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For the prompts - Sterek (obviously lol) and H (just because I'm so curious what they'd be wearing and/or why.. )

H. “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“Most of your clothes look like you’re in a 90s grunge band, why I can’t just wear something you already own?” Derek asked, glaring at the outfit that Stiles held up for him to wear.

“Don’t be so dramatic Der,” Stiles said with a wide smile, his eyes bright, “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“When you said you wanted me to dress up as Slater from Saved By the Bell for Scott’s stupid 90s themed birthday party I figured you’d make me wear an ugly shirt and those stupid acid washed pants,” Derek said, “Not that you’d want me to wear his wrestling uniform.” 

“It’s a timeless look,” Stiles mused, tossing Derek his outfit and pulling on his faded jeans that he had bought at Goodwill earlier that week, “Now get dressed, it’s no fun being Zack Morris without AC Slater.”

“I’m sure it could be,” Derek muttered, watching as Stiles tugged his bright tee shirt over his head and then his patterned windbreaker.  He had even been growing his hair out so he could dye the ends blonde and style it like Zack. Derek knew that Stiles look this seriously for some stupid reason he couldn’t comprehend. 

“Come on Derek, you’re going to look amazing in it,” Stiles said, stepping closer and running his fingers through Derek’s exposed chest hair, “Really sexy.”

Derek rolled his eyes, but he picked up the maroon wrestling uniform and pulled it on over his jockstrap, “You owe me big time for this.”

“I will pay you back in sexual favors,” Stiles said, running his eyes up from Derek’s muscular legs to his bulge, “All the sexual favors you could ever want.”

The Bayside High School logo was pulled tight over Derek’s broad chest, his nipples exposed on either side, “I look incredibly stupid.”

“Well that’s because you haven’t put on your super awesome white high top sneakers yet,” Stiles said with a wide smile, “We’re going to look great.”

“You look perfect,” Derek muttered, grabbing Stiles by the windbreaker and pulling him flush against him, “You should know that the only reason I’m doing this is because I love you.”

“I know,” Stiles said, kissing Derek on his cheek shaven cheek, “I love you too.”

“Let’s get this over with,” Derek said, kissing Stiles once on the lips before they headed out of apartment and over to Scott and Kira’s apartment. 

When they got their Derek discovered that there was a prize for best costume and best couples costume. He and Stiles won. He still didn’t think it was worth the wedgie he had most of the night, but the look on Stiles face made the whole affair worth it. 

Drabble Prompts

10 Things I Hate About You

Based off one of my Favorite Movies starring the Heath Ledger (R.I.P). TomXReader

~English Class~
Mr. Hughes enters

“Okay class. What did you guys think about The Sun Also Rises?” Mr. Hughes asks.

A student raises her hand.

“ I loved it.” she sighed. “It was sooo romantic.”

Arabella, is wearing a black and grey flannel to show her preparation for her daily war against the high school’s ignorance.

“Romantic? Hemingway? He was an abusive alcoholic misogynist who squandered half his life scouting behind Picasso in hopes of gaining his leftovers.” She says disgusted.

The students groan and roll their eyes.

Rick Dawson, the slick-backed knock-off of Slater from Saved by the Bell, makes fun of her from his seat.

“As opposed to a bitter and self righteous hag with no friends?” he remarks.

Some classmates snicker and Arabella fumes from her seat, not bothering to look at him.

“Pipe down Chachi.” Mr. Hughes declares, rolling his eyes and sighing.

“I guess society is declared good due to males being asssholes and are somehow worthy of our time. What about Sylvia Platt or Charlotte Bronte or Simone de Beauvoir?” Arabella says.

In stumbles Tom, already late.

“What’d I miss?” he asks.

“The obsessive patriarchal values that dictate out education.“ Arabella snarks.

“Good.” Tom says, leaving immediately.

Mr. Hughes shouts after him.

“Hey Mr. Hughes? You think we can talk Arabella into taking her Mydol before she sets foot on Campus?” Rick smirks.

A few more students snicker, praising him.

“Some day you’re going to get bitch-slapped so hard and I’m not going to stop it in any way. And Kat, thank you for you’re point of view.” Mr. Hughes declares.

Mr. Hughes continues on, walking back and forth.

“ I know how hard it must be for you to overcome all the years of upper class suburban oppression. It must be tough.”

Arabella stares at Mr. Hughes.

“But the next time you storm around the PTA for better lunch meat or whatever the hell you Latin girls complain about, ask them why they can’t buy a book written by a black man!” He continued.

“That’s right Mon!” Two White Rasta kids declare.

“Don’t yo dare get me started on you guys.”
Mr. Hughes points.

“Okay… Anything else?” Arabella asks.

“Yeah. Get out of here. You’re giving me a headache.”

“But Mr. Hughes!”

“Later!” he says, turning around and waving her away.