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HELLO FAM! So here is the thrilling continuation of Slave Auction AU to get you refreshed please look at my previous comic base from this universe:

Anyway this is Rick Sanchez’s POV so basically he and the gang came here for a different reason (to steal from the lizard dude), but then the hosst announced Stanford pines’s name in stage and now they have to improvise because of this new development. Also nobody knows the federation got a sniff of this event and will be busting it out so that’s a whole new other problem! 

As for who gets Ford, i’m really not sure anymore tbqh….. there’s only 4 options here:

  1. Bill gets him
  2. Rick and gang rescues him
  3. Lizard dude gets him
  4. other bidder gets him

So we’ll see I guess :D

Big Game. [Lacrosse Week Smut]

A;N: I want to formally apologise that it has been so long. Y’all have been so patient and I love you guys! Anyways, this is for the wonderful @sarcasticallystilinski and @rememberstilinski ‘s Lacrosse Week! I hope y’all are ready. xoxo

Pairing: StilesStilinskixOC

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Filth.

Word count: 5,933

Listen to me.

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Sana: Hello?

The ballonsquad guys: Discussing how Yousef has tried 10 times and failied and how he’ll fail again

Yousef: Sch.. Calm down boys 

The guys: Come on then!

The ballonsquad guys: That was bad!

Sana: Whats going on in here?

One of the guys: Lets make Sana try it!

The other guys: She’s totally gonna make it!

One of the guys: Yeah because she is actually good at basketball unlike some people!

Simo: Yeah, because she learnt it from me!

Sana: What you talking about learnt it from you? Even mom is better at basketball than you!

The ballonsquad guys: Ohhh!!! That hurt!

Simo: If you can make it, then I’ll be your slave for a week!

The ballonsquad guys: Dont do it man!

Simo: I’m sure about this

Sana: Drive me everywhere, clean my room?

Simo: Whatever you want! The whole package!

Sana: Swear!

Simo: Wallah! (I swear to God in arabic) And all the boys are my witnesses!

The ballonsquad guys:

Dont do it!

Simo: Its okay guys! I got it!

Sana: What should I do?

Simo: You gonna throw this in the lamp, exactly at the time Snoop Dogg sings “Smoke weed everyday”

Sana: Just that?

Simo: Just that?? But if you fail, you have to be MY slave for a whole week!

Sana: That was not a part of the deal!

Simo: But you said “its just that?” What is it, are you scared of failing? If you’re so confident come on then!

Sana: Give me the ball?

The ballonsquad guys: You’ll regret this!

They are just cheering, and then Sana fails.

Simo: So.. now can you go make us some tea?

Sana: I’m not a slave to all your friends!

Simo: But they are my guests!

Simo: Thank you, slavewoman!

Simo: It came out wrong, sorry. Chill. That was not nice of me to say. 

The ballonsquad guys: Watch how you talk to your sister! Thats your sister!

Simo: Don’t get involved! Calm down.


The touch he offered was accepted as it had not been last time, fingers gentle on Laurent’s jaw, thumb passing over his cheekbone, soft. Laurent’s controlled body was hard with tension, his rapid pulse urgent for flight, but he closed his eyes in the last seconds before it happened. Damen’s palm slid over Laurent’s warm nape; slowly, very slowly, making his height an offering, not a threat, Damen leaned in and kissed Laurent on the mouth. 

Prince’s Gambit, C.S. Pacat

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #112 - The Prince of Egypt

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Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: DVD

1) The head of Jeffrey Katzenberg, the head of Dreamworks animation at the time and one of the former big wigs at Disney, had been pitching an adaptation of Moses’ story from Exodus to Disney far before he started Dreamworks with Steven Spielberg. During an early meeting of Dreamworks Katzenberg recalls that Spielberg looked at him during the meeting and said, “You ought to do The Ten Commandments.”

2) I think the opening disclaimer is a nice touch.

“The motion picture you are about to see is an adaptation of the Exodus story. While artistic and historical license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Moses can be found in the book of Exodus.”

3) Music plays an incredibly important role in this film, mostly for setting its grand storytelling and dark tone. This is clearly apparent from the opening song “Deliver Us” which depicts the suffering of the Hebrew people in Egypt and also the hope of Moses.

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4) This film also does an excellent job of immediately establishing the brotherly relationship between Moses and Ramses. It’s fun and honest, which makes the following events all the more heartbreaking.

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5) Val Kilmer is quite effective in the role of Moses, being able to provide a healthy balance of his youthful joviality and privilege early on and the wisdom that would come to define the character later.

6) This film has three noteworthy actors who have very little lines. The first two of these are Patrick Stewart as Pharaoh Seti and Helen Mirren as The Queen.

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Neither of them sing, so their lines are few and unfortunately Mirren feels wasted in the part (less of a comment on her acting, which is top notch as usual, and more from the lack of screen time). Stewart, however, gives Seti some depth. We see him as father and ruler, both roles where he cares about his people, but also murderer of Hebrew babies which gives him a sinister feel.

7) Moses could have been painted as a spoiled brat while acting as prince of Egypt, but he takes responsibility for his actions and mistakes while also trying to shield Ramses from some of their father’s heavy expectations.

8) Tzipporah is established as fierce as heck from the get go.

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Kept as a foreign slave in her first scene, she still fights back with great vigor despite being in a room who don’t care if she dies by the hands of the pharaoh. Michelle Pfeiffer imparts some of the strength she brought to Catwoman into the part and it’s a wonderful take on the biblical figure.

9) Sandra Bullock may have more lines than Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, and (later) Danny Glover, but for some reason I’m always wanting more of her and her character Miriam by the time the film ends. I like what I see, I just wish there were more of her in the film (I think).

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10) For some reason I don’t feel the way about her brother Aaron, who is voiced wonderfully by Jeff Goldblum. That may be because we see Aaron develop from non-believer to believer over the course of the film (wheres Miriam is consistently good and believing in Moses) and Jeff Goldblum plays both the doubter and the supporter well.

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11) Continuing with the excellent music in this film, “All I Ever Wanted,” carries with it that sense of grandeur as well as the heartbreak of Moses denying his true heritage.

12) Moses’ nightmare is one of the most memorable non-musical sequences out of the film (not THE most memorable but one of them), and this is done both through the unique hieroglyphic art style and the lack of dialogue. It is true visual storytelling.

13) Remember how I said Tzipporah is fierce as heck? Well, that continues throughout the film when she decides to drop Moses into a well as a bit of payback for being a prince of Egypt (although she does help him out because he helped her escape the palace).

14) Danny Glover is the third actor who doesn’t have enough lines. He plays the role of Jethro, a character with about ten spoken lines (more or less) and then the rest of his role is in song. And Danny Glover doesn’t sing the song.

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In the little dialogue Glover does give though, he is able to establish Jethro as a man who’s heart is as big as his stature. I just wish we’d heard more of him.

15) I mentioned in The Road to El Dorado the effectiveness of using a song to cover large gaps of time. This film is no different, initial with Jethro’s song “Through Heavens Eyes.” It’s a rousing and hopeful number which talks of the Hebrew god and how we can only know our worth when trying to look through (one guess what I’m going to say next) heaven’s eyes. In that time we cover Moses learning what a free life is from these people, his growing humility, and his blossoming relationship with Tzipporah (and eventual marriage).

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16) The Burning Bush.

Val Kilmer provides the voice of god in this film, although that wasn’t the initial plan. Originally all the actors in the film were going to voice god at the same time, and were told to whisper so they wouldn’t overpower each other. When the time came to record Kilmer’s lines, they realized someone had to speak louder. It was a happy realization, as the filmmakers later noted that god usually speaks to us as the little voice in our own heads. And it parallels the Cecil B. Demille version of The Ten Commandments where it is said (although I don’t think confirmed) that Charlton Heston also provided the voice of god while also playing Moses.

17) Moses telling Tzipporah about his encounter with the burning bush is another fine example of how filmmaking is primarily a VISUAL medium. We don’t hear a word they saw to each other, but we see him talking and we see her reaction and we know EXACTLY what is happening.

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18) Ralph Fiennes performance as Ramses is at its best when Ramses becomes villainous and conceited. Hmm, Ralph Fiennes playing a villainous and conceited villain. Sounds familiar…

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19) Playing with the Big Boys is the only real villain song in this film.

Performed by the evil lackeys Hotep and Huy (who are voiced wonderfully by Steve Martin and Martin Short respectively), the song shows off just how dark things in the Egypt really are and how tricky these two “magicians” are. Martin and Short breathe wonderful life and evil fun into the song, and even recorded their dialogue together. And the scenes uses wonderful use of darkness and shadows to make us feel like Moses is in over his head. Which in a way, he is. But the film wouldn’t be interesting if things were easy for the protagonist.

20) The growing conflict between Moses and Ramses is heartbreaking and I give credit to all those involved in this film for that. The directors, the writers, the animators, Val Kilmer & Ralph Fiennes, everyone. We see them go from the best of friends to archenemies and neither of them wants to be in that position. But they are, and they each think they’re doing what is best for their people. It hurts a lot to watch.

21) “The Plagues” is also a great example of how this film condenses what could have been a massive chunk of time into a little two-and-a-half minute song.

It also does not make light of the plagues either. The plagues were horrible. True wrath of god type stuff that ruined people’s lives. And this song is an epic but dark representation of just what those were like while also developing the conflict between Moses and Ramses.

22) I’m not as familiar with my biblical readings as maybe I should be, but I like that this film depicts Moses reaching out to Ramses one last time before he releases the final plague. It is one final reminder that they are or, more appropriately, were brothers. And they almost seem to understand each other, to make peace. But they don’t. Meaning the final and most awful plague is released.

23) I don’t want to get into my own theological beliefs or philosophies, but I am always sickened about the death of the first borns of Egypt.

The scene is animated beautifully but the entire thing is heartbreaking. The idea of a god who will take away the lives of children just to get what he wants, even though he later claims that we are all his children, just never sits right with me. I just…it sickens me. That’s all I can say. It sickens me.

24) “When You Believe” is probably THE song from this film. It won the Oscar for best original song that year, beating out “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. It is the perfect representation of the power of hope and belief which is the central theme of this film. Michelle Pfeiffer and Sally Dworsky (along with the film’s chorus) do an excellent job performing the song written by Stephen Schwartz, but the pop version performed by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey is just as good.

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25) I think the most memorable part of this film has to be the parting of the Red Seas. And it could just be for this image alone:

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That is such a powerful image which really gets across the wonder of what we’re seeing. A representation of the scene which few if any adaptations of the Exodus story have ever lived up to and which I think only animation can bring to life so wonderfully.

26) After the Red Sea crashes down and Ramses is washed away, we see Moses looking off in the distance and hear Ramses screaming, “MOSES!” The filmmakers have suggested that this may be in Moses’ head and that Ramses might actually be dead. I like that idea. It shows Moses still has hope for his brother.

27) And since this is an adaptation of Exodus, of course it has to involve the Ten Commandments in some way. I’m just glad that it’s the last shot of the film. A nice way of ending the story.

It makes sense to end a family film there, as opposed to Moses finding his people worshipping a false idol (a golden cow, I think) and smashing the tablet before God destroys the idol and forces his people to wander the desert for 40 years to kill off the rebellious generation. Oh, and Moses didn’t get to go into the promised land.

(GIF originally posted by @rocktheholygrail)

What’s not family friendly about that?

The Prince of Egypt is a great animated film who’s popularity has unfortunately lost steam in recent years. It represents its story well without beating you over the head with the religion, the animation and music are gorgeous, and the voice acting is top notch (if a little wasted at times). I highly recommend you see it.

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So one of the things that really ruins RotJ for me is the entire part where they have to rescue Han from Jabba. Instead, we could have had a scene that’s kind of like the one from the Winter Soldier, where Steve and Natasha steal the Falcon wings for Sam. Like so:

  • Lando worked for Jabba just long enough to know his security measures before he got out of there. (Lando may have been a scoundrel at one point, but he was never a bad person and seeing all of the suffering that goes on in Jabba’s palace wears on him to the point where he has to leave.)
  • He tells Luke and Leia everything they need to know about Jabba’s security before he warns them that it won’t be easy, and are they sure they don’t want his help?
  • Luke smiles kindly and reassures Lando that they will be fine.
  • The smirk on Leia’s face only makes Lando feel sorry for anyone who gets in their way. But only a little bit.
  • Cut to Han waking up in the med bay, disoriented because of the blindness, but immediately reassured because Chewie, Lando, Luke, and Leia are there for him.
  • No need to see the rescue that Luke and Leia pulled off, after all, it’s Luke and Leia. Was there really any possibility that they wouldn’t succeed? Of course not.


  • Jabba is still strangled to death, but this time it is Oola behind the chain, Oola who took advantage of the chaos to kill Jabba and free the rest of the slaves. They burn his palace to the ground.
  • No one notices the slave revolt that sweeps over Tatooine because the Empire is busy setting a trap for the Rebels and then the Rebels are busy hunting down the remnants of the Empire and building a new government.
  • No one notices, that is, until every slave locked away in the spice mines of Kessel are freed, and by then it is too late to stop them.
  • The Hutts are all dead or in hiding within two years of the start of the slave revolt.

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Yandere! Prince! 2p! America x Slave! Reader scene?

Allen came back from a quest, he walked upstairs to his room, he couldn’t help but smile, he was going to see (s/o) one of his slaves.He walked to one of his chambers, he opens the door with the key that he carried in his pocket, he unlocked the door to the chamber.It was decorated with good furniture and an elegant queen size bed.He looks to see (s/o) who was brushing her hair  but facing the wall, her back was facing him.It’s been hard for her to be locked up there mostly when the prince came to visit her, she knows she was a lucky one, many others were killed by not doing or obeying their orders or duties to clean, she was treated more special.The prince has taken a liking to her, more than a liking.He walked towards her as he sat next to her and brushed her hair with his fingers, (s/o) shivered by the touch. “My princess , oh my dear princess, I’m so sorry I left you alone  for a while”, he smirked as he lean to the side of her neck and breath on her.(S/o) just blushed as she put down the hairbrush on the bed as she look at her fingers as she tangle her fingers . “Give me a kiss , doll~”, he said as cupped her face and made her turn around and face her , she try to not make eye contact with his eyes , she felt weird as she look at his eyes, they had like an insane look.

Allen just stood there waiting for his kiss, (s/o) knew he will grow violent and impatient, she lean and kiss his cheek without hesitating.Allen grabbed her waist harshly as he forces her to kiss him in the mouth, she jumps as she was frightened.She whimper as she struggles a bit to get off his grip she felt as she was loosing her breath.She pushes him off as she tried to catch her breath, she wraps her hand around her waist as she looks back at Allen, who was smiling as he got up from the floor and wiped his mouth. “Doll, no need to get violent, it was just a kiss~”, he chuckled as he leans to her and hugs her, he push her down to the bed as he wraps his arms around her as he snuggled his face in her hair. “I love you~ I love you so much~”, he said as he tightens his grip and kisses her neck softly. “One day, I’ll be king and you’ll be my queen, how’s that?~”, he smiled as (s/o) stayed quiet and scared, she grips the pillow in front of her as she tried not to cry. “God, look at you~ I’ve gotten you the best dresses that you can find, nice earrings, necklaces, anything, for you but nothing beats your beauty~”, he snuggles more his face in her hair. “I’ll kill anyone who dares touches you my queen, my (s/o)~”

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Something that bothered me a lot on American Gods: Why was the transportation ship portrayed as way more realistic and unpleasant than the slavery ship? Transportation ship: dark, dank, hell. No room to move and dead bodies hurled unceremoniously off the side. Screaming and sickness. Slave ship: Everyone has enough room to sit comfortably and quietly on organised benches, lit reasonably well. It really felt gross to me even before this episode, but now it's worse with a comparison.

yep. my guess is it’s due to the differing POVs for each scene. the slave ship scene is “about” Anansi, and basically creates a stage where he can deliver his monologue, whereas the transportation ship is all about essie’s suffering. so the two scenes serve different purposes from different perspectives (ie a god vs a human), but the show’s creators clearly didn’t consider how the differing tones would compare alongside each other.

[n.b. i discussed this ep more here, including the historical comparisons between slavery and indentured servititude.]


This scene is literally a second long but Obi-wan’s facial expressions KILL ME when the Zygerrian slaver MURDERS SEVEN Togrutas. Obi-wan hasn’t even done anything, but it is clear that the Slaver knows the Jedi are powerful and that’s exactly why the Slaver murdered those innocent people. To show that he is more powerful and to ensure Obi-wan doesn’t try to escape or spark a rebellion. He knows Obi-wan’s weakness before he even got there.

“Now that I have your attention, Jedi, be aware that it will not be you who suffers should you defy me.”

Each facial expression says something different about what Obi-wan is feeling. Sadness since he knows there was nothing he could do to save those innocent Togrutas. Realization of what this Slaver is capable of and how evil he is. And lastly, anger and just plain hatred towards the Slaver.

Dangerous emotions for a Jedi.

No One Has To Know

Summary: A house party takes an interesting turn for Dan and Phil when they are dared by a rather rude party-goer to play a game of 7 minutes in heaven together.

Word Count: 1497

Warnings: Language, Some minor bullying elements, alcohol

Genre: Mostly fluff

“Alright, Phil. Truth or dare?” The tall man spoke. He had tanned skin and long, shaggy, blonde hair. He went by the name of Matt. Matt was an old friend of PJ’s, whom Dan and Phil had only met a couple of times. Even though it was PJ’s party, Matt seemed to be the ringleader of the night. He laughed as he poured shot after shot down everyone else’s throats, while simultaneously  maintaining his own sobriety.

“Truth.” Phil answered, he had a slight buzz, but not nearly enough to enjoy this party. To everyone else Matt might have seemed like the life of the party, but to Phil he seemed more like a slave driver. This scene was all too familiar, bringing Phil straight back to his old party days at uni.

“Okay…AmazingPhil…tell me something, have you and your boy over there ever…?” Matt asked cockily, motioning at Dan and making an obscene motion with his index finger and his other hand. The whole crowd erupted into laughter. Phil’s face reddened with embarrassment, and Dan’s reddened with anger. The honest answer was no, but the fact that he even asked had Dan beyond pissed off.

“No.” Phil said plainly.

“Yeah, sure you haven’t.” Matt said sarcastically, adding an obnoxious wink at the end. “Anyway AmazingPhil it’s your turn.” The sarcastic way he said Phil’s name was pushing Dan close to his limit.

“Err, alright.” Phil stalled for a moment and took a look around the room. He didn’t really know anyone besides PJ, Chris and Dan. Deciding to pick the safest option, he looked to Dan. “Okay, Dan, Truth…or” Phil was cut off mid sentence.

“Oh, yeah. Of course he picks his boyfriend.” Matt quips, and the room erupts into laughter. Phil pretends not to notice his remark.

“Why don’t you shut up, Matt?” Dan growled. Matt completely ignored him, and basked in his own smug amusement. “Alright, Phil. Dare.”

“Okay, Dan. I dare you to…act like a penguin.” Phil smiled.

“Phil!” Dan protested, but them stood up and made a half-assed waddle across the room, causing everyone to giggle.

“Okay, Matt. Truth or dare.” Dan snapped, giving Matt a sarcastic smile.

“Dare.” Matt smirked.

“Alright, Matty, I dare you to take a shot of tequila, and chase it with a shot of hot sauce.” Dan laughed.

“Ha! Really, that’s the best you got?” Matt laughed.

“You think it’s so funny then man the fuck up, mate.” Dan hissed, anger brewing in his eyes. He wanted everyone to see Matt fail like a little bitch. Without saying a word Matt stormed over to PJ’s refrigerator. He poured two shot glasses, one with tequila and one with hot sauce. The crowd was chanting for him, and to Dan’s surprise, Matt actually managed the challenge without much struggle. He soaked in his glory and the cheers from the crowd before they made their way back to the circle in the living room.

“Guess some one is used to swallowing” Dan quipped.

“Nah, that seems more like your expertise, Danny boy.” Matt laughed, several of his minions laughed with him. PJ stood by, looking displeased, but unsure of how to keep the peace. Chris would have defended Dan, but he was far too drunk to be of any help. Dan gripped his fist tight in his hand, and bit his tongue. He wanted nothing more than to knock Matt out right there on the spot.

“Okay, Daniel. Pick your poison?” Matt said with an evil grin.


“Alright, get in that closet over there, and take your buddy AmazingPhil. Maybe he’ll show you why he is so amazing.” Matt smirked, taking a sip of his drink with a satisfied look on his face.

Dan flew out of his seat. “You know what? Fuck you. If you have a problem with me that’s fine, but leave Phil out of this.”

“What? I thought you guys were used to being in the closet.” Matt said with fake innocence in his tone.

“Matt, look, maybe you should chill out.” PJ interrupted. He wanted to maintain the peace, and had no backup since Chris was now passed out in the corner.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Do you actually think I am fucking my friend?” Dan shouted at Matt.

“Well if you aren’t then it’s certainly not going to be any problem to spend 7 minutes in heaven with him, now is?” Matt laughed, which pissed Dan off even more.

Phil, who had previously been silent, decided to speak up. “Look, Dan, it’s fine. Let’s just get it over with and he will leave us alone.”

“Fine” Dan agrees and follows Phil to the closet in PJ’s hall. He turns to Matt before entering, “But you better shut the fuck up after this.”

Matt shuts the door behind them and tilts a chair under the door knob to prevent them from exiting. Dan and Phil hear muffled arguments outside and some laughter. The can’t exactly tell what is going on, but it sounds like PJ is defending them. Dan’s brown eyes were so full of hatred and rage, but when they met Phil’s it was like it all melted away. He couldn’t help but notice the innocence in the older man’s eyes. “So what do we do now?” Phil asked, still keeping his distance from Dan.

“I don’t know” Dan said quietly, shifting his gaze to the carpeted floor. “What do you want to do?”

“Well, we could just like, stand here I guess, or…” Phil didn’t complete his sentence. He looked to Dan’s eyes for a clue about how the younger man was feeling.

“Or?” Dan asked, curious to know what Phil was about to suggest.

“I mean, maybe we could just give it a try.” Phil suggested. His eyes were looking to Dan’s for some sort of answer.

“What? You want to kiss me?” Dan was genuinely stunned. He had wanted to kiss Phil for years, but never expected it to happen like this.

“No one has to know” Phil whispered.

Dan chewed nervously at his bottom lip, his heart was racing. “I-I would like that, Phil”

Phil moved closer and closed the distance between them. His lips met Dan’s and he wrapped an arm around his waist. Once started, they couldn’t stop. Phil pinned Dan against the back of the closet as their lips crashed together. There was an electricity and the air that had Phil under a trance as he moved his lips across Dan’s jawline and down his neck. Dan let out a soft moan as he felt Phil’s lips sucking at his sensitive flesh. Dan stretched out his neck, allowing Phil access to the entire length. After several minutes, Phil brought his attention back up to Dan’s lips. Seven minutes in heaven had became more like seventeen minutes, but Dan and Phil hadn’t realized it. They were oblivious to the time that had passed and the chaos going on outside of their little safe haven. Another moan escaped Dan’s lips before they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Hey, you guys can come out now.” It was PJ’s familiar voice. Phil pulled away instantly, afraid that somehow PJ knew what they were doing. “I told Matt to leave, he was being a real dick to everyone.”

Dan managed to catch his breath, and opened the door after making sure Phil was ready. PJ was standing outside. Upon their exit, PJ’s eyes shifted to the visible marks near Dan’s collarbone. He quickly reached into the closet and yanked one of his old hoodies off of the hanger. “Here, Dan. Put this on.” Dan’s face instantly reddened, realizing that Phil must have left some evidence behind. PJ walked away to give the two some space. They were truly grateful to have a friend like him. Phil scanned his eyes over to Dan’s neck and giggled as Dan pulled the hoodie over his body. It was baggy and came up just far enough to hide the evidence. Dan and Phil returned to the crowded room to continue the party. Neither of them dared to breath a word about what happened in the closet.

PJ shifted everyone’s attention to the movie he had put on the TV. The lights were dimmed and everyone was fixated on the horror movie on screen. Dan and Phil were sitting on the sofa together. Dan was curled up in PJ’s shirt and had his hands buried in the pockets. Phil was sitting closely to Dan, but no one seemed to notice. Phil carefully slipped his hand into Dan’s hoodie pocket and reached for Dan’s hand. Dan smiled when he felt Phil’s hand reach for his. The continued to watch the movie and Dan silently thanked God for assholes and their stupid dares.