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I often find myself wishing that my ship (Scogan) had more love like say Stucky, Stony, Cherik, etc. because I cannot for the life of me understand why people can’t see the chemistry between these two. I mean yeah the original trilogy films were a long time ago and all I suppose, but I mean Hugh Jackman and James Marsden had it in spades there. Plus the comics offer up so many slashy things for Scogan. I just don’t get it. *sigh*


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Pick six pictures on your phone to explain your aesthetic.

1. David McCallum, my darling :)))))
2. Napollya, my OTP to end all OTPs
3. & 4. I love to travel - these are two of my favorite travel photos
5. Flowers = beginning of spring, yay!
6. Bunny!! ♥

So my aesthetic = David, slashy boys, pretty things and pretty places :)

Victor Frankenstein: So gay! Not completely horrible! Also, weird Sherlock cast reunion!??

Ok, so I just went and saw Victor Frankenstein totally expecting it to be ridiculous, amped-up Victorian, steampunk trash and it was like…. not as ridiculously terrible as I thought it was going to be!

I mean the one female character had a very, very small role but she was not completely objectified and neglected by the plot, she had like a tiny bit of agency that we got to witness! (Also, she was played by Jessica Brown Findlay who I have a huuuuuuge crush on)

And essentially the subtext of the movie (or not even subtext- just text!) was like… Frankenstein could have been redeemed if he had had gay love! I mean… friendship! Which is… I mean, same difference right? Or at least same difference for the purposes of this film, in terms of the role the relationship played. 

The movie was delightfully slashy and the beautiful thing was regardless of whether or not the two characters ever slept together (which, let’s be real, they totally did after that drunken science chalk drawing whiskey-induced montage… ESPECIALLY after that pocket watch convo- WHERE IS THE FIC? I might have to write it myself….) what changed Victor Frankenstein as a character in this portrayal is the fact that he had a moral conscience in the form of his friend, Igor (D.Rad’s character). He had someone who had enough empathy and humanity to sit him down and be like, “Listen–this is why this is a terrible, terrible idea.”

Basically, like if Frankenstein had had an equally freaky genius science bestie who he rescued from the circus, he totally would have been ok!

And that, my friends, is kind of beautiful.

(And also, like I said, provided for soooooooo much fic potential!)

The very last delightful surprise of this film was the fact that it was like a fuckin SHERLOCK CAST AND PRODUCTION TEAM REUNION!!!!

Andrew Scott played the chief detective on the case, Louise Brealey made an appearance as a scandalized lady at a club, and Mark Gatiss was like RANDOMLY THERE AT THE END AS SOME GERMAN SCIENTIST WEARING STEAM PUNK GOGGLES???? (And whose role was never explained.)

And then! The fucking credits roll and THE WHOLE DAMN THING WAS DIRECTED BY PAUL MCGUIGAN (who directed A Study in Pink, The Great Game, Hounds AND Scandal!!!)

Oh also- I’m sorry- added bonus, was the blonde, wealthy, cane-wielding, smug, aristocrat who basically WAS Draco Malfoy (or some very near relative of the Malfoy clan). 

So yeah- Victor Frankenstein? Kind of a mess in a lot of ways, but also, kind of delightful, and totally worth seeing!

A Few Slashy Things I Noticed After Re-Watching TFA

When they take Finn to the sick bay at the Resistance Base, Poe is right there! He helps Finn onto the transport and goes off with him while everyone’s celebrating.

Another thing I noticed: in the first part of the movie Poe is playing the Leia role: (on a secret mission for the good guys, sneaks the secret info into a droid, gets captured and questioned by the bad guys, needs help escaping.) Finn kind of plays the Han role (comes from a morally grey background, initially wants to bail on the conflict before eventually doing the right thing.)

Han and Leia have that Big Damn Kiss (actually two) in Ep. V.

Finn and Poe definetly need to kiss in Ep. VIII. It just has to happen.

Also, anyone notice that in every scene with Hux and Kylo Ren, there’s like no personal space between them? I mean, they’re on a big ship or base, there’s plenty of room, and they have to stand within six inches of each other.

Come on boys, at least pretend you don’t want to bang each other.