slave dancer

Imagine being a slave-dancer for  Alfrid and catching Bards eye during one of your dances.

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“Who is she?”, he whispered to himself. The longer she danced, the more he fell into her trance.

The Signs As Iconic Moments In Britney Spears' Career

Aries: Britney’s 2007 Gimme More performance / The phrase “It’s Britney, bitch”

Taurus: Britney dyes her hair brown/black

Gemini: Britney’s “Toxic” music video

Cancer: Britney trips on broken pavement and almost drops her baby, Sean Preston

Leo: “I’m A Slave 4 U” performance with a snake at the 2001 VMA’s

Virgo: Madonna and Britney kiss at 2003 VMA’s

Libra: Britney spontaneous 55-hour marriage that took place in Las Vegas, NV

Scorpio: Britney wears no panties while partying with Paris Hilton

Sagittarius: “…Baby One More Time” music video is released

Capricorn: Britney’s highly anticipated and successful comeback

Aquarius: Britney drives all night, shaves her head and gets tattooed

Pisces: Britney gets taken in an ambulance to Mount Cedar-Sinai Hospital after locking herself with her son in bathroom and refusing to come out and admitted into psychiatric ward shortly after


best choreography YES or YES?

(also, best thing Pharrell Williams’s ever done? yep)

Twi’lek vs Rylothean

starwarstheorist replied to your post “Dressing for the skies with Hera Syndulla”

What makes Hera particularly admirable and fascinating is that she comes from a culture (Twil'lek) where women are normally slaves and dancers.

This is actually something that I’ve discussed before at length, both privately and publicly, and I tried to address here. It a perspective that appears to be pretty common in the fandom and  I feel disappointed every time it comes up.

Hera doesn’t come from a culture of slaves and dancers. And even if she did, it wouldn’t be her look that made her admirable, it would be that she made something of herself independently. Hera’s species is Twi’lek. Hera is Rylothean, and so that would be the root of her cultural cues. Not only is she Rylothean, but she is the daughter of a political leader and planetary hero. A family that is of high standing (enough that Cham Syndulla ran for office against Orn Free Taa, and had the means to lead two resistances) and higher regard. That means that she would have been even further removed from the galactically held view of twi’leks as commodities. Her species, and particularly her gender, has a history of objectification and enslavement, and if I recall correctly this was due to outside forces taking twi’leks. In a post-Republic world, as we saw in Lords of the Sith, many aspects of this have been brought home to Ryloth with Twi’leks being forced to serve their new Imperial overlords, or choosing to collaborate out of necessity. I forget exactly when Lords of the Sith takes place, but it’s safe to say that Hera was already be actively taking steps towards her fight and not a part of this subjugation.

Rylothean women:

Syndulla family portrait, note how well dressed they are, particularly Hera’s (nameless) mother.

Rylothean women from various episodes in The Clone Wars, including civilians and freedom fighters.

Numa and Hera, contemporaries both in age and in origin - young Rylothean women who grew up in the darkness of war and have come to fight for freedom (Hera was/is of a higher rank than Numa.) Their aesthetics are not so different, suggesting that this basic attire is a favoured and practical look for free(dom fighting) Rylothean women.

Culture and species are two separate things, though often intertwined. In the case of Star Wars and Twi’leks, what we have seen are creators working backwards from a starting point of objectification (Oola.) A difficult thing, allowing space for what ultimately appeals about the species and respecting what has already been established whilst creating depth, substance and history. These sort of responses diminishes the extensive world-building work and balancing act and dismiss the characters. For instance: Yes, Aayla Secura wears a revealing costume, but that does not mean she is enslaved or subjugated. The two Twi’lek women in the current Han Solo comic, Nowk and Sotna, wear form-fitting suits with low-cut trousers, but they are padded and obviously pilot gear (and they are furious when it is suggested that they are slaves.) A woman can show flesh, her figure, and be empowered. It is based on the individual and on decision, and clearly Twi’leks do not shy away from skin. Flesh is not in itself slutty or demeaning. An alien species will not have the same taboos and standards and conservative western earthlings. Likewise, because Hera - and I guess Numa - covers up, she is not ashamed of her body as I have repeatedly been told in various conversations. The way Hera presents, holds and moves herself does not indicate any body shame. She is a woman who dresses for her job: Rebel pilot. (Of course this could be headcanoned, but do not tell me that it is fact when there is no evidence.)

Some of this work gets muddied in the recycling of models in TCW: typically the bodysuited Twi’lek women are indicated to be sex-workers, performers, or slaves, whilst those wearing dresses or other costumes are implied to be free, but this sometimes swaps around. A good example of htis work, though, is in the differences in twi’lek dancing in TCW. We see a lot (a lot, but that is a whole messy conversation I don’t have the energy for right now) of different twi’lek performance in the wider galaxy, including glamorous Temple of Doom style showgirls and out and out table dancing:

These are, obviously, performative for a specific audience, calculated and rehearsed and for a purpose. It’s a job and a commodity. Or rather, a means to sell the commodity of the twi’lek performer’s body. In contrast, we see dancing on Ryloth:

This is a group activity, a celebration that is joyous and shared. Dancing for dancing’s sake. Stylistically and performatively, half a galaxy away. The culture of these dances couldn’t be more different, and Hera would have grown up in this society that celebrated performance and beauty rather than tried to sell it. These examples also clearly indicating the two main looks the show worked with. 

As I’ve said before, discussing the sexualisation and objectification of twi’leks is hard, as every word runs the risk of sounding like an apologist. There is so much more to the conversation than ‘Twi’leks slave, skin bad.’

Next Time: The path unfollowed: the heroics of Padme & Leia

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Pink Narcissus (1971)

A young hustler waiting for his john in an empty apartment imagines himself in a series of narcissistic erotic fantasies involving matadors, Roman slaves, belly dancers and bikers, all sans dialogue and saturated in lurid pink and purple. At one point the camera drifts out the apartment window and through a proto-Cafe Fleshnightmare expressionist re-destruction of Times Square where no one wears pants, neon signs flash slogans like “Come” and “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One”, weird robo-mutant beggars litter the permanently rain-slick sidewalks and street vendors wheel cartloads of artificial anus “Stimulators”: “Get ‘em while you’re hot!”.

This film is a trip, loaded with insane costume and production design, an overdose of fairy-tale surrealism and homoerotic cocktail, a “plot” that mimics a wet dream that turns into a nightmare and then back into a wet dream, and some stop-motion for good measure. It even beats off Gaspar Noe to a full frontal money shot by a good forty years. Who comes up with something like this? To look at the end credits: Produced by ANONYMOUS, Written by ANONYMOUS, Photographed by ANONYMOUS, Directed by ANONYMOUS.

When Pink Narcissus ran in New York arthouse cinemas in 1971 it became a minor avant-garde sensation that’s lack of authorial claim led to its separately being attributed to both Andy Warhol and Kenneth Anger. It was later revealed to be the work of neither but of photographer, window dresser, drag costume designer and first-time filmmaker James Bidgood, who spent seven years filming Pink Narcissus with a Super 8 camera entirely inside his Manhattan apartment, where he built all the sets (including Times Square and multiple “outdoor” garden sets) and created all the costumes himself, only to remove his name from the credits following a dispute with the production company over editing. The story goes that when Bidgood discovered the producers had chopped up his passion project he got an axe and headed to their office to return the favour, only changing his mind when he realised if he did time for murder there would be nobody to look after his seven cats.

Back Up (JB)

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Plot: “No contact, no waving, don’t even speak to them” You’re a back up dancer for JYP and given the strict rules, you knew fraternizing with artists was forbidden. But what happens when that contact is made with you?

Length: 1,167 words

Genre: Angst

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Dance, is deeply engrained in our mind.
Did you know that we have been dancing since the dawn of time?
The body needs to move.
The mind is lifted off by the rhythm
And the body, follows.
The mind picks up the beat.
And the body, follows.
It’s not that hard.
And it’s beautiful to see.
I see you doubting my words.
And yes, I can understand.
Sometimes, dancing can be a little awkward.
But, listen to me.
The key to dancing, is relaxation.
So, take a nice, deep breath.
And just relax.
That’s already better isn’t it?
And just took a nice, deep breath.
And you know, breathing is like a rhythm.
Like a beat.
And you are always breathing.
So, you are always following a beat.
Now, put a hand on your chest.
Continue breathing.
Very good.
Nice and relaxed.
Nice, and relaxed.
Wee are having a nice conversation, and you are following along so nicely.
Can you feel your heart beating?
Thump. Thump. Thump.
So easy to follow.
Just like my words.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
So nice.
So easy to follow.
And it’s made by your body.
Continue breathing.
Let your breathing follow the beat.
Now, move your hips.
Come on.
Just  wiggle.
See? It’s easy.
And so nice.
So easy.
Each wiggle, send you nice vibrations trough your body.
Continue breathing.
And follow my words.
Feel the beat.
Feel the rhythm.
Growing inside you.
And growing.
And you are starting to notice something weird.
You feel the urge to thump your foot.
Thump it to the beat.
Come on. Do it.
You know you want it.
That’s good.
Thump. Thump. Thump.
Feel the beat growing.
And, as this feel grows.
You notice another thing.
You have been so attentive today, that’s very good.
Oh, you like it when I tell you are good?
I’ll keep it in mind.
But, back to you.
You are noticing, that my words too have a beat.
A rhythm.
Deep inside them.
And, you want to follow that too.
Because, feeling the beat is so nice.
It makes you feel cozy
and giggly
and warm inside.
And as the beat grows inside your body, inside your mind
so does the warmth.
And if your mind feel the beat,
your body is sure to follow.
Rhythm, and repetition,
Rhythm and repetition.
The base of a good music.
The base of a good trance.
A trance in which you have been slowly slipping,
since you’ve been starting reading my words.
So easy, so natural.
Like dancing.
Eyes getting heavier, while your body still cannot stop feeling the beat.
Your hips sway
your hands follow along
your feet beat the ground.
Slipping deeper and deeper
as the beat becomes louder
and louder
muting your thoughts.
You cannot hear your mind anymore.
You are overcome by the rhythm.
It’s a primal sensation.
Like hunger.
Like thirst.
Like lust.
Dancing rocks your body, and take control.
You are completely lost now,
you don’t know who you are
you don’t know your past.
You just know you have to follow the beat.
To feel it covering your body.
A body that shakes in pleasure.
A body that cannot stop moving.
And I made that body move.
“Dance like nobody’s watching” they say.
But I am watching.
And I am pleased with that.
I seem to remember you liked when I told you you were being good.
And even know,
as you are lost in mindless bliss,
in your instincts,
your mind has just a little spark of thought.
You are not dancing for yourself.
You are dancing for me.
And there is no greater pleasure in the world.
Feel the beat.
Feel the rhythm.
Let it overtake your mind.
And just be lost in it.
Just get lost in me.
Your mind is mine.
And your body, just has to follow.

yasminabellydancer as promised.

Original Star Wars Trilogy Cast: Then and Now

Mark Hamill – Luke Skywalker: Hamill shot to fame as the hero of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise in his 20s. His film career stalled post ‘Return of the Jedi’, but he has thrived as a voice actor, most memorably as The Joker in the animated Batman series.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Harrison Ford – Han Solo: Ford was a jobbing actor with a sideline in carpentry when Lucas cast him in ‘Star Wars’. He’s now one of the biggest actors on the planet thanks to ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Blade Runner’, and ‘Witness’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia: The daughter of Debbie Reynolds was already Hollywood royalty when she joined ‘Star Wars’. She’s enjoyed a healthy film career post-‘Wars’, and is also a successful and respected author.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Peter Cushing – Grand Moff Tarkin: The successful Hammer star was drafted in by Lucas to add gravitas to an unknown cast. He continued to act after ‘Star Wars’, but was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1982. He died in 1994, aged 81.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Sir Alec Guinness - Obi–Wan Kenobi: The Ealing legend was fairly sniffy about appearing in ‘Star Wars’, but it brought him new recognition and a healthy income from royalties. His most famous role after this would be as head spy George Smiley in ‘Tinker Tailor Solider Spy’, and he died in 2000 following a battle with liver cancer.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Anthony Daniels – C-3PO: He boasts of being the only actor to have appeared in all six ‘Star Wars’ movies (what about Kenny Baker?) playing the protocol droid. He has since appeared in a number of TV shows, including ‘Prime Suspect’, ‘The Bill’, and ‘Holby City’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Kenny Baker - R2–D2: The man inside the blue and silver astromech was chosen for his tiny 112cm frame. He’s also appeared in ‘Time Bandits’, ‘Willow’, ‘Flash Gordon’, and ‘Labyrinth’. He famously has a feud with his droid co-star Anthony Daniels and refuses to be in the same room as him unless necessary.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Peter Mayhew – Chewbacca: The 7ft 3in Brit said all he needed to do to play Han Solo’s giant ‘walking carpet’ companion was “stand up”. He became a naturalised American citizen in 2005, and had double knee replacement surgery in 2013, but will return as Chewbacca for ‘Episode 7’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

David Prowse – Darth Vader: The 6ft 5 bodybuilder originally went for the role of Chewbacca, but landed Vader instead. An outspoken character, George Lucas banned him from official ‘Star Wars’ events in 2010 after “burning his bridges” with Lucasfilm. He was treated for prostate cancer in 2009.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Phil Brown – Uncle Owen: Brown was blacklisted in 1952 by the House Un-American Activities Committee due to links with the Actor’s Laboratory. He relocated to England in 1953 and plied his trade in TV and stage. He returned to the States in 1990s, and died from pneumonia in 2006 aged 89.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Shelagh Fraser – Aunt Beru: The British actress appeared in more than 50 films and TV shows during her career, including John Boorman’s ‘Hope and Glory’. She carried on acting in TV until her death in 2000 aged 79.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Denis Lawson – Wedge: Scottish actor Lawson appeared in all three original ‘Star Wars’ films as the dashing fighter pilot Wedge. He’s had a prolific TV career since appearing in ‘Bleak House’, ‘Holby City’, and ‘New Tricks’. He’s uncle to ‘Star Wars’ alumni Ewan McGregor.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Garrick Hagon – Biggs: Biggs Darklighter was Luke’s childhood friend, but his part was drastically cut in the final edit. He’s still a jobbing actor with recent films roles in ‘Red 2’, ‘Red Lights’, ‘Me and Orson Welles’, and ‘La Vie En Rose’. He’s pictured here in a recent 'Doctor Who’ episode.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

William Hootkins – Porkins: Hootkins’ minor role in ‘Star Wars’ was just the start for the cult actor who went on to have parts in ‘Flash Gordon’, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Batman’ and more, making him a popular fan convention guest. He died in 2005 following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Angus MacInnes – Gold Leader: Canadian actor Angus McInnes made his film debut in ‘A New Hope’ and went on to have a successful acting career. He appeared opposite Harrison Ford in ‘Witness’ and was most recently seen in the hit fantasy show 'Vikings’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Don Henderson – General Tagge: The Imperial General was a familiar face to UK audiences thanks to a number of TV roles including ‘Poldark’ and ’Warship’. His most famous role was as detective George Bulman first in ‘The XXY Man’, then later in ‘Strangers’, and ‘Bulman’. He died in 1997 aged 65.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Richard LaParmentier - Admiral Motti: The Imperial officer who is force choked by Vader for a “lack of faith” was played by American actor LaParmentier. He went on to appear in 'Superman II’, 'Octopussy’, and 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit’. He died suddenty in 2013.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Leslie Schofield – General Motti: The accomplished TV actor played the doomed Death Star general in ‘A New Hope’. After appearing in ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Blake 7’, he is now best known for playing Jeff Healy in ‘Eastenders’ from 1997-2000 and the father in kids show Jonny Briggs.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

James Earl Jones – Darth Vader (voice): The booming voice of James Earl Jones replaced Prowse’s Bristolian accent for Vader’s memorable lines. Jones is still a hugely prolific actor, famously voicing Mufasa, the tragic father figure in Disney’s Lion King. He’ll next be seen in ‘The Angriest Man in Brooklyn’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Billy Dee Williams – Lando Calrissian: Williams was one of the most well-known black American actors before he landed the role of Lando. He later played DA Harvey Dent in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ but missed out on playing Two-Face. More recently he dropped out of the latest ‘Dancing With The Stars’ following health problems.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Frank Oz – Yoda: Puppeteer Oz helped create The Muppets with Jim Henson, before bringing Yoda to life in ‘Empire Strikes Back’. He still works with the Henson workshop on ‘Sesame Street’ and has directed a number of feature films.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett: Born in Leicestershire, Bulloch was well-known on TV thanks to his role in ‘The Newcomers’, and a number of roles in ‘Doctor Who’. He donned the iconic bounty hunter costume twice on screen, and has been a busy jobbing actor ever since.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

John Hollis – Lobot: Lando’s headpiece wearing aide was played by Nottingham-born John Hollis. He later appeared as Blofeld in ‘For Your Eyes Only’, and as a Krypton elder in ‘Superman 1 & 2’. He died in 2005 aged 74.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Kenneth Colley – Admiral Piett: Piett was the only imperial officer to appear in more than one film. Colley also played Jesus in ‘Monty Python’s Life of Brian’, and has had a number of roles in ‘Inspector Morse’, ‘Brassed Off’, and ‘Misfits’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Julian Glover – General Veers: Journeyman actor Julian Glover has appeared in ‘Star Wars’, as a villain ‘For Your Eyes Only’, Walter Donovan in ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, and more recently as Maester Pycelle in HBO’s 'Game of Thrones’. Not a bad run for the 79-year-old.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Sebastian Shaw – Anakin Skywalker: The Veteran Shakespearian actor and playwright played the scarred Anakin Skywalker long hidden beneath Vader’s mask. He continued acting and tutoring with the RSC after ‘Jedi’ before dying of natural causes in 1994 aged 89.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Michael Pennington – Moff Jerjerrod: The prolific stage director and actor played the commander of the doomed second Death Star. He later played Sherlock Holmes in TV movie ‘The Return of Sherlock Holmes’, and more recently played MP Michael Foot in ‘The Iron Lady’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Michael Carter – Bib Fortuna: The RADA-trained thespian played Jabba The Hutt’s Jedi mind trick-prone lackey in ‘Return of the Jedi’. He’s still an actor and has appeared in numerous TV shows and films including ‘Young Adam’, ‘Taggart’, ‘Casualty’, and ‘Rebus’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Tim Rose – Admiral Ackbar: Puppeteer Rose trained with Jim Henson Studios and performed Sy Snootles and Salacious Crumb in ‘Jedi’ as well as appearing as the prawn-faced rebel Ackbar famed for his line “It’s a trap!”. He puppeteered Tik-Tok in ‘Return To Oz’ and also worked on ‘Howard The Duck’. He was recently seen in kids’ show ‘Wizards vs Aliens’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Dermot Crowley – General Madine: Irish actor Crowley played stoic rebel leader Madine, and has been a busy theatre and screen actor ever since. He missed out on playing the Seventh Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ to Sylvester McCoy, and appeared in ‘Babel’ opposite Brad Pitt. He’ll be appearing next in ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Caroline Blakiston – Mon Mothma: As well as playing Mon Mothma, RADA-trained Blakiston is well known for her role as Lady Patience Hardacre in TV comedy ‘Brass’. She has extensive TV credits and was seen last year in an episode of ‘Agatha Christie: Poirot’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Warwick Davis – Wicket: Warwick was just 13 when he landed the part of mischievous ewok Wicket in ‘Return of the Jedi’. He went on to play the title roles in ‘Willow’ and the ‘Leprechaun’ films. He also played Professor Flitwick in the ‘Harry Potter’ series, and recently joined forces with Ricky Gervais for sitcom ‘Life’s Too Short’ and travel show ‘An Idiot Abroad’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Femi Taylor – Oola: Femi’s dancing background won her the role of Jabba’s slave dancer Oola. She reprised the part 14 years later to shoot new scenes for the 1997 Special Edition release. She appeared in the 1998 movie version of musical ‘Cats’, and is now married with two children.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Richard Bonehill – Nien Nunb: The crazy-faced co-pilot who helps fly the Millennium Falcon with Lando was actually performed by three people, as he was actually an elaborate hand puppet. Bonehill wore the full body suit for some scenes, while Mike Quinn was the puppeteer. Bonehill subsequently appeared in ‘Rob Roy’ and ‘Top Secret!’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Paul Brooke – Rancor Keeper: It’s a small part, but it’s a heartbreaking one. Poor Malakili, he was only caring for his giant, murderous beast before Luke mercilessly slayed it in ‘Jedi’. Brooke is a familiar face on UK TV, and has film credits in ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’, the ‘Alfie’ remake, and 2005’s ‘Oliver Twist’.

Source: Yahoo UK Movies News

Several members of the original ‘Star Wars’ cast are coming back for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awkens’. We all know what Harrison Ford has been up to since, but what have the first trilogy cast been up to since 'Return Of The Jedi’ wrapped up in 1983?

It’s been far too long since I did a proper FEELS AND PORN recs list, so here we go! This time around there’s a good mix of pairing fic and gen fic, which I highly encourage people to read, because honest! Some of the best OMG FEELINGS will come from genfic and it’s not at all for selfish “I need to talk about these fics!!!!” reasons at all. I would never! But you should read them all, genfic and pairingfic alike, and come talk to me about feelings anyway.

Chrysalis (chapter 4) by mjnobody, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, slave!loki, intersex!loki, dancer!loki, dark!thor, toys, 6.2k/20.6k total wip

thor gets his revenge in the best way

On The Way To The Party [ mobile ver. ] + Rendezvous [ mobile ver. ] by Calamity-Cain, thor/loki, NSFW, dom!thor, intersex!loki, dirty talk, dub on, ~1k

“Shush. Your tongue spins more lies than anything. Your body, on the other hand…” Practiced fingers unfastened his pants and slipped beneath his underwear. The warm dampness that nestled there still betrayed him.

Burden of proof by mysticmjolnir [ mobile ver. ], thor/loki, NSFW, rimming, 1.6k

“No, Thor,” snaps Loki, crossing his arms tightly over his chest and turning his face away. “Go away.” He shuts his eyes, making sure there was no chance of seeing Thor’s absurdly appealing face.

Helpful Intentions by Azeran, thor/loki, nsfw, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, in heat!loki, arranged marriage, fluff, 3.4k

“Loki. I can make the pain better.” Oil coated fingers flexed, then reached out to him again. But this time, he didn’t waver from his task. Thor wasn’t going to let Loki continue to idly suffer, when he could make things better. “Let me help you.”

Attention Seeking Behavior by Lokincest, thor/loki, pre-movies, 1.8k

Thor comes to Loki when he’s wounded.

Illusions and Dreams by izazov, thor/loki + others, post-thor 2, 10.7k

Be careful what you wish for. Loki learns what it means after finally ascending to the throne of Asgard.

heavy rain by sansuishi, thor/loki, human au, sick!loki, 1.5k

“Would you do something for me now, if I asked you?” Thor nodded instantly and Loki smiled.

Thorki Smut (untitled) by TheaNishimor, thor/loki, NSFW, pre-movies, 2.6k

Loki was bored out of his mind, trying to take notes as he listened to Odin’s meeting with the Council in the throne room.

The Nightmare King and the Golden Dust by OhMercyMe, thor/loki, rise of the guardians fusion, 2.2k

“It is good to see me?” He turned aside, lifting his hands to stare at his palms - imagining, for a moment, that he could see through them, as the men of this world had chosen to. That they had chosen to close their eyes to him. “It would be at that.”

The Terms of Pleasure by CalamityCain, thor/loki, NSFW, dark!thor, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, slave!loki, punishment, dub con, spanking, orgasm denial, bondage, punishment, come eating, 2.1k

Loki, pleasure slave to prince Thor Odinson, is punished for his transgressions.

Praxis by Rynfinity, thor/loki, nsfw, human au, high school au, crossdressing, 1.3k

This is all taking far more work than he’d anticipated. Not, of course, that he has any plan whatsoever of admitting he might have underestimated his brother. Not even to himself. Honestly, Loki isn’t even sure he could underestimate Thor. For real.

Paper Tiger, Paper Swords by MatchstickAmmonite, loki + thor + frigga + chitauri, post-thor 2, 35k wip

Loki has staged his own murder and is now cut off from family and society at large. For the moment he is disguised as Asgard’s king, but the illusion’s a temporary comfort since staying on Asgard means imprisoning himself to rot in the guise of Odin Allfather. Unhappily looking forward to a life spent in hiding on the galactic fringe, Loki schemes to plunder Asgard’s weapons vault and disappear.

Four Days with Lazarus by LadyCharity, thor & loki, post-thor 2, sick!loki (sort of), 13.7k

When the sky falls, he reaches for his brother. (in which Loki is afraid of hell)

Nothing But the Truth by TheOtherOdinson, thor & loki, truth spell, 5.1k

Loki’s been cursed to tell the truth. It’s not nearly as hilarious as Thor thinks it is.

Skullgaffer’s Crown by ZetaTauri, loki/leah + thor + all-mother + ikol, 616/journey into mystery, adventure fic, 19.3k

Loki is given a mission to retrieve a stolen crown, but he’s more interested in getting a new pair of shoes and trying to get laid. Mostly, Leah is just bored. Bored enough to go along with him, and bored by his antics.

A Very Old Story by Sand3, thor & loki, 616/journey into mystery/agent of asgard, 2.3k

For nearly two weeks there was no trace of Loki to be found anywhere Thor looked, though look he did. On the fourteenth day, Loki updated his ‘blog’. 

What He Could Do by CatKing_Catkin, thor & loki, 616/journey into mystery, suicide ideation, abuse issues, 2.7k

Thor is no fool. It is impossible to miss the scorn, abuse, and pain his brother faces by just trying to get through the day in an Asgard that holds him responsible for the crimes of a dead man.

full details + recs inside!

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Story for Another Time

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Paring: Poe x Reader

Warnings: none

Prompts: imagine Poe being really protective of you and is tough and flirty but you’re only friends and imagine the reader is drunk and wants to make out with Poe but even though Poe wants to kiss them he turns them down to be respectful.

A/N: I got these requests from two anons, I hope I did them justice. Please send in more requests, I’m having fun doing these. I’m okay to write smutt and more riskier imagines too. So don’t be afraid to hold back. ;) again wrote this quickly, sorry for any spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Poe had lost track of you during the celebrations, at first he didn’t mind but as the night grew to day his worry couldn’t be hidden any longer.
He began to shout your name frantically pushing through people and jumping to try and peer over the heads of the crowd. Though the night grew to a end the celebrations did not, it wasn’t every day that the resistance manage to make such a big hole in the First Order and their plans. 

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