slave and king


March 14th 1794: Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin

On this day in 1794, American inventor Eli Whitney recieved a patent for his cotton gin. Whitney, who was born in New England, moved to Georgia in 1792 to work as a tutor on a plantation. Whitney witnessed the system of Southern slavery firsthand, and noted that the growing of cotton - a staple crop on slave plantations - was becoming unprofitable. The one strain of cotton which grew inland had sticky green seeds which were time consuming to pick out of the fluffy cotton balls. Whitney sought to build a machine which would speed up this process, therefore ensuring the continued viability of the Southern cotton-based slave economy. The result of his efforts was the cotton gin, which could separate the seeds from the cotton at speed. Whitney patented his invention in 1794, and with his business partner installed them throughout the South and charged planters for their use. Planters, who resented paying the high price for using the gin, exploited a loophole in the patent law and made their own versions of the machine. The invention of the cotton gin made a significant impact upon the Southern economy and, indeed, the course of American history. After the invention, the yield of raw cotton doubled each decade after 1800, ensuring the continued profitability of slavery in the United States and leading to the growth of American slavery. Using machines of the Industrial Revolution to refine and spin cotton, grown by enslaved people who were not paid for their labour, the United States soon became the world’s leading supplier of cotton. Historians sometimes claim the invention of the cotton gin as a pivotal moment in the coming of the American Civil War. The invention ensured that the evil of slavery continued in the American South, setting the nation on the course to war over the ‘pecular institution’.


My drawing seriously deteriorate. I’m so sorry for the low quality on this one.

let us carry on.


==> Get back to the palace

As you approach the palace, a gigantic dragon lusus took off and flew past you. The head guard told you that it was Pyralspite, the adviseer’s lusus. It was actually the previous adviseer’s lusus but was inherited. The current adviseer adored her, although she hadn’t used her much.

If Pyralspite was leaving the palace, something might be happening.

The king looked at the dragon until it disappeared. Pyralspite headed towards the shore line.

==> Be dismissed

The king gave you his leave to your respitblock as he had to “interrogate” the sea princess. You kind of knew that he had to talk to her regarding what she had told him about the war. You also knew that the king did not want a war. 

So you left the king, the sea princess, and the head guard. The guard would be sent back to his post as well. He put the sea princess in a shackle and took her weapons.

You had a rather bad feeling about this private meeting.

==> See the blind prophet

You didn’t really went to see Sollux. Sollux is ALWAYS in your shared respite block. He got five chained chaining him to the wall, he couldn’t go anywhere if he wanted to.

He greeted you as usual, not really looking at you since he was blind, only turning his head in your general direction.

You asked him about the war and he shook his head. He said it was bad and pointed at his eyes. He  was blinded during the war and was chained here ever since. However, he said he know that it will be inevitable. War is imminent  You just brought her in.

You asked if it was about the sea princess and he said yes. But there would be more than just the sea princess. She would initiate the war, but would also grant peace as long as her own life span. You sighed and told him you didn’t really understand. You wonder if the adviseer would be able to explain it better.

Sollux said the adviseer had just left and you asked how’d he know. He told you she was here. She was teaching him to see with his nose, in which you didn’t understand how. Just before you got back, he toldl her she had to leave.

He then proceed to tell you to be prepared for bad news. The king would be extremely upset and only you can keep him pacified. He told you what you would have to do and even if you ended up hurt, you will have to endure it and disaster will not fall on everyone.

You demand to know what was going on and what will happened. Sollux went quiet for a while, long enough to make you nervous. But then he spoke.

The cavalreaper was in trouble. Only the adviseer can save his life. But she will not be able to bring him back unharmed.


next time we will have a strife. the first strife of Slave and King will be my otp.

More Slave and King design sheet finally!!!

I’m so sorry for the wait. I promised this one sometimes ago…but then was busy and then sick… orz.

So here’ Meenah. A queen fugitive.

She’s actually not wearing a common sea dweller’s attire anymore. I decide to go for something theif-ish (well, someone’s a theif of life) instead.

And although I personally so sick of outfit that makes female characters into walking fanservices, and midriff everywhere, I kind of find it rather fitting here.

The only part that actually show her blood color is the bracelet on her right arm and her goggles. Her shirt is a paler/duller shade of her old outfit.

The outfit she wore when she was younger is the sea dweller common outfit.

For her sandals, nothing goes between the toes since sea dwellers in this au have webbings between their fingers and toes.

I also changed up her weapon. 2xtridents are supposed to be reserved for empress and heiress. Since Meenah doesn’t want to become empress, I think, even if she can get a hand on one, she would gave it up to Feferi.

Meenah and Kurloz wear white signs on them. While Gamzee and Feferi wear black signs.

Everyone else wear their blood color sign, except for Karkat since he can’t wear sign. (this would also be a setting where the Signless didn’t become the Sufferer, So Karkat wouldn’t have a sign. But handcuffs are all in 69 shape)

thank  you

Slave and king Grand Highblood and Signless.

Because I really don’t know where to go with the story and kind of have to take some little breaks. (I’m working on it, just don’t have good enough ideas yet, worse come to worst I’ll just go in to some random flash back)

I don’t think I’ll be using much of Signless, but there is a queue for GHB, and might be making appearance soon.

I’m not actually that keen to do a hot-sexy-anime GHB. but the diversity in things I can draw are tragically low. and you guys are probably gonna flock this design anyway…..