Slater Bridge. by Alan
Via Flickr:
A lovely old bridge in a lovely spot :-)

markballas Many of you wanted to see a pic from our first dance. I call this move “The reach through the legs & claim what’s mine” or “The grab him by the BALLAS” 😂 I think you can tell from our friends facial expressions what’s happening on the other side.. 😂😂😂  @bcjean & I weren’t going to do anything elaborate for our first dance, just stand & sway maybe do a turn or 2.. but in the final few days we both felt we should add a little 🔥so since Argentine Tango is her favorite dance style, we made it happen & I gotta say ALL my colleagues & I couldn’t get over how well my Wife did, she really killed it “with ease” & it was one of my favorite & most memorable moments from our special evening 🤘🏼 #MarkandBCBallas #GrabhimbytheBallas #Mynanatthefronttho 😂