Trooful Tuesday

1.I never, ever, get nice anons.  I wouldn’t have known it was a meme if someone hadn’t mentioned it in my dash.

2.  Wolf is amazing.  When I got home today, he and Artemas and Veronica had, at his urging, mown the front yard.  Also he, who has no idea how to fix cars, had watched a bunch of model-specific videos on how to get to the broken part on the truck and this afternoon and evening was out taking the parts off that they need to remove to get to the repair.  He thought dinner was wonderful (seriously I threw together pasta, cheese, peas, sauteed onions, and browned smoked sausage), so much so that he ate dinner twice.  And he spent the evening watching a movie with the kids and me, holding B on his lap.

Also he encouraged me to “frolic” in my fluffy dress out in the yard and I momentarily freaked him out when I flopped down in the grass and rolled down a hill (he thought for a brief second that I passed out).  Tickles me that I can shock him a little.

His first words

this morning were “Four days.“

(An aside to any of my kids who read this: I’m not trying to be mean about your dad. He is who he is. I got all you great kids out of that situation. However…)

I don’t remember being this excited right before I got married the first time. I’m normally not a Squee type person, but I remember telling people, “I’m getting married next week,” like you’d say, “I have an appointment for a manicure.“

Maybe it was that I didn’t really get to plan any details of my wedding, or maybe, looking back with 20/20 hindsight, I wasn’t marrying someone who made my heart squee, or the right one. I feel a little sorry about that. Maybe sorry I didn’t pick up on my own cues.

But this time I’m all,
“Omigah omigah omigah jjfdadfhkkfdd I’m getting MARRIED ermagerd I get to spend the rest of my life with my friend who smells so great adgjkhfssfghlds mine! ohmigah I just can’t even”

Four more days.