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Reading your tags about Bespin, I just realized how crushing it’s going to be for Luke to realize his father was enslaved again. He’s obviously so fiercely proud that his father was freed and so committed to helping others find freedom. It’s not like he’ll be ashamed of it. Just, so upset.

I think it was pretty crushing in canon, too. Of course, it took longer to sink in then, because most of his initial feeling was shock, quickly followed by horror, a deep sense of betrayal, and despair. But once he’d accepted the truth…

imo a big part of the reason Luke is so determined to save his father, and why he’s able to do so, is that he gets it. He understands what the underlying issues really are. He knows, in a way Obi-Wan and even Padme never could, exactly what it means when his slave-born father says, “I must obey my Master.”

Luke Skywalker grew up believing he was the freeborn son of a freed slave. Now he knows he’s the freeborn son of a slave. And he’s pissed as hell about that. He’s angry in a primal way, an anger born of compassion that Palpatine thinks is weakness. An anger Palpatine thinks he can use.

But he can’t even touch it. He can’t touch Luke because he doesn’t understand him. Anakin is the one who almost succeeds in turning Luke, because Anakin and Luke do understand each other. But Palpatine? He knows how to break a slave, and he knows how to kill a Jedi. But this freeborn son of a slave, a Jedi like his father before him: he’s something entirely new.

For instance, in school we learned a ton about Abraham Lincoln freeing slaves but barely anything about Frederick Douglass and Nat Turner escaping slavery and leading revolutions. I know a lot about Prohibition in the 1920s but very little about the Harlem Renaissance or the Great Migration North that Blacks took to escape lynchings in the South in the same decade. Hell, even international lessons about the Holocaust left out the Black and Brown people who were killed during the rise of the Nazi regime. But we were forced to read Elie Wiesel’s book every year since 6th grade. I guess World War II was a white people thing. Black and Brown contributions and sacrifices throughout history are always conveniently forgotten. Or purposely left out.

Even at the college level — where educators and students alike are supposed to be more liberal, revolutionary and “woke” — mandatory Core classes lauded the achievements of white men and women in history, English and science classes. To learn the equally important contributions of minorities, however, you’d have to look into the elective courses like the African American Literature and Communications classes I opted to take at the University of Maryland. I guess the works of Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright were less integral to the American fabric than that of Leo Tolstoy or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Right…

It is a privilege to be written in the pages of history and, like most privileges, white people seem to be the only ones benefiting. But historic accolades do not belong to white Americans alone. There are hidden figures of Black, Brown, Asian and Native descent in all of the lessons we learned in school.

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so (and I don't know if I'm reading this right, bear with me) was Anakin actually meant to be Tatooine's "Chosen One"? like was he on the path to fulfill his actual Destiny, to be a prophet and lead his people to freedom, when the Jedi stepped in and cut that path off and mistakenly decided that he was their Chosen One instead? or could he have been either one, or both at the same time?

That’s basically my headcanon, yes. I think Anakin was born to be the Moses of Tatooine.

Maybe he could have been the Jedi’s Chosen One, too, if some things about the Jedi Order had been different. Maybe in another universe he could have been both. But in canon he was cut off from his mother and his culture and he forgot where he came from.

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(1/3) I adore your meta+fic on Tattooine slave culture! I have many questions but here are 2 of the most burning: 1. Tattooine diaspora slaves - adult Avatakka who are sold off planet. Do they pass their traditions and religion and stories on to...

their children and grandchildren and the other slaves around them? Is there a word for them? How do Avatakka (hope I’m using that term correctly?) conceptualize them? Are you Avatakka if your grandmother was and you’ve never been to Tattooine? How far down the descent does it go? Are there Avatakka-creole cultures out there? 

2. I firmly headcanon Anakin as autistic, so: How does Tattooine slave culture conceptualize and act towards neurodivergent ppl? (For that matter, how do Depurs?)

3. Are secret names part of the Avatakka tradition?

Thanks! Here are some answers. :)

1. Okay, so just to clarify: Amatakka (mother-tongue) is the language, Amavikkan (children of the Mother) are the people. And yes, there is definitely a diaspora culture. These things happen mostly organically: if an offworlder slave is brought to Tatooine, it will probably be several generations before their descendants identify solely as Amavikkan, if they ever do. And the same is true for Tatooine slaves who are taken off world. Slave cultures in general tend to be melting pots, so there’s a lot of crossover and cultural exchange happening all the time. There’s also a lot of people living out multiple cultural identities.

I think most Amavikkan would consider someone to be Amavikka if they identify that way and have some real connection to the culture. (Usually, but not always, this would mean that they speak the language.)

2. As a general rule, Amavikkan culture is very protective of its own. And particularly of those people who are going to be most vulnerable to the cruelties of the Masters. The Depuran see their slaves as tools, not people, so they generally don’t make any allowance for…well, anything that makes people people, really. Most Masters probably don’t see much use in keeping a “defective product.”

So the other slaves in the community, as much as possible, will band together to help each other. Because as long as the work gets done, for many Masters, that’s enough.

In Anakin’s case, his special interest in machines and building and fixing things was definitely something Watto considered useful - a valuable skill, in the most literal sense. But that wouldn’t prevent him from exacting punishment if Anakin got too focused on a project and failed to drop it the minute Watto told him to do something else.

3. Tbh I don’t have any headcanons about secret names at the moment, but it does seem like something that would fit within the culture. Something to think more on!

I wonder what the little poodoo’s doing now. I wonder if he’s managed to claw his way back into another slimy Hutt’s favor. If he’s got some other little boy dicing with death in the Podraces, to make him rich.

When the war was over he’d go back to Tatooine and see. When the war was over he’d buy any child he found enslaved to Watto and find them a home where they might live and love in safety. Belonging to no one but themselves.

—  The Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth

So one of the things that really ruins RotJ for me is the entire part where they have to rescue Han from Jabba. Instead, we could have had a scene that’s kind of like the one from the Winter Soldier, where Steve and Natasha steal the Falcon wings for Sam. Like so:

  • Lando worked for Jabba just long enough to know his security measures before he got out of there. (Lando may have been a scoundrel at one point, but he was never a bad person and seeing all of the suffering that goes on in Jabba’s palace wears on him to the point where he has to leave.)
  • He tells Luke and Leia everything they need to know about Jabba’s security before he warns them that it won’t be easy, and are they sure they don’t want his help?
  • Luke smiles kindly and reassures Lando that they will be fine.
  • The smirk on Leia’s face only makes Lando feel sorry for anyone who gets in their way. But only a little bit.
  • Cut to Han waking up in the med bay, disoriented because of the blindness, but immediately reassured because Chewie, Lando, Luke, and Leia are there for him.
  • No need to see the rescue that Luke and Leia pulled off, after all, it’s Luke and Leia. Was there really any possibility that they wouldn’t succeed? Of course not.


  • Jabba is still strangled to death, but this time it is Oola behind the chain, Oola who took advantage of the chaos to kill Jabba and free the rest of the slaves. They burn his palace to the ground.
  • No one notices the slave revolt that sweeps over Tatooine because the Empire is busy setting a trap for the Rebels and then the Rebels are busy hunting down the remnants of the Empire and building a new government.
  • No one notices, that is, until every slave locked away in the spice mines of Kessel are freed, and by then it is too late to stop them.
  • The Hutts are all dead or in hiding within two years of the start of the slave revolt.