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We are utterly proud to present our 30th release - improvisational collaboration between Bethaniens Dust and Tenshun called “ARCHAIC SYMMETRY”. This one is heavy - both in terms of music and playtime (double C90 cassette).

All four improvisations were recorded straight from The Slaughter House Studios in Belfast over a week in July 2015. Step into the shadowy, gritty, atmospheric river full of noise, pumping beats and lo-fi abstraction.



anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say going vegan wont stop animal abuse anywhere including slaughter houses they will always have cruetly no matter what because America is a dumbass country and cares about their fucking fatso selves

Well, thinking like that certainly isn’t going to help now, is it?

By going vegan, you could save thousands of lives every year. By going vegan, you could help protect the environment and the forests that are cut down every day for animal agriculture. By going vegan, you could protect the oceans and their ecosystems.

You could slow down and even stop the destruction of our planet simply by not eating meat or dairy or wearing animals. It’s simple. Go vegan.

A little horse needs help

Howdy! So, after fighting my boss about the horse I want to buy he finally admitted it: he won’t sell me Sigyn (High Dollar to him). He “likes her well enough” and won’t give her up.

My boss brought another horse in. Black thoroughbred gelding, about 3 years old. Manager man bought him for “cheap enough to kill”. Pleasant, right? The horse didn’t come with a name, didn’t come with an exact age, seemed like he had never been shoed in his life, and has some basic training. He’s thin and needs love and if he “doesn’t work out” boss will send him to slaughter. Or “donate” him to a “medical facility”. Last horse he donated ended up in pieces for people to dissect.

Here’s where I need help:

I put a donation button up on my blog and anything would help to get Odin (I did name him!) to a safe place where he won’t be killed. I have a ranch picked out with a paddock I’m going to work my butt off with barn chores to afford. I need help getting Odin, especially before he “doesn’t work out” or is “useless” to boss. This horse doesn’t deserve to die, he’s got potential and a wonderful personality to match. I want to save him, give him the life he deserves.

If you’ve got anything extra or maybe can just signal boost anything would help. Lets bring Odin home, please, I’ve seen this site do amazing things. I need $700 to pay for Odin, his new shoes, and worm him.

(That really short tail isn’t because he’s young… boss thought he just needed a “haircut” and chopped most of it off.)

Thank you <3

Image of two cows comforting each other moments before slaughter. “I have unfortunately been inside slaughterhouses and can tell you that the animals are not willingly walking up to the end of the kill line and sticking their necks out. These animals fight with every bit of strength they have left at the end of that kill line. They fight to get out of that kill line. They don’t want to die, and they know it’s coming. They see, and they know exactly what’s going to happen to them. There is absolutely no truth that any process of slaughtering is humane.” — Cayce Mell

Humane Slaughter for Modern Farmer Magazine. 

Stories like this are the reason I became a photographer in the first place. I love getting pushed outside my comfort zone and experiencing something totally outside of my normal realm of existence. I am so thankful to Ayanna Quint for this assignment exploring “Humane Slaughter” at the amazing Prather Ranch in Northern California. Full project here. Of all the assignments i’ve ever had, this was by far the most gnarly and I am very proud of it. As somebody who was a vegetarian for several years, this was a really important thing to see. I always talk like “as long as I "know” where the meat came from, I’m ok with it.“ Well, now I really KNOW where this meat came from…

Thanks to Damien for the help on the assignment as well. I know that wasn’t super easy…



Slaughterhouse - Goodbye

Goodbye is my favorite song off of Slaughterhouse’s 2012 album Welcome to: Our House. This song also serves as a great template for the general feel of the entire album. Slaughterhouse goes really fuckin hard, but you’ll hear that infamous “rap industry” type sound for many of their songs on the album. By this I mean a lot of money and effort was invested into the production, so there are moments throughout the album in which the songs feel over produced, glossy, and fake (somewhat like Goodbye’s over manipulated chorus); however, the inherent realness of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, and Royce da 5’9" easily out-ways this mainstream aura of fakeness. Very few chart topping artists are real enough to be able to pull off a song like this. Slaughterhouse fortunately does not fall into that category.

“So I’m deprived of my chance to be a better dad. Staring at my twins that I never had. I shed a tear, looking up in the sky, even though y’all just got here…goodbye!”


My Song Rating: 9.5 out 10

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Joell Ortiz - Outta Control (Kendrick Lamar Diss) (by OnlyDopeTracks)

#Bars The Kendrick Dick Ridin Bandwagon tires just went F.L.A.T.

full lyrics

“I ain’t even got to give this too much thought
Joell Ortiz won any war that he ever fought
This ain’t no different, I’m listening, you the King of New York?
Little homie you ain’t the king of New York
You the next thing on my fork

The messenger with all them rings on that horse
Carrying king’s heads ‘til I kick you in the chest and you cough
And fall into a bottomless pit
Homie, you know how many bodies that fit?
When we met you said, 'It’s an honor man, the Yaowa can spit.’
Maybe that’s why you left me out of that shit
Maybe that’s why the Slaugtherhouse ain’t get dissed
Or maybe I’m not on your radar, you feel you ain’t gotta acknowledge my clique.
Either way I personally train this beat, it got to get ripped
You rich rappers can’t respond with all the dollars you get
Gangster rappers can’t retaliate with hollows and clips
And you fashion rappers wear the kind of jeans that hardly can zip
So zip it, I got this shit real hip-hop in this bitch.

The apocalypse has fell upon us, watch the zombies I split
The walking dead, I’ve been a monster shorty, I can get bit
And then return, I’m immune to these rappers ya’ll calling sick
I stomp the red carpet holding my dick
And throw tomatoes at the podium for wack awards that ya’ll niggas get
Then stand up and scream, ‘Yaowa,’ then dip and smack a legend on the way out of that bitch ’Cause I don’t big up the elite
The elite can get it too, ya’ll all fit under my feet
Ya’ll all victims, all chitlins when a nigga trying to eat
I see to it ya’ll all missing like a wino nigga’s teeth
Anybody can get it, old nigga, new nigga
Him nigga, you nigga, one nigga, two niggas
A few niggas, I do niggas harm with these bars
It was brave, you took a chance like Monopoly cars
But that telly you trying to to check in, boy that property’s ours
Can’t get a W on Broadway, I’m New York all day

Yeah that’s where the boy stay, don’t you hear that? Oy Ye’
A hundred ‘Ricans running at you, chief like a coye
Last time in Compton I was kicking it with Jorge
I rock with some cons out West like the boy ‘Ye
But I don’t claim king, even though my name ring
And I had China in the bay, we call it Beijing
Rodeo to ‘Dego they telling you the same thing
Chico be in Sacramento so much he can claim king
But that’s the West Coast, I’m from this coast
I’ll leave the king of L.A. to Dre, I was this close
To staying Aftermath, but lamped out like genie
But Dre, you a fucking gangster and Careless, you’re such a sweetie
And guess what? I’m a free agent again if ya’ll ever need me
But back to these bars, I’m hungry, this beat is going to feed the needy
I look at it like granny’s ‘ziti, zucchini out in Tahiti
On Fiji, with Erykah Badu’s booty in a bikini
Your main chick is a Precious, my side chick is a Ri Ri
I fuck her then take her out for fries and a Panini

I ain’t a rap nigga, I’m a nigga that rap
Before this, y'all saw the cypher, I ain’t bringing that back
Why should I recycle bars when my mind is a flight to Mars
And the force that I come across is like rhyming inside a star
With the universe on my back, your human verses is wack
I grab my extraterrestrial testicles when I rap
And tell the earth suck it, tell the planet try it
I turn this bitch to Independence Day without the lucky drunk pilot
I love competition, constructing the composition of destruction
Putting Destructicons in the composition
I’m Optimus Prime, trucking your boulevard, just wishing
That a star screams so I can go on an embalming mission

You raised the bar high, I set the bar higher
You going to learn, the inferno scorch a bonfire”


No Hands” by Yelawolf will officially my theme song for the beginning of 2012.

Supreme Court Overrules California "No Slaughter Downer Cow" Law.

The supreme court overruled California’s law that states that plants could not slaughter downer cattle and that they would have to be euthanized and removed from the premises.  

I personally find this an effective move made by the supreme court and a step in the right direction away from radical agrimovements. There is nothing unsafe about meat off of a cow/ sheep/ pig that has broken bones (most commonly broken legs or fractured pelvis is the cause for edible downer cows). As long as the animal is moved and transported via legal and humane means, I have no problem with it. 

What is everyone else's opinion on the overrule?