slaughter games

I mean, how can Star Wars even compete?


If someone brought you back from the dead tomorrow - I’m not saying anything’s gonna happen to you tonight… Apparently you are! That’s exactly what you’re saying! But what would be your first question? How did Ryan kill me last night?!

“There are so many ways to get in touch with animals in the wild, in their natural habitat. The fact that we think putting them in tanks is good for anyone is just nonsense, really.”

To help Maisie Williams and others to fight against dolphin slaughter and captivity, you can march in a protest against it, if there is one in your area or visit sites such as or along with various other sites to donate or sign a petition agains dolphin slaughter. Simply googling ‘protest against killing dolphins’ or 'protest against dolphin captivity’ can help you find relevant links in order to aid in this protest. A little can go a long way.

Here’s Caddy! Locked and loaded to slaughter all the bad games! Or salvage the good ones.

This one also took more time than usual because I was afraid his original sketch was posed too similarly to Jeff’s. So I had to pose him in a drastically different way. That and my job plus a couple of livestreams I was in kinda sucked my free time to work on this, but I’m glad it’s finally finished!

Next up on the Hidden Block club lineup will be Jimmy Whetzel! Stay tuned.


“Party Killer” by Buff

I have completed my first doll for the DragonCon 2015 Artshow. His base is a Batchix Dark Elf. He is sueded and wired. I did not make his boots or his wig, but everything else I did. From the naked base he actually has many layers, which are barely visible in the finished product. I sewed him black pants and a muted purple shirt, then a lined dark grey vest over that, which can now only be seen  at the collar. He has fully tooled real leather armor, all hand worked. His blood-splatter face-up is indicative of his cruel nature, and his sword is made from sculpey, in a falchion style, also bloodied. He is in honor of the low-level Drow that, through poor rolls on our part and great rolls on the DM’s part, completely managed to slaughter the entire gaming party. The NPC, having earned experience points from such a glorious killing spree, leveled up and became a recurring and constant threat to our newly generated group. So this is the ‘Party Killer’, fresh from the destruction of yet another hapless group of adventurers.

$900 includes a stand with rocks on it as well. Limited time only, so contact me if interested.