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Yo, how have we never thought of  Aleks as a pyromaniac in the Fake Chop AU? Like? He’s always setting the couch on fire and he doesn’t even care when something is on fire right next to him (Also the couch lol). 

And like, that would be the funniest thing ever in the AU. Like, at the end of the month Brett is going through the expenses and they’ve spent like a thousand dollars replacing shit that Aleks as set on fire. 

The couch? Been replaced at least four times in a year.

The house? Almost burned down at least once a week, much to James’ dismay. 

He’s even managed to set a toaster on fire and none of CC is surprised at this point when they find Aleks standing over a small fire, giggling like a child and poking it with a knife. 


We are animal lovers we rescue animals from slaughter houses, zoos, labs. We tear down cages and set them free. This is why we rescued Okja. For forty years, our group has liberated animals from abuse. We inflict economic damage on those who profit from their misery. We reveal their atrocities to the public. We fight people who harm animals.

OKJA (2017) Dir. Bong Joon-Ho

Imagine, in the early days of fake chop Aleks gets kidnapped. He expects the others to come for him so he’s a little shit and his captors beat him within an inch of his life. Meanwhile, the rest of fake chop are sure that Aleks just got cold feet and left them.
They don’t know he’s been taken until they get the ransom call, complete with Aleks’ broken voice sobbing in the background of the call.
And when they find him he’s barely alive, fingers broken, nails ripped off, cuts and bruises littering his body along with a poorly stitched up stab wound. But he’s held on and kept their meager information stash away from his captors.
Brett blames himself for not noticing something was wrong. While James is just angry, he yells for a few hours but calms down and waits anxiously at Aleks’ bedside. Trevor and Joe can barely look at him, knowing that they could have helped him if only they’d had more faith in their Russian comrade. Even the surgeon they take him to gets a little squeamish, she’s never seen so many broken bones in a living human, or knife wounds for that matter.
Aleks survives, somehow, and James and Brett refuse to let him go out on his own for a few months. He rolls his eyes and scoffs whenever he goes out to get lunch and is followed by a small battalion of familiar cars, but its reassuring in a weird way.
Each day after the kidnapping and recovery, James calls Aleks at exactly the same time and Aleks answers every time. He says it’s stupid, but if James doesn’t call he gets irrationally worried and called Brett.
Fake chop is a family unit afterward, no one left alone and no one left behind.

Dark Headcannon

The Immortal Fakes buying a farm and setting it up for a real life Dead by Daylight scenario. Spending time and money to wire up generators that once their required number is met will allow the doors to open, sometimes for those they only want to scare it only takes one, for those they want to punish it could take up to ten. Fog machines and flares set into the ground, the sharp smell of blood and decay from the slaughter house Ryan sets up in the middle with fresh pigs and occasionally a hung corpse. 

Gavin setting up an army of camera’s, night vision, motion sensors, speakers -you name it he has it - so they can observe the fun when someone is let loose with the hostages. Sometimes he plays music other times the watches strapped to their wrists will vibrate when the hunter is near. 

The watches function as instructions for the hostages, it tell them if someone is hooked, how many generators they need, if they’ve opened a door and If the trapdoor is activated.

The trap door is special.

In more ways than one. It is one of only two ways to be spared and there is always one of two people waiting for you at the bottom. Geoff with a sharp smile, a drink in hand he’ll greet you by name and ask “what have we learned?” If you fail to answer he’ll get in close and whisper right in your ear “never cross me again.” Then you wake up at home, wounds treated but forever living in fear of that place, of the Fakes. Sometimes it’s Jack - if Geoff has had his turn on the hunt, she won’t speak but she’ll have a medkit and a look of disappointment. When you wake up to your horror you are back on the farm, this time you have a medkit or a flashlight or maybe lunch and three other confused horrified people beside you because the trapdoor is a trap and you fell for it. 

Sometimes when they’re feeling particularly cruel they’ll send Gavin or Ryan in as a “hostage” make it look like they’ve been there for days. Get them to amp up the fear and die horribly in somebody’s arms, only to be waiting on the other side of an exit with a wicked smile and a gun. Because even if you make it out the exits the only way you get to live is if you played well - if you went back for an innocent or a crew mate. Those that hide and survive until the end don’t get to walk out alive.

Imagine Ryan and Jeremy perfecting their killer persona’s for this place, not Rimmy or the Vagabond but something darker bloodier. Geoff’s out of his mind giggling as he whittles it down to one last terrified person. Michael who loves when they fight back - even more when someone kills him and he gets to come back and sing song “where are you?” Jack’s utter silence and almost tender care when she whispers for them to hush just as she takes them down. Gavin who rarely plays but when he does it’s with a viscous sort of glee and he always, always has Rye or Michael stalking about -not playing but to torment and chase.

Sometimes when someone has given them a particularly good game they post the video online, or play it on the screens of the bank their in the middle of heisting as a tribute or an intimidation tactic.

Very few sent to the farm see daylight once more and those that do live in fear of the thing they witness pulling people into the sky of the screams of the hooked and eerie spider like legs and the whispered voices of those hunting them.

Image of two cows comforting each other moments before slaughter. “I have unfortunately been inside slaughterhouses and can tell you that the animals are not willingly walking up to the end of the kill line and sticking their necks out. These animals fight with every bit of strength they have left at the end of that kill line. They fight to get out of that kill line. They don’t want to die, and they know it’s coming. They see, and they know exactly what’s going to happen to them. There is absolutely no truth that any process of slaughtering is humane.” — Cayce Mell


A corrupt company is making a chemically engineered super pig. The company’s motives seem admirable at first. It looks as if they are trying to get rid of world hunger but in reality they just want to get rid of the other meat competition. So they send 26 different super pigs to 26 different countries to see which one can raise the biggest pig within a ten year period. One pig named “OKJA” gets sent  somewhere in Asia and becomes a little girl named Mija’s’ best friend. They come back after 10 years to take “OkJa” Mija’s pig back to the U.S. where they created him and she goes on a journey to the U.S. to get her pig back. She takes with her all of her life’s savings and a tiny pig made of solid gold that her grandfather got her. Along the way she meets some animal activists who want to stop the super pig operation because they’ve seen the cruel and inhumane ways they’ve been treating their animals. They propose to help liberate Mija’s pig and help liberate all the other super pigs. 

This film is about the corruption of big businesses, exploitation of animals and employees, and how us as the consumers, need to unite to ensure the quality of our food. Even though we may never be vegans and we are eating meat, we understand that animals are living things before they arrive on our plates. So they should be treated humanely because as humans that is our responsibility.

seriously tho, literally all y’all want argue against vegans like “OH you care about animals more than people what about the exploited workers that pick your crops!”

but like?

1) that’s assuming that non-vegans eat ZERO crops at all which simply isn’t true, especially considering most crops grown in the US go to feeding livestock

2) what about the workers that are exploited in slaughter houses and the meat industry?

Seems like you only care about people if they give you a convenient and weak argument against a diet you don’t like because it offends your tastebuds or something.

Game of Thrones: Season 7, “Dragonstone“ Review!


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My father and I are finally caught up with all Game of Thrones seasons leading up to this and we are ready for Season 7! Here are –

My Top 10 Thoughts on Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 1:

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10. Oh SNAP! So, Arya chooses to put on Walder Frey’s face…let’s hope she disinfected that first before putting it on…

In any case, she basically slaughters House Frey single-handedly. So, is Arya taking the place of Lady Stoneheart from the books? I’m down with that…although, girl, maybe you shouldn’t have revealed that you could wear people’s faces in front of those daughters of Frey’s. Eh? Still, that line:

“Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.”

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9. Anyone else getting serious Hidalgo vibes from the horde of White Walkers approaching through the snow?

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Oh yeah, and White Walker giants may be the most terrifying thing ever.

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8. So, Sansa and Jon have fundamental differences on leadership. Sansa has the vengeful, but popular choice. Jon Snow, of course, is as stubbornly old school as possible…please, please, let Sansa and Jon get along. That means stay out, Baelish! But we all know that won’t happen. Ugh.

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7. Ahh, the finally awaited reunion of Cersei and Jaime. Damn, the tension is cutting. Cersei is clearly sliding off the deep end without her children to take root to. Jaime is clearly panicking because he thinks they’re going to lose…and it does look like a losing side, BUT then, Cersei says, “Do you think I listened to my father for 40 years and learned nothing?”

And then…

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6. Euron Greyjoy showed up! And, uhm, oh snap, is Jaime getting tossed aside for Euron? Clearly, Euron is unhinged…he’s hilarious, but so zany for Game of Thrones! I can definitely see Cersei ending up, even though she rejected his proposal, changing her mind and jumping alongside the crazy boat ride that is Euron. And if so, uhm. Uhm. Is there hope for my BrienneXJaime ship?

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5. The adventures of poor Samwise Gamg– I mean, poor Sam. Man, can we all agree that Sam’s job is basically what we all experience starting out at the bottom of the workforce ladder? We think it’s going to be all magical–

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–and then we get to a very terrible routine –

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–but then, Sam makes a Maester friend while dissecting a corpse; a friend that raises existential questions about the end of life and days…and then Sam steals that friend’s keys, and we’re left wondering what will happen.

Sam’s life’s the most complex right now, basically.

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4. Sansa and Brienne are ladies with one-sided douche lords stalking them…Brienne is trying to have that heart-to-heart with Sansa, like, “Gurl, let that messed up man go…you can do better!” I really hope Brienne gets Sansa to see eye-to-eye with her.

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3. So, Ed Sheeran cameos as a soldier…I’ll be honest, when Arya rides up and hears singing, I was really hoping that it was Gendry singing. I mean, we’d all like it to be that much of a dream scenario. Of course, it’s just some soldiers who share their wine and meat with Arya, and laugh at her notion that she’s going to kill the Queen. Oh boys, you have NO idea who you’re messing with!

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2. At first, we see The Hound and the Band of Brothers riding to a snowy hut to take shelter from the snow…The Hound doesn’t seem to notice, at first, but isn’t that the SAME house where The Hound stabbed the father and left him and the daughter to die? It was shown in the flashbacks…so I’m guessing that’s it! Creepy circling back around, that’s for sure!

Creepier still, is that The Hound can see into the fire! He sees things in the fire…does this make him special? In any case, it seems to make him more compassionate, because he seems to remember the family. He goes out at night and buries them in the snow. He even says a few words…is this really our Hound?!

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1. JORAHHHH….Jorah, Jorah, Jorah the Explorah! He’s at the Citadel…with Sam, so clearly, as long as he stays sane long enough, he can fill Sam in on information about Dragonstone, Danaerys, and hopefully get the Dragon Glass from there to Jon Snow…perhaps this is how Jon’s going to end up meeting Danaerys?

In any case, Dany’s finally home, after six full seasons, she’s back to her birthplace, with her Dragons, and army, and a full season of events yet to unfold!

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Overall, a great start to the season! Arya’s story line is still the most sporadic and weak for me, but now that she has the Frey’s out of the way, that will hopefully open her story line up for more fun and shenanigans as she makes her way to King’s Landing!

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