slauson boy

Nipsey got Next or Now?

How the fuck is Hip-Hop dead you brainless critic? How the fuck the Westcoast fall off? You must not have your ear to the streets. You hear these cliche cookie cutter hits being made by one time wonders and you say that is why hip-hop is dying. Music with no content, no message, nothing for anybody real to relate too. Right now, Nipsey Hussle is my favorite rapper in the game, not just because he is from the West, i mean that’s a plus, but this nigga here has relevant shit to say and he’s saying it whether you critics like it or not. If you love this game like I do, then you pay attention and you can feel what I’m saying. This rap shit is a cold game. The industry breaks fuckers left and right cause they get so desperate for the illusions, the shit that ain’t real. They loose sight of who they are cause the industry wants hits, and they find themselves making music that themselves as the artist don’t even fuckin like. Crazy right? But my nigga Nipsey ain’t folding. He’s one of the few artist who still makes music from his heart and soul. To White America and other squares, his perspective is scary. Covering they kids ears type shit. Speaking on the trials and tribulations of damn near living in poverty in one of the biggest, most popular cities in America, and being able to put it out in a way so that we the listener feel, vibe, and believe in the shit that this nigga is kicking is unquestionably a gift from God. Alot of people wouldn’t believe it’s only a short freeway ride from the hood to Hollywood, but it’s a 100 times harder to get there when you come from the circumstances that young BLACK men like us come from, which is why I relate to dude’s music so much. It’s truly a thin line between endless opportunity and never leaving the hood for shit. Only cause it’s all we know. Nobody reaches out to show urban America a new way, a new path, a new light. But some nigga’s over come, rise up, and realize there’s a whole fuckin world out there for us to enjoy. We too deserve it just like one of them rich corporate fuckers. Nipsey Hussle realizes that his voice is powerful, and he uses it to motivate the hood, the one’s that feel like it’s no way out. Like everyone feeling success, the haters will emerge but just keep doing what you doing cause when you wasn’t doing shit nobody gave a fuck about you. Hussle doesn’t seem to be faded by any critices cause like me he probably understands they don’t know shit about good music and what this music is doing for the people who listen to it. So yea Nipsey Hussle got NOW nigga! BeleeDat!