slaters sister

“Hey, Mom. I hope things are going well up there, things haven’t been so great down here for quite some time now. Elina passed away this evening, and it breaks me knowing that I’ll never be reunited with her once I pass on. I wish you could’ve taken care of her until I joined you all… but unfortunately that’ll never happen. I just want to thank you for taking Elina into our home and welcoming her into our family with open arms, we both appreciated it so much more than you know…you were like the mother she never had. Anyway, I won’t keep you for long, I hope that you and Dad are having the best time with Abbi and our sweet Destiny and that I’ll be able to see you all very soon.”

Hey Pip,

I wrote you this card to cheer you up. See the little pug on the front? I know you love pugs! That’s why I thought you’d like this one in particular. You’ll more than likely be reading this while I’m sat right next to you, anticipating your smile. I hope you like your bracelet too, and that you’ll wear it often. I’d have bought you some more if Dad gave me some more money, but I chose what I thought you’d like best.

Anyway, I went off track. Just letting you know that I love you so much, and that I’ll always be here for you. Remember our plan, that one day we’ll go and travel the world together? I can’t wait until we’re both grown up so we can do that. 

Love always,

Destiny ( your favourite sister :) )