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Do you know any drarry fic where they are bound by something, like a curse or spell or maybe potion?

Seeing as it’s a Drarry cliche, I’ve recced quite a few of those and personally read even more before I started this blog.

A couple of my favorites would be

Mental ~ it’s been a while since I read it but it has wonderful story progression and drama and plot and seX and holy hell it’s 32 chapters long but it is gREAT

Bond ~ I actually did reread this one fairly recently and it did not disappoint to my memory. Mystery, suspense, dRAMA, love, slashy slash. Like seriously my desciption of it and it’s summary could never live up to it’s content. It’s 22 chapters of fantastic

Tempus Fugit ~ I read this one a long time ago and revisited it recently and loved it all the same. Draco and Harry fuck up in potions class and get sent to future versions of themselves where they live together and they’re in a relationship and have to carry out that facade and it’s wonderful and you get to see the furture versions of all these other characters (and theres sex). It’s got 13 chapters and it’s great.

Another really good one is It’s Not A Love Potion. It’s not a personal favorite of mine but I did thoroughly enjoy it. There’s smut in all the places where it needs to be and in all the places where it doesn’t. Forced potion bond fic and 16 chapters including the prologue and epilogue.

The Ties That Bind Us is another one. It’s by Faithwood, who I’ve done a lot of recs for. There’s not much plot besides accidental binding and sex but yeah it falls into the category.

I do have a few where they’re not exactly bound together but are in situations where one is incapacitated until they end up together such as:

The Mistletoe Made Them Do It where Draco gets stuck under a special type of mistletoe and can’t leave until someone has sex with him. And we all know Harry has a hero complex so we can guess how that turns out.

and The Lip-Lock Jinx is very good for a oneshot. Ginny puts a spell on Harry that renders him voiceless until he kisses the person he loves. The furthest it goes is kissing but the characters are written very spot on and it’s adorable.

No one is rendered incapacitated in this one but Dragon Tamer is a hilarious fan favorite where Draco and Harry end up in a situation where they don’t really need to be but they’ve forced themselves together and troo luv comes out of it. 

Sorry for the long answer, but I hope you get something great out of it  ^-^;