What Katie McGrath has done to me

1. I have a flu which makes it very convenient to watch Slasher because I got nothing to do. Yeah I just watched Sarah Bennett make love to  her husband the first episode and screw a serial killer on its finale against a wall. (Now I know where that very realistic gif edit of Lena Luthor kissing Kara came from).

2. I’m watching Merlin and I never thought I’d love this one. Colin Morgan is a freaking dork. Also, Morgana screams gay. But what do I expect? 

After graduating from film school, two budding students desperately wanted to make a film, but could only afford to rent one room. Despite other people’s doubts, they took the challenge and made the horror movie they’d been writing about for years. That movie was named Saw, and became one of the most popular slasher films. Just goes to show, if you dream big, you can make it.