slave privilege

I see you down there, little cashfag. Drooling at the sight of your Lord’s sweaty, ripe feet as I reach the halfway point of my workout. I see how desperate you are to taste the toejam and lick the dirt from my Godly soles. But we both know it comes with a price, don’t we faggot?

I don’t care how you ask me. Each and every loser that begs to taste my socks WILL be paying for honour, the privilege. No slave gets a free ride.

Now that’s clear fuck off and let me finish. If you’ve generously filled my PayPal, I just might consider airing out my socks over your pathetic fag face.

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jw to chime in about the prisoner ff's. i was a vol ff/emt for a bunch of years in the closet and reg did wildland mobs in the summer. at every. single. wildfire i've ever been to were the prison crews. fighting wildfire is dangerous backbreaking labor digging firelines in the wilderness to bare earth mostly with hand tools an lit working in ppl high flames for mop up n spot checks. they'd ALWAYS be assigned the most dangerous/difficult/longest routes, were isolated, paid a dollar an hour, an

“as if that wasn’t enough, because of the ‘privilege’ of getting to work outside, the smallest miscues could get their access revoked, including not seeming to work hard enough, stopping for water or communicating danger directly to non prisoners instead of through the guard or any other power trippy bs. they bust their asses in literal life/death situations w/ the threat of being trapped at the front an burnt alive, as legal slave labor, in carcinogenic smoke, @ $1/h as fucking privilege“

slave labor does the most difficult firefighting work in the united states.


This is some deep real talk! This guy woke af! Tellin them hard truths. Please please please watch this. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if you aren’t woke by now… you steady hitting that snooze on purpose. Stay woke. @apple-pie-thighs, @bodylovinglifeblogging, @icewaterjonesforthewin, @falulu, @lola-ellepkay you’d probably like this if you haven’t already seen it.

imagine being so racist that u would literally destroy a biracial relationship with a wholesome heroic loving black man for kara danvers to depict a toxic relationship with a privileged abusive slave owning white boy instead 

imagine being so racist that u would literally rather ship kara with a a privileged abusive slave owning white boy than ship her in a biracial relationship with a wholesome heroic loving black man  

Karamel is the exception of the “ship and let ship” rule.

I’m usually very into the motto “ship and let ship” even when I don’t agree with a ship and I think that a relationship is toxic, I usually keep to myself but there’s a difference between toxic and abusive.

Why do I think that Karamel is the exception? Because that relationship isn’t just toxic, it’s heavily abusive and there is no excuse to ship them. If a person doesn’t know better but when is called to attention they see the problem, that’s one thing but that’s not what’s happening. 

The problem here is that Karamel shippers are well aware of the arguments used as to why their ship is abusive but they still ignore it and consider it a true love tale. They are are apologists of a slave owning, sexist jackass and use arguments such as “he grew up in a different culture” to justify him not being a decent human being. They consider verbal attacks as “cute couple bickering”. They consider constant disregard of their partners wants something that’s funny and cute. They hear Kara calling Mon-El on all his shit and they call her a bitch, they hear Mon-El calling Kara names because she called him out on his slave owning privileged ass and they think that Kara should be with the guy that sees “how she truly is”? seriously????

The reason that Karamel and Karamel shippers are the exception to the rule of “ship and let ship” is because they support abuse and they support the downgrading of women to further the man, they justify slave owners and they applaud a relationship that consists of name calling and constant disregard of each other.

Surely modern man does not “uphold,” slavery; he denounces it vehemently. But he practises it nevertheless — and on a wider scale than ever, and far more thoroughly than the Ancients ever could — whether in the Capitalistic West or in the Tropics, or (from what one hears outside its impenetrable walls) even in the one State supposed to be, to-day, the “workers’ paradise.” There are differences, of course. In Antiquity, even the slave had hours of leisure and merriment that were all his own; he had his games of dice in the shade of the columns of his master’s portico, his coarse jokes, his free chatter, his free life outside his daily routine. The modern slave has not the privilege of loitering, completely carefree, for half an hour. His so-called leisure itself is either filled with almost compulsory entertainment, as exacting and often as dreary as his work, or — in “lands of freedom” — poisoned by economic worries. But he is not openly bought and sold. He is just taken. And taken, not by a man in some way at least superior to himself, but by a huge impersonal system without either a body to kick or a soul to damn or a head to answer for its mischief.
—  Sevitri Devi-The Lightning and the Sun
Remote Control

First Contact

I haven’t written about Remote Control yet. He’s one of my earliest online slaves, and has been dutifully serving me since. Remote Control contacted me via Skype, and immediately referred to himself as “it”.

“This fag would like to serve you. It likes your blog and wants to serve a master like yourself.”

He knew his interest, he knew his station and he knew who to speak to a master.

I was on board.

Dutiful Service

For the past several weeks, Remote Control has been checking in with me multiple times a day, 7 days a week. He has to ask permission for everything. There is little he feels comfortable doing without my guiding hand. As time has gone by, he has volunteered more and more of himself to me, and I take it when I desire. I control his every action.

He’s placed himself in chastity before he contacted me, but I have availed myself of his locked state since the start. He obviously has no erection privileges, but also has increasingly little orgasming privileges.

Sub/slave erections are completely unnecessary, and I’m beginning to think that, beyond a semi-annual milking or two, that fag orgasms are completely unnecessary as well. I have several thoughts on that that I should write up at some point.

So Remote Control has only had 2-3 orgasms while under my control, and I’m completely uninterested in him having anymore. The ones he did receive were achieved through working his pussy, which at least helps him prepare for future service. I probably need to add a good cockhead polishing routine into his actions, but we can get to that later.

Remote Control has daily tasks to perform. These can be anything from essays, body tasks, gym tasks, piss tasks, etc. Never once has Remote Control complained or even hesitated in getting a task complete. He performs the task, and quickly sends me video or photographic proof. Done and done. Consummate, loyal service.

Mandatory Mondays

Remote Control has been put on a regular schedule. Every Monday morning, his first task is to make a tribute to his Boss. Just like him, his fagtaxes are on a regular, set schedule. He knows what’s coming, and is excited to serve in that capacity.

Every time he tributes, his little dick gets uncomfortable in his tiny cage. Which quite frankly what I prefer. The slave works for me, and experiences suffering when I experience pleasure. Remote Control knows that, and he loves that.

He’s loyal, he’s regular and he’s efficient. A master could be so lucky such as to have a faggot like Remote Control.

Are you the next regular slave?

Let’s talk. Skype: DivineDrainer

Why We Love to Hate Popular Chicks on TV

So I’ve been thinking too hard about Chloe Bourgeois from ‘Miraculous Ladybug,’ and I had to write out why she and her fellow queen bees were so interesting to me. That train of thought led me to writing this meta post about teenage girl bullies in fiction.

 I’m not a fan of the “Alpha Bitch” name for this trope on TvTropes, and queen bee is too cutesy, so I’m using girl-bully instead. It’s not a perfect replacement, but hopefully I’ll be able to make my argument all the same.

Characters mentioned include Chloe Bourgeois, Pacifica Northwest, Gretchen Wieners, Quinn Fabray, Cordelia Chase, Trixie Tang, and Rachel Green. The focus here is Western television.

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Robespierre on the Cult of the Supreme Being (7 May 1794)

The world has changed, and is bound to change again. What is there in common between that which is and that which was? Civilized nations have taken the place of savages wandering in the desert; fruitful crops have taken the place of the ancient forests that covered the globe. A world has appeared beyond the limits of the world; the inhabitants of the earth have added the seas to their immeasurable domain; man has conquered the lightning and averted the thunderbolts of heaven. Compare the imperfect language of hieroglyphics with the miracles of printing; set the voyage of the Argonauts beside that of La Pérouse; measure the distance between the astronomical observations of the wise men of Asia and the discoveries of Newton, or between the sketch drawn by the hand of Dibutade and the pictures of David… .

All has changed in the physical order; all must change in the moral and political order. One half of the world revolution is already achieved, the other half has yet to be accomplished… .

The French people appear to have outstripped the rest of the human race by two thousand years; one might even be tempted to regard them as a distinct species among the rest. Europe is kneeling to the shadows of the tyrants whom we are punishing.

In Europe a ploughman or an artisan is an animal trained to do the pleasure of a noble; in France the nobles seek to transform themselves into ploughmen and artisans, and cannot even obtain this honour.

Europe cannot conceive of life without kings and nobles; and we cannot conceive of it with them.

Europe is lavishing her blood to rivet the fetters on humanity; and we to break them.

Our sublime neighbours discourse gravely to the universe of the King’s health, amusements and travels; they insist upon informing posterity of the time at which he dined, the moment at which he returned from hunting, the happy soil which had the honour of being trodden by his august feet at each hour of the day, the names of the privileged slaves who appeared in his presence at the rising and the setting sun.

As for us, we shall make known to it the names and virtues of the heroes who died in the fight for liberty; we shall make known to it on what soil the last satellites of tyrants hit the dust; we shall make known to it the hour which sounded the death-knell of the oppressors of the world.

Yes, this delightful land which we inhabit, which Nature favours with her caresses, is made to be the domain of liberty and happiness; this proud and sensitive people is truly born for glory and virtue. O my country, had fate caused me to be born in a foreign and distant land, I should have addressed to heaven my constant prayers for thy prosperity; I should have shed tears of emotion at the story of thy combats and thy virtues; my eager soul would have followed with ardent anxiety every movement of thy glorious Revolution; I should have envied the lot of thy citizens, I should have envied that of thy representatives… . O sublime nation! Receive the sacrifice of all my being; happy is he who is born in thy midst! Still happier he who can die for thy happiness! …

The sole foundation of civil society is morality! … Immorality is the basis of despotism, as virtue is the essence of the Republic… . Study the good of the country and the interests of humanity alone. Every institution, every doctrine which consoles and elevates men’s souls ought to be welcomed; reject all those which tend to degrade and corrupt them. Encourage and exalt all generous sentiments and great moral ideas which men have attempted to extinguish; draw together by the charm of friendship and the bonds of virtue those men whom there have been attempts to divide… .

You who lament a virtuous friend, you love to think that what is finest in him has escaped death! You who weep over the bier of a son or a wife, are you consoled by him who tells you that all that remains of them is base dust? Wretch expiring beneath the assassin’s blow, your last sigh is an appeal to eternal justice! Innocence on the scaffold makes the tyrant turn pale upon his triumphal chariot: would it have this power if the tomb levelled the oppressor with the oppressed? Wretched sophist! By what right dost thou come and wrest the sceptre of reason from innocence to place it in the hands of crime, to encourage vice, to sadden virtue and to degrade humanity? The more richly a man is endowed with sensibility and genius, the more attached he is to the ideas which expand his being and elevate his heart; and the doctrine of men of that stamp becomes that of the universe. Ah! Can such ideas be other than truths? At any rate I cannot conceive how nature can have suggested to men fictions more beneficial than all realities; and if the existence of God, if the immortality of the soul were but dreams, the,y would still be the finest of all the conceptions of human intelligence.

I need hardly say that there is no question here of arraigning any particular philosophical opinions, or of denying that this or that philosopher may be virtuous, whatever his opinions may be, and even in spite of them, by virtue of a fortunate disposition or a superior intelligence. The point is to consider nothing but Atheism, in so far as it is national in character and bound up with a system of conspiracy against the Republic.

Ah! What does it matter to you, legislators, by what varied hypotheses certain philosophers explain the phenomena of nature? You may hand over all these subjects to their everlasting discussions: it is neither as metaphysicians nor as theologians that you have to consider them. In the eyes of the legislator, truth is all that is useful and of practical good to the world… .

Fanatics, hope for nothing from us. To recall men to the pure cult of the Supreme Being is to strike a death-blow at fanaticism. All fictions disappear before the truth, and all follies collapse before Reason. Without compulsion, without persecution, all sects must mingle spontaneously in the universal religion of Nature. We shall counsel you, then, to maintain the principles which you have hitherto displayed. May the liberty of worship be respected, that reason may triumph indeed, but let it not disturb public order or become a means of conspiracy. If counterrevolutionary malignity is shielding itself beneath this pretext, repress it, and, for the rest, rely upon the might of principle and the innate force of things… .

Ambitious priests, do not wait for us to work for the restoration of your dominance; such an enterprise would indeed be beyond our power. It is you who have killed yourselves, and one can no more return to moral life than to physical existence. Besides, what is there in common between the priests and God? Priests are to morality what charlatans are to medicine. How different is the God of nature from the God of the priests! The God of nature knows nothing which resembles Atheism so much as priest-made religions. By dint of distorting the Supreme Being, they have destroyed Him, as much as in them lay; they have made of Him sometimes a ball of fire, sometimes an ox, sometimes a tree, sometimes a man, sometimes a king. The priests have created God in their own image; they have made Him jealous, capricious, greedy, cruel and implacable. They have treated Him as the Mayors of the Palace in olden days treated the descendant of Clovis, in order to reign in his name and put themselves in his place. They have relegated Him to heaven as to a palace, and have only brought Him down to earth in order to demand tithes, riches, honours, pleasure and power for their own profit. The real priest of the Supreme Being is Nature; His temple, the universe; His worship, virtue; His festivals, the joy of a great people gathered together beneath His eyes in order to draw close the sweet bonds of universal brotherhood and offer Him the homage of pure and feeling hearts… .

May they all tend to arouse those generous sentiments which are the chnrm and adornment of human life: enthusiasm for liberty, love of country and respect for law. May the memory of tyrants and traitors be held up to execration at them; may that of heroes of liberty and benefactors of humanity receive the just tribute of public gratitude; may they draw their interest, and their very names, from the immortal events of our Revolution, and even from the things dearest and most sacred to the heart of man; may they be beautified and distinguished by emblems suggesting their special objects. Let us invite nature and all the virtues to our festivals; let them all be celebrated under the auspices of the Supreme Being; let them be consecrated to Him, and let them open and close with a tribute to His power and goodness… . [He went on to propose the following decree:]

Article I. The French people recognizes the existence of the Supreme Being, and the immortality of the soul.

Article II. It recognizes that the best way of worshipping the Supreme Being is to do one’s duties as a man.

Article III. It considers that the most important of these duties are: to detest bad faith and despotism, to punish tyrants and traitors, to assist the unfortunate, to respect the weak, to defend the oppressed, to do all the good one can to one’s neighbour, and to behave with justice towards all men.

Article IV. Festivals shall be instituted to remind men of the Deity, and of the dignity of their state.

Article V. These festivals shall be named after the glorious events of our Revolution, the virtues which are most dear to men, and most useful, and the chief blessings of nature.

Article VI. The French Republic shall celebrate every year the anniversaries of July 14, 1789, August 10, 1792, January 21, 1793, and May 31, 1793.

Article VII. It shall celebrate, on successive decadis, the following festivals: the Supreme Being, and Nature; the human race; the French people; the benefactors of mankind; the martyrs of freedom; liberty and equality; the Republic; the liberty of the world; patriotism; hatred of tyrants and traitors; truth; justice; modesty; glory and immortality; friendship; temperance; courage; good faith; heroism; impartiality; Stoicism; love; conjugal fidelity; fatherly affection; mother-love; filial piety; childhood; youth; manhood; old age; misfortune; agriculture; industry; our ancestors; posterity; happiness.

Article VIII. The Committees of Public Safety and of Education are instructed to present a scheme for the organization of these festivals.

Article IX. The National Convention invites all those whose talents are worthy of serving the cause of mankind to the honour of assisting in the establishment of these festivals by submitting hymns or civic songs, or anything else likely to contribute to their beauty or utility.

Article X. The Committee of Public Safety shall award distinction to such works as appear to it calculated to achieve these objects, and shall reward their authors.

Article XI. Freedom of worship is confirmed, in the terms of the decree of 18th Frimaire.

Article XII. Any meeting of aristocrats, or any that contravenes public order, shall be suppressed.

Article XIII. In the event of troubles caused by or arising out of any form of public worship, all those who excited them by fanatical preaching or counter-revolutionary suggestions, and all those who provoked them by unjust or uncalled-for acts of violence, shall be equally punished, with all the rigour of the law.

Article XIV. A separate report shall be prepared, dealing with the detailed arrangements consequential upon the present decree.

Article XV. There shall be celebrated, upon the 20th Prairial next, a national festival in honour of the Supreme Being.

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God is not jealous like an insecure employer who fears that his employees might get lured away by a better salary elsewhere. God’s jealousy is not the reflex of weakness or fear. Instead God is jealous like a powerful and merciful king who takes a peasant girl from a life of shame, forgives her, marries her, and gives her not the chores of a slave, but the privileges of a wife—a queen. His jealousy does not rise from fear or weakness but from a holy indignation at having his honor and power and mercy scorned by the faithlessness of a fickle spouse.
—  John Piper, The Lord Whose Name Is Jealous
"Slave Privilege"

The “Slave Privilege” argument comes from a book called “The Redneck Manifesto” by Jim Goad, who is someone you (and your followers) should be aware of. Goad makes a compelling case that poor white people are the scapegoat for systemic oppression by elites. There are obvious problems with the argument, but it appeals to the impulse within white people to think they’ve had it just as bad. Goad raises many overlooked facts about white-on-white exploitation, but draws the wrong conclusions.

For example, Goad points out that white people were bought and sold as chattel in colonial America along side slaves of African origin, and that a significant portion of whites ended up in the colonies as indentured servants, and that many came into this life after the purging of the debtors' prisons in England  (the English sold those who could not pay their debts into indentured servitude as a means of recouping their debts owed). He also points out that indentured servants were typically treated worse than slaves– a slave was owned for life, so they were worth taking care of, while an indentured servant was like a 5-7 year lease, so fuck it, ride them hard as you can while you’ve got ‘em.

The principle thesis of his book is that currently it is poor, working-class, whites who are scapegoated for societal ills. PoC cannot be publicly demonized in the media the way that poor, undereducated whites can (and white-liberals are most guilty of this).

The danger with Goad’s reasoning is that it is based in fact and extremely well researched. He’s not making any of it up, but he is overlooking so much that tips the scales even further against people of color. Incarceration rates, high-school graduation rates, poverty rates, life expectancy, all make it impossible to draw an equivalency regardless of how much unacknowledged shit white people have suffered at the hands of other whites.

Perhaps most importantly, any white person– Bill Clinton comes to mind– can easily transcend their WT origins if they are smart enough and educated enough. There is nothing inscribed on their bodies that identifies them as “other,” and this is the most critical consideration that Goad overlooks. We all speak a language of race and our bodies all refer to a received code of meaning about race, regardless of how we feel about it. As a white man my body speaks of the success of every other white man, while arab bodies refer to terrorists and the oppression of women and black bodies refer to welfare queens and the guy whose mug-shot was on the 11:00 news last night. 

It is worth noting that people like Chuck Palahniuk and Patton Oswalt both cite Goad as an influence, so his ideas are pervasive among those who are generally accepted as progressive white folks. 

Every year white people add 100 years to how long ago slavery was. I’ve heard educated white people say, ‘slavery was 400 years ago.’ No it very wasn’t. It was 140 years ago; that’s two 70-year-old ladies living and dying back to back. That’s how recently you could buy a guy.
—  Louis CK explains the necessity of historical context to Jay Leno.
"I defended '12 Years a Slave' at the Golden Globes like it was the best movie I had ever seen. I hate the white patriarchy. But no, I haven't seen it either. I don't like slave movies. They come out every year and win all the awards and it's just like, blah."

Cinema Studies major, submitted by 2001aspaceblogyssey