees.

Y/N promised. She promised that she would not listen to Alexandros advances, that she would leave him for her. Eris was fuming, her hands shaking and her heart racing. Suddenly, she had an evil thought form in her head.

“They’ll pay for this.” She sneered, rising from the ground. She walked out the home, walking towards a local priestess. “I know what I need to do.” She whispered, knocking on the door. A woman opened it, smiling at Eris.

“Come in, my love.”

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