slave of time


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sakamoto week: day 4 || words

I’m ready for long days, fresh fruit, dewy skin, and love

I didn’t mean to turn you on - Cherrelle / rock steady - The Whispers / forget me nots - Patrice Rushen / Yuiko Tsukabora - tsukanoma yotogi bito/ Odyssey - Inside Out / get it up - The Time / you are in my system - The System / dress down - Kaoru Akimoto / circles - Atlantic Starr / nights (feel like getting down) - Billy Ocean / just a touch of love - Slave / bay city - Junko Yagami / I’m your baby tonight - Whitney Houston / somebody for me - Heavy D & The Boyz / you called and told me - Jeff Red / broken eyes - Mariko Tone / I can’t wait - Nu Shooz / every little step - Bobby Brown / Saturday love - Cherrelle

I’ve seen some pretty cool slave!”insert-sw-character-here” fanart around lately and since Obi-Wan wasn’t one of them, I wanted to give it a try

I’m reading cp again and Damen’s attitude torward slavery in the first book is just so perverted. He is such a problematic character, his arc is absolutely amazing I love it. What’s so great is, being that the story is narrated by Damen, you almost skip over these horrible customs and you kinda go through his arc with him, like when he gets all mastery with Erasmus while he himself is LITERALY chained up and slaved, not making the connection between his suffering and the possiblity that maybe his Palace slaves were'nt having the time of their lives being all submissive. The first time I read it, it didn’t leave such an impression on me because it came so naturally for Damen. The book is teaching us and Damen a lesson together, it’s simply great writing and an awsome reading expirience.