Slash Em Up Mixtape

Black Punk/Alternative Mixtape Vol 1.


Slash Em Up Zines. We been working on the zines an are finished with our 5th issue. 11interviews, 4 black rock history lessons, 4 of our very own black punk comics called Queen Amina. If you want to contribute email us at If you want to get one email us We workin with paypal and the price includes shipping.




In the wake of so many deaths of black people, especially in the midst of Ferguson, we must address both the internal as well as the external threats to our existence as a community. This STORM will be the first held by Slash Em Up and the community aimed at addressing what is going on in the community. We will STORM from 35th and King Dr. to 51st and King Dr. We advise you to use Public transportation. There are Greenline stops at both points of this STORM. Brief discussions and demonstrations aimed at combating black genocide at the 51st and king Dr. destination. Water will be provided. Please clean up after yourself.

Things you will need an need to be prepared for at this function.

-sneakers, running shoes, boots anything but keke palmer heels

-a dollar store spray bottle filled with half antacid and half water or a bottle of milk(to be used in case of tear gas)

-something to cover your face and or eyes just in case of tear gas(bandanna, scarf, shirt, gas mask)/also note if you are wearing it throughout, if cops show up you will be targeted.

-camera, phone space, anything to document this and all that happens

-heat resistant gloves/maybe welding gloves in case gas cans need to be handled, thrown or disposed of. (they are very hot)

Note: if you are a person who bikes we may need you to patrol around our area and be on look out for police or anything that happens as we demonstrate.

more updates to come.


recap. went to hydepark. no real convos as we posted up people were reading. decided to try our luck with a jerk chicken joint across from kenwood to see if we could window our misogyny one. reality check. black woman read it quick an said naw…really disappointed but thats how it is. onward. for those of you new to what we are doing h