i have been laughing about this ad for so long that it actually hurts to breathe. i ruined my targeted ad algorithm for this motherfucker and it was completely worth it. for $79 they’ll encase a gift card for your Man™ in “two solid layers of concrete” so he’ll get the testosterone rush of opening his gift card with a hammer. im screaming 


My babys ♥♥♥

Rec: Machinations

Title: Machinations
Author: Auriel Naughtwell
Format: Novella
Published/Free: Published
Length: 85 pages
Status: Complete
Rating: Everyone/Teen
Warnings: Parental illness, implied sexual situations
Summary: Machinations follows Rasio Alsamar and his childhood friend Alyn Lacwynn from their humble beginnings at the countryside when the world was simple and all they cared about was their familiar train passing by. They grew up together, but distance and the flow of time tears them apart.

Do you think love could survive for 20 years?