Bernie Sanders isn’t perfect (he really isn’t). But, deep down, we all know he’s the only one out of all these clowns running for President that is still living in something resembling the real world and is truly honest about saying what he thinks.

For me? That means something.

Hey, Bernie Sanders can handle criticism (he’s a pissed off, elderly middle class white guy; they’re used to being permanently disgruntled). Bernie Sanders’ supporters can handle criticism. 

But no one has ever attempted to explain why everyone else in this presidential race is so far gone and out of touch with reality, they may as well be living in God damn Narnia. 

Yeah, the whole show depended upon him. There’s one moment in episode 2, where he’s talking to the mirror. I was on set watching him. I thought, “This is just phenomenal.” It’s just watching someone go through this range of emotions in 10 seconds. When you put it together on TV, because you’re editing, it almost takes away some of the brilliance, because people instantly think this is a collage of different takes, but it was one take. He did it all in one fluid mass, and I wish I could have taken over the audience and said, “There’s no editing, there’s no trickery. It’s him. He’s brilliant.
I hope he gets everything he deserves. I’d love to do more for him. I just don’t know whether Danny going on would be right for him. The BBC would love to do it …

I still don’t fully understand Bull’s face.

Slate sometimes likes to assert her dominance. If she hates you and doesn’t need to maintain a relationship, she’ll just tell you off and/or punch you. But if you’re supposed to be friends or at least not-enemies? Why not fluff Blackwall’s beard the wrong way just to be like ‘Bro. I’m here and you can’t do anything about it’? Or if Solas is trying to prove he’s smarter than you, why not slobber on him? (It proves his point, but shuts him up.) She must have been hanging out with my soldier Finn too much, ‘cause drooling wasn’t something she came up with… GURL, WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT? YOU PUT THAT ELF DOWN AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. >8I;;
Can Bisexual Men Be “Femme” and Still Date Women?
The party, a swanky roof-top affair in New York City, was called “On Top.” I was feeling even more on-top than most, considering the 9-inch, Jeffery Campbell heels I was wearing. I also had on my one-of-a-kind black sequin jacket—the one that, when the designer said, “It’s vintage,” I said,...

This is one of the hardest pieces i had to write but it turned out to be one i’m most proud of!

Here’s my analysis of how femininity can be a double edge sword for bisexual men.

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Video Proof That HamiltonFans Are the Most Devoted Fans, From BroadwayCon  (Slate):

At the first-ever BroadwayCon, thousands of fans descended upon Midtown Manhattan to celebrate their love of musical theater. While the lineup of workshops and panels was impressive—including one featuring original cast members from Rent, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year—it was clear on the first night thatHamilton fever had taken hold of the festivities.

We found some of the most avid Hamilfans there, and put their devotion to the test: How much of the show could they rap, starting from the very beginning? Many of them were up to the task and could rattle off “Alexander Hamilton,” non-stop … even if they’ve yet to score tickets to the hottest show in town.