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He from the hills but claim he from LA. Throw 6-O in his daddy benz-o couldn’t go to Crenshaw so he popped up after school pants on his ass designer belt flawssin just to be back in Baldwin in an hour head of the dinner table discussing reganomics switching coats from gel to acrylic he love them ghetto bitches door knocker earrings from the slaw gorilla snot edges and nails longer than his dads patience. He from the hills but after 3:45 taco Mell his favorite meal. And his momma don’t know she thinking she raising a future politician but his only agenda is getting one of them Crenshaw girls to bleu kitchen.


Welcome To L.A

ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD: So it comes across in such a smooth, subtle way. And it’s satirical and just like — it’s serious but then it’s like — not necessarily pokes fun. You feel the pain. You feel the frustration of the dynamic of being in pursuit of love, you know, and trying to find a feeling. Like, you get it. So I think you really communicate that.

TERRACE MARTIN: Thanks, man. And that’s the line I’m pushing. I talk about things I go through. You know what I mean?


MARTIN: You know, I grew up on Crenshaw and Slauson and I grew up in the crack era and the gangbanging was really heavy in South Central. So I don’t — I never want, like, using my platform to talk about the same story and what’s going — that s—- gives me anxiety, thinking about that era or that time. You know what I mean? Even with times going on now, it’s like, the best thing I could do is really not comment and just keep on feeding the world good music. That’s what I’m here for. Like the Titanic, when them motherf—-ers went down with the ship, trying to make everybody else cool, that’s all I'ma do.

Terrace Martin on Microphone Check

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Why I don't like cops

I was on Crenshaw and slauson waiting for the bus. There were black kids behind me walking to the gas station from Crenshaw high school. When I say kids I mean they looked at least 14 or 15. Then while they are walking minding their own business. Here come this random ass cop on his little scooter. He starts harassing the kids(you obviously can tell that they just came from school) asking them questions and they weren’t answering him because they are minors and they didn’t have a parent present. But any ways it was about 5 kids two girls and three boys. The cop takes one of the boys pats him down and hand cuffs him and pushes him down on the ground. Then he started yelling at the kid. But the lets that kid go and handcuffs another just for the hell of it. While the cop was doing that the boy who was handcuffed at the time sister was standing near and the cop was yelling at her telling her to go away. She said she wasn’t going no where because that was her brother. He eventually uncuffed them and let them go. But the point I’m trying to make is rather than actually doing shit that is meaningful. You want to fucking bother some black kids who just got out of school. So fuck the cops tbh. They are awful. Don’t come at me saying not all cops are bad. Because all I’ll say is idgaf and suck a dick tbqfh.