slate ish

It seems I shall be the bearer of bad news today. =( Thought once more seemed more suitable on this account of mine. I noticed this on the HQ facebook page…


I had a bad feeling when Nick Foster said: “Plenty more of it to come later in the year ….” I tried to ignore it, but… I had a feeling.

It seems we could be in for a longer haul. Ugh. Hopefully that’ll make the gap to season 3 (actual S3, not Amazon’s S3, mind ;) ) not as long? =(a Hopefully also when they say tell us a date soon, they mean actually soon. lol

Blank-slate-ish-characters who are not-really-blank-slate-ish reseting the game like GDI

((Ok i have a positive feeling that anyone loving undertale will enjoy mystic messenger too. Plz check out the game!!!))