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Little Red Bird Sanctuary has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of hens, roosters, ducks, geese, pigeons and more since our founding in 2013. Some of our best rescue stories have stemmed from the worst of situations; from cockfighting rings to factory farms, many of our birds did not h...

The Little Red Bird Sanctuary needs donations in order to save 300 battery hens from death. They are raising $3,000 to build a new barn to house these girls.

Please share and donate if you can! This sanctuary not only saves hens, but waterfowl and parrots too. :)

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thoughts on the debate?

Hillary shredded Trump. Trump was confused and disorganized. He never mentioned Benghazi which was a major issue. Hillary baited him several times and he took the bait every single time. A few times she flat out called him a liar by mentioning fact checkers. Trump did not look or act presidential. He told, by fact checker, 37 lies. It was a slaughter.

slaughtering-anastasia replied to your post:Ah yes, the other component of migraine hangovers,…

it’s so weird because when a stomach ache happens, you’re just done for the day and forced into bed but you know it will be gone when you fall asleep and wake up. but a migraine has you like “buckle up, buttercup. we not goin for a ride, we goin on a fucking roadtrip to california.” like, excuse me, i was trying to live here…..

Right???? Like… I did not sign up to feel like I got hit by a truck for three days. I could even deal with the physical part of feeling like ass, but goddammit I need to write shit, I don’t need to be forgetting words and misspelling everything ever, like what is this??? I didn’t check the box for this.


Little rabbits feed our Habits,

We are millions fierce and strong.

The bloodthirsty rage within us

,Urges, that we move on,

Do not fight the forever flood,

Of paranoia, hate, and fear

,Because I will be with you all,

I’ll always be right here,

We’ll take the rabbits together,

And together eat them alive,

We’ll fill our hearts with the joy of the slaughter,

The joy of their tortured cries,

And as they lay face down in the dirt,

You will see that these rabbits were friends,

The ones you loved,

The ones who loved you,

Who cried your name to the bitter end,

And then you’ll try your very damnedest,

You’ll try to separate us,

Until you realize that us is me,

And with me there is no us,

So you millions scared and weak,

Prepare for some devastation,

Some blood soaked hands,

Some broken bones,

And mass body counts across your nations,

Because I am the monster in your head,

The beast that hides beneath your bed,

The axe wielding man crossing your street,

The bloody hands that tear the meat,

Try to stop me if you can,

But you’ll break the Habits of man.

Regards, HABIT


so, um, there was a poem

that i should’ve written
but couldn’t be bothered
a sort of rhyme with authored

not gonna go back and fix it
lying here, dropped pen,
kitten kicks it
writing time slaughtered then
pick it up when

and i don’t think
i’m even


@downeysace continued from here

Yiska allows Connor’s yelling, allows his anger, his frustration and even allows it all to be directed at him if that’s what it takes to make his charge feel better at all. Yiska’s heart hurts for him, aches to help fix this. If he could just be David then maybe everything would be solved. Yiska aches to touch him, to even just squeeze his shoulder, something to comfort him, but the lack of consent makes it a terrifying thought. He’s never experienced the pain that comes after before and he’s not ready to tell this man screaming at him as if he’d personally slaughtered David himself his name, that level of control over him.

“I know you don’t want me here. I know you want him. I know you would rather it be him than me right now, Connor, I know.” Yiska says soothingly, or what he hopes is soothing. It seems his lack of David’s voice may be causing the problems here.

When Connor buries his face in his hands and sobs, Yiska closes the gap between them in three quick strides, consent be damned, consequences and all, Yiska wraps his arms around Connor, despite the way in burns his skin, despite how much it hurts. Maybe Connor doesn’t need him to be sorry, maybe Connor doesn’t need him to talk at all, maybe Connor just needs him to be listening. “This sadness, this conversation is not an easy one, but Connor, you don’t have to do this alone.. and I can’t let you set fire to yourself to warm the world. You have to take care of you.”

قُل لَّن يَنفَعَكُمُ ٱلْفِرَارُ إِن فَرَرْتُم مِّنَ ٱلْمَوْتِ أَوِ ٱلْقَتْلِ وَإِذًا لَّا تُمَتَّعُونَ إِلَّا قَلِيلًا
Say: “Running away will not profit you if ye are running away from death or slaughter; and even if (ye do escape), no more than a brief (respite) will ye be allowed to enjoy!
—  33:16 - In the end your return is to He.

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Thanks to you I have been inspired! I realize what I must do for the world to recognize me. (Strips naked and runs to the local cemetery). MY DESTINY CALLS FOR ME

Right?? But seriously, that happened like seven years ago, and I thought it was gonna fall flat like my other stories about my life tbh.

Like I convinced a girl she was turning into a werecat after she killed my furby. Or eating so many bananas my friends thought I was going to die. Or the time my brother slaughtered a wasp nest in my room armed with a wine bottle and yard stick. The mango fiasco. Hallucinating in boot camp.

But no, it’s the fucking cemetery story.

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Never will I ever accept Erwin's death as 'what's best for him' :(

Me neither, but I do have some hope that yams has a reason for doing what he did. It was a (sort of) peaceful death and a respectful final resting place for a character in a series where everyone else has died painful, brutal deaths (Mike baby <3). I hope Erwin has been spared from the upcoming slaughter. To be honest, I can actually see Levi dying in a much nastier way than Erwin did, and that worries me.

But yeah, I agree, I hated having someone else decide for him but I try to comfort myself by remembering that Erwin trusted Levi implicitly to make this decision.

I’ll never accept the way it played out, nor that there was any reason for dragging it on for four months. I remember how much hope we had after #81 when his fate was unknown, so it was pretty nauseating to see the serum drama play out the way it did, and I still can’t read #84 properly because of how angry it makes me. But it happened and now all we can hope for is that yams has a plan and that snk won’t turn into some shonen bullshit.

Thanks for the ask!

It’s heartbreaking that even the people running for president of that mess of an empire can’t even talk about racism or police violence but instead “race relations” and “community/police engagement”. Tiptoeing around the issue to appeal to sheltered white “moderates” while our people are slaughtered almost daily. At this point, I’d honestly be fine if they just threw all black people in jail instead of murdering us.

muffledmonstrosity replied to your post:@ppl talking abt the legion discourse: whats…

illidan is getting a poorly written redemption arc and everyones shitting there pants writing meta about how hes NOT GOOD AT ALL even tho anyone with two eyes and a computer mouse like. know its a terrible arc but still want to Have Fun. its like theyve never seen blizz writing before

i mean

people are entitled to be pissed at writing that would jerk off male villains to make them good while slaughtering all the female characters just my onion saying “its blizzard whaaatcha gonna do” is just a dick move lol

Mlle. Maiya’s MTF Monologue: Preface

Bonjour à tous mes lovelies~

I’m Maiya Abdul~ Just your typical trans woman of color (meaning atypical because there is no norm for anyone) and I have this thing where…I feel like people need to know about our community. For some reason…people seem to think that trans women and trans individuals period just don’t exist and it has been systematically embedded through decades of oppression, neglect and downright slaughter that this is the truth.  

People don’t know what it is actually like to transition from your assigned gender to your awakened self. They don’t know the laughs, the sobbing, the struggles, the happiness, the sorrow, the bliss, the bad and the good of a typical day being trans-gendered. Why would they? We’re just another marginalized minority, right? We’re not–we’re valid, we’re beautiful, we come in all shapes size and colors, we love, we cry, we grow, we bleed…we want to live lives of happiness just like everyone else and our visibility, now more than ever, has been on the rise. I want to help that endeavor, I have to. 

I’m no magnificent writer (yes I consider myself a writer and a poet, but neither talented nor deserving) but by making this chain of posts, I want to share MY journey with my followers and anyone that they may reach. The goal of Mlle. Maiya’s MTF Monologue isn’t for me to sit here and rant about myself, but to express a myriad of experiences I go through being a trans woman and how that effects my every daily life as an African woman, a Muslim woman, a tall woman, a multilingual woman, etc in my sphere of life. 

I’ve wanted this deep down inside, this transition, for a very large part of my life and thanks to a few people that I dearly, dearly love I’ve been able to awaken and step out of the cage the world had made for me. I’m still learning too, so let’s learn together, kay? :3

Look out for Entry 1 soon to come~