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It's cold tonight, the wind cuts to the bone, and no matter how tightly Tony wraps his arms around himself, he can't seem to escape the chill. (Mind finishing?)

This is a prostitute AU, so be aware of themes of underage and/or dub-con sex, although there’s nothing explicit.

This can also be read on Ao3.

It’s cold tonight, the wind cuts to the bone, and no matter how tightly Tony wraps his arms around himself, he can’t seem to escape the chill. “Shit,” he whispers to himself, the word nothing but a cloud puff in the frigid air. There’s no one around to hear him; the streets all but abandoned for a few blocks in each direction. The occasional car passes, bringing a rush of cold air that Tony flinches back from.

His only company are his co-workers, and they mutter their own curses on their own street corners. Parker sniffles, and Tony turns to look at him. The boy’s huddled up against the door of a long-closed pawn shop, wrapped in Tony’s sweater and swiping at his running nose.

“Hey there, kid, watch it. It’s only November, you can’t be getting a cold on me now.” His words come out more concerned than gruff, and Tony wishes that he’d learned how to be hard.

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Spideynova where Sam ends up unconscious from exhaustion, maybe he went ‘supernova’ too many times in one day/time period and even though the whole team yelled at him not to do it, he did anyway and ends up unconscious and falling until Peter catches him and automatically swings back up to the tricarrier to get Sam medical attention.  

Sam’s ok but he’s pretty run down and still groggy and tired and lethargic and in pain dammit so he’s pretty well drugged up on top of it and low and behold who show’s up but Sam’s dad asking to talk to his son. 

Well the team and Colson don’t take to well to this and are all arguing amongst themselves until Fury comes out with an irate looking spider and just calmly states 'Since Sam is under the influence of medication and can’t make reliable decisions on his own it falls to his team leader to decide and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to mess with a pissed off spiderman.  He may not seem scary but you haven’t seen him when you’ve hurt his family, and you’ve hurt a member of his family big time.’

And Peter just stands there looking all menacing to the point where the rest of his team start backing up a bit before being like, 'yea were a family here and you hurt Sam so back off, it’s Sam’s ultimate decision if he wants to hear what you have to say, or what lame excuses you have to give but for now leave, before we make you.’

and Colson and Fury just stand there smirking.

Later Sam hears about what happened and just with the exhaustion and emotional roller coaster breaks down in Peter’s arms and just cries himself to sleep with Peter running his hands through Sam’s hair and telling him that everythings ok and once Sam falls asleep Peter kisses him on the head before settling back himself still holding Sam.

Fury watching over them in his surveillance room just smiles and says to himself 'your doing great boys.’