Slash Pine Poetry Festival 2014

Come join us for the 2014 iteration of the Slash Pine Poetry Festival, to be held in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Friday, April 11th & Saturday, April 12.

Schedule of Events

Gorgas House Lawn (810 Capstone Drive)
Friday at 4pm

Jordan DeWitt
Amber Smith
Mathew Pereda
Katherine Kosich
Kasey Jowers
Katy-Whitten Davidson
Lily Daly
Alexandria Gilbert

Druid City Brewing Company (607 14th Street)
Friday at 6:30pm
Interrobang: Slash Pine Presents Literary Trivia

Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum (1901 Jack Warner Parkway)
Saturday at 10:30am

Joseph P. Wood is the author of four books of poetry: YOU. (Etruscan Press, forthcoming 2015), BROKEN CAGE (Brooklyn Arts Press, forthcoming 2014; finalist for 2013 National Poetry Series), FOLD OF THE MAP (Salmon, 2014), and I & WE (CW Books, 2010).  He’s also author of five chapbooks and his poetry and criticism has been published in Arts & Letters Daily, Beloit Poetry Journal, BOMB, Boston Review, Cincinnati Review, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Gulf Coast, Indiana Review, Prairie Schooner,  Verse, among other journals. He is managing editor for Noemi Press.

Shane Seely

Katy Rossing
 was born six days late.

Abby Melton is an up & coming adult who loves to read, write and study anatomy. She also loves to travel. Her poetry can be found in small chapbooks around the country, where she explores notions of blessings in various poetic forms. She currently works as an intern at Black Warrior Review as an editorial assistant. As we speak, she is working on a longer piece of fiction and studying for the MCAT.

Carlos Estrada is a former Slash Pine intern. He now resides in Birmingham, Alabama. He is an award-winning independent filmmaker. He enjoys taking breaks from behind the camera to write some poetry every now and then. His films have been screened from L.A. to France. His poetry has mainly been read by the people of Tuscaloosa. He plans on making short documentaries abroad in the near future.

Freya Gibbon

Kathryn Starbuck’s books of poems are Sex Perhaps (2014) which has been nominated for a Pulitzer and “a host of other prizes” by her publisher andGriefmania) (2006), both Sheep Meadow Press, NYC. She is completing her third poem ms. Existential Chitchat. Her award winning personal essays appear widely; she has just completed Bebareno: a Memoir of Work and Love. She edited, with Elizabeth Meese, two volumes of poems by her late husband George Starbuck.    

Will Gillette’s first word was Abba: Aramaic for father. His second was oboe. He tries to echo both in all of his writing. He graduates in May to go teach high school and coach basketball in the afternoons.

Green Bar (2209 4th Street)
Saturday at 2:30pm

Sean Patrick Hill is the author of the chapbook Hibernaculum (Slash Pine Press, 2013), as well as two full-length books of poems, The Imagined Field (Paper Kite Press, 2010) and Interstitial (BlazeVOX, 2011). He has been awarded fellowships and grants from the Kentucky Arts Council, the Elizabeth George Foundation, and the Vermont Studio Center. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jeff Newberry 
is the author of Brackish (Aldrich Press, 2013). With Slash Pine poet Brent House, he is the co-editor of The Gulf Stream:  Poems of the Gulf Coast (Snake Nation Press). He was recently named a finalist for the Richard Peterson Poetry Prize by the editors of Crab Orchard Review. His most recent writing appears in Birmingham Poetry Review and Apalachee Review. Find him online at

Alex Chisum 
despite being born and raised in a small town near Reno, is terrible at gambling. He blames his lack of blackjack skills on ineptitude rather than misfortune, however, as his good luck is exhibited by his presence in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Alabama, where he is currently pursuing an MFA. His work can be found in Front Porch, Handsome, Nashville Review, and elsewhere.
Chair of the Department of English, Norman Golar is originally from Chicago, Illinois where he attended and graduated from King College Prep High School (formerly Martin L. King, Jr. High School).  He received his M.F.A. and B.A. in creative writing: the master’s from The University of Alabama and the bachelor’s from Knox College (Galesburg, Illinois). Golar also graduated from The University of Alabama with his Ph.D. in English (concentration: composition, rhetoric, and English studies). He has been at Stillman College since the fall of 2010.  He teaches general education courses in English and upper level English courses.’

Scott McWaters pecked The Bird Trilogy, which consists of Godliness & Other Stories, A Fundamentalist Bares All, and The Empty Nest. Pieces from these three books have appeared in various journals over the past decade. He lives in Tuscaloosa with his wife, Ashley, and two children, Posey and Lucian. Scott McWaters is currently working on the only novel he will ever write. He thanks God daily that writing is going to the birds.  

Sally Rodgers is a sudden rush (out) from a besieged place upon the enemy; a sortie; esp. in the phrase to make a sally; Sally Rodgers is the first movement of a bell when ‘set’ for ringing; a ‘handstroke’, as distinguished from the reverse movement of ‘backstroke’; also, the position of a bell when it is rung up to; Sally Rodgers is a corruption of sal enixum; she is one of several eucalyptus or acacias, she resembles willows in habit or appearance; Sally is to leap, bound, dance; she is of a warlike force: to issue suddenly from a place of defense or retreat in order to make an attack; Sally Rodgers is to bring (a bell) to the position of ‘sally.’

Sally Rodgers is both a noun and a verb.

Jenifer Park is migration from Denver to the Tusk is learning how to whittle words doesn’t know how to whistle is not your comrade unless you’re sugary and batty can be seen in locales such as The Volta, Word Riot, Mid-American Review, and Handsome. 

Alexandra Franklin is a senior English major from Jackson, Mississippi. She received the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Gold Portfolio award for her short fiction and poetry in 2010 and was published in the New York Times in September 2011. She is the editor of the Scholastic anthology Best Teen Writing of 2011 and is a founding editor of Chantepleure Press. Alexandra was recently accepted to the MFA program at The New School in NYC. 

Grace Aberdean Habitat Alchemy (2124 9th Street)
Saturday at 7:30pm

Jenny Gropp Hess’ poetry and prose can be found in Colorado Review, Seneca Review, Denver Quarterly, American Letters & Commentary, Seattle Review,  DIAGRAM, Best New Poets 2012, and Columbia: A Journal of Literature & Art, among others. She lives in Athens, Georgia, where she is the managing editor of The Georgia Review. Her first book, The Hominine Egg, is forthcoming from Kore Press in 2015.

Nathan Parker’s poetry has appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Colorado Reivew, Conduit, DIAGRAM and other places. He was featured last fall in the American Poet’s Emerging Poets Series. His book The Locust Diagrams is forthcoming from Noemi Press. He lives with his wife and three children in Northport.

Jason McCall is an Alabama native. He is the author of Dear Hero, (winner of the 2012 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize), Silver (Main Street Rag), I Can Explain (Finishing Line Press), Mother, Less Child (winner of the 2013 Paper Nautilus Vella Chapbook Prize), and co-editor of the forthcoming It Was Written: Poetry Inspired by Hip-Hop (Minor Arcana Press).

Ashley Chambers' prose populates Quarterly West, Bellevue Literary Review, Gulf Coast Journal, and other publications. Currently, her first collection of poems — The People I Make — suffers a wild ferreting in the feeling hands of nine open book contests.

Stephen Thomas lives in Tuscaloosa. He has a chapbook of short stories forthcoming from The Cupboard, and his website is

Sean Sexton

Kori Hensell is a recent graduate of University of Alabama and lives in Tuscaloosa with her cat Batty. At the moment, she is probably gnawing on bbq ribs and peering at her neighbors through a tiny slat in her blinds. Her poems and essays appear or are forthcoming in Big Lucks, Utter Magazine, Literary Orphans, and Quaint Magazine. 

Stephen McClurg writes and teaches in Birmingham, Alabama. His poetry, prose, and music can be found at various outlets including The Bakery,Map Literary, and The Drunken Odyssey. He curates and writes at Eunoia Solstice.

Phillip Spotswood 
was born in Alabama into a Catholic family and turned out queer. He graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in English and Creative Writing, and currently lives in Louisiana. He is addicted to running in the dark. Recently he discovered that he shares his birthday with the formation of the polar vortex. He is in a committed relationship with the last scientist.