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Normal Shippers vs Veteran Shippers

Normal Shipper: Look, I made a list of all my OTPs in shows.

Veteran Shipper: I have a library…

Normal Shipper: ……..What?….

Veteran Shipper: *takes sip of tea*

Some nice little quotes for you:

“You are my life” ~The Master to the Doctor, in the movie from 1996

“I wonder what I‘d be without you.” ~The Doctor to the Master, in “The End of Time”

“My heart is maintained by the Doctor.” ~Missy, in “Dark Water”

Yeah, they are totally not in love. Totally.

A Rant on Tomarry and Harrymort, BEWARE!

I am a fanfic writer. I personally discovered that I write gay fanfiction really well. I like to read it, write it, ship it, discuss it, and anything else involving my ships.

I have the tendency to ship the main antagonist and the main protagonist in every show, anime, manga, book, cartoon, etc… Harrymort and Tomarry are literally my favs out of everything. Whether it be male slash, female slash, or hetero pairing. Personally, I have 8 posted Tomarry fics and 4 posted Harrymort fics. I have 5 mixed HP/LV/TMR fics in the works. Some have genderbending and some don’t. Watermelonsmellinfellon on

I pimp out my other fics at the end of my chapters and literally, this person read only one chapter of one of my Harrymort fics and flamed me over the pairing. Voldemort murdered Harry’s parents. He’s a cold-hearted killer. He’s old and evil. I’m a sick person for even liking the pairing. They didn’t like the pairing to which I responded(since all of my fics are rated M and you have to actively search them out) about why they were even in the Harry/Voldemort section at all.

This has led me to rant, ‘cause I am pissed off with people’s stupidity.

Tom Riddle Character Analysis and How he Came to be That Way:

Tom was born on the last day on 1926. His mother died right after naming him. The workers in the orphanage didn’t know anything about her and as he grew up, they informed him that she was a member of a circus, because they assumed it about her. She wasn’t attractive and for some reason, couldn’t properly articulate herself. She was weird.

Tom is a magical child. All magical children are different then muggle children. Like Hermione Granger, who was much smarter and more advanced than her peers and was ostracized for it. Tom was much like Hermione. Smart. He had a level of understanding far above his peerage. Powerful. A level of control over his magic that normally isn’t seen in untrained wizards, let alone those who don’t know that they are magical. Charisma. Able to charm the pants off anyone around him.

The other children noticed that Tom was different than them. Better, smarter, and always had strange things happening to him. Children can be the most cruel beings on the planet and everyone set to alienating him. Whether through pure loathing or jealousy or even because they were weirded out, we don’t know. We do know, that Tom never had friends.

You have a brilliant child, growing up lonely, knowing that he is different from everyone else. Who is a subject of bullying. Who is an orphan with a bad idea of his parents. He either has four ways to respond to the way his life has turned out. Feel sorry for himself, ignore it all and hope they go away, be the ‘bigger man’(this term pisses me off a lot), or HATE - with a flaming passion - and destroy the opposition.

Tom has a mentality that he is alone and therefore only himself matters. So he would go with the option that best benefits himself. Getting even and then tearing his enemies down so they can’t ever bother him again, would obviously make him feel better. And that is what he does.

And he teaches the children some lessons. Some are morbid yes, but I feel no pity. You bite the bull, you get the horns.

And then he learned that he was magical. And Dumbledore listened to the words of a woman he barely knew, who didn’t like Tom at all, and regarded the boy with distrust. And the moment he heard Tom say that he could talk to snakes, Tom was public enemy number one! Over talking to snakes!

I feel that Dumbledore played a very large part in the creation of Voldemort. Tom was a muggle raised child, entering the wizarding world. He was sorted into a House that was notorious for disliking those not of pure blood. If Dumbledore knew that Tom was a Parselmouth, why did he let him go on? Why didn’t he inform Tom about his possible ancestry? Tom would have been treated better in his House had they known that he wasn’t a mudblood and that he was Slytherin’s Heir. But instead, Dumbledore withheld vital information and watched from afar, as if Tom was born as some sort of demon that was evil to the bone and had to be stalked at every moment.

Nature vs Nurture.

No one is born evil, racist, bigoted etc… It is how they are raised and the examples they are given, that shape who they are.

By Tom’s fifth year, he is interested in his ancestry and looks into it. Tom had hoped that his father was his magical parent but found no record of Riddle and had to live with the fact that his mother was the magical parent. He tracked his name Marvolo, to the Gaunts. Morfin Gaunt informed him that he was of the last of the Slytherin Line and looked a lot like Tom Riddle who lived in the ‘big house’. Tom now knows that his mother was a pureblood and not a ratty circus performer. And his father was a muggle aristocrat, who left her while she was pregnant. Who ran away.

Now, Tom has a dislike for muggles and muggleborns. Where did this come from?

The orphanage, where he was bullied and hated by everyone for being different. Hogwarts, where he was bullied and hated by his House for being a ‘mudblood’. And finally - here’s a little history lesson.

Tom had high aspirations. He wanted to be well known. On September 7th of 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered the London Blitz - which lasted until May of 1941. London was repeatedly bombed and 32,000 died from being blown to pieces and 87,000 were grievously injured. Remember, that WWII is happening in the muggle world. At the time, there was no telling how long it would last. No telling when the madness would end. And Tom faced going back to that, every summer. And he was denied his request to stay at Hogwarts. He could have died at any moment and no one would remember him. Or care. Leading to his fear of death and his search for immortality.

His dislike of muggles and muggleborns isn’t so shocking now… is it?

So, Tom doesn’t ever find out that his mother drugged his father with love potions. He is under the impression that his pureblood mother who was of noble heritage, was used and thrown aside by a filthy muggle.

In his mind, killing the Riddles was suitable revenge. (I personally feel that both Tom and Merope were in the wrong about many things, so I feel no pity for either of them.)

Tom’s lust for being immortal and memorable has already pervaded the story. He learned of Horcruxes and managed to make 2 before asking Slughorn if it was possible to make seven. Seven is a very powerful magical number and Tom wanted every possible protection from death. He was willing to kill to do it.

Tom continues in his life, gaining followers, magic, and reputation. He could have gone to the Ministry, but denied all offers in order to make connections at Borgin and Burke’s. He even tried for the DADA position again, but was turned away by none other than Dumbledore. In order to get even, he cursed the position.

His sanity began decreasing with every Horcrux he made, until he was a shell of his former self. He no longer thought things through. No longer cared for anything really. He was a husk with too much power.

And then his body is destroyed at he comes back 13 years later, restarting his pointless war, ‘fighting’ for a cause that labeled him as inferior. He obviously didn’t consider that for some reason. He obviously missed everything.

And his lack of sanity and complete disregard for anything besides himself, are what led to him being stuck in limbo for eternity.

Tom Marvolo Riddle(I am Lord Voldemort) is a flawed character. He would be boring if he wasn’t. I empathize with and pity him. I do not hate or dislike him. I am a little ashamed of some of the things he has done, but to be honest, I adore his character. And I really think that no one would be perfect for him, except Harry.

Harry Potter Character Analysis and How he Came to be That Way:

Harry was prophesied to be Tom’s equal. And the problem with the prophesy, is that it could be taken in many ways. In my fanfics, I have twisted that thing in every which way I could manage. Voldemort put the prophesy into action by marking his equal and unknowingly placing a piece of his soul inside said equal, gifting him with Parseltongue and making him a Horcrux.

Harry is a halfblood, like Voldemort is. Even similar in appearance, according to CoS Tom Riddle and the HP Wikia. Marked as his equal. Keeper of his soul, no matter how corny it sounds. Holder of his wand’s brother wand. An orphan who grew up in the muggle world, surrounded by people who hated him and wanted nothing to do with him. He was bullied constantly and no one stuck up for him. Who had no friends because of the bullies. Who was given incorrect information about his parents. Who managed to do strange things somehow. Who had powerful bouts of accidental magic. Who could talk to snakes. Who was a natural at DADA. Who was supposed to be in Slytherin. Was hated by a specific teacher for reasons beyond his control.

Controlled by Dumbledore to an extent. Forced to return to his hated place every summer. His decisions taken from him.

Their similarities can be terrifying. And yet, they have differences.

Harry wanted love. He wanted someone to rescue him. To care for him. He was willing to move in with a man he had only, a few hours prior, thought was a mass murderer bent on killing him. Harry longed so deeply, that he wore his heart on his sleeve. He was so compassionate, that he wouldn’t wish his sadness on others. And eventually, he did get what he wanted after much pain and heartbreak.

Harry sacrificed himself in the end and came back.

Tom on the other hand, deserved to be loved. All children do. But he was so fixed on being alone, he never considered the thought of being loved. If he had the care or at least dreamed about the care like Harry did, he would have been different. One act of kindness in his childhood could have shaped a completely different person.

But Tom ended up in limbo for eternity, because he was never shown a better way.

For the Tomarry and Harrymort pairings, my mind comes up with all manner of fanfics and ideas and I never tire of the pairing. I have so many just in my mind that it’s staggering!

-Voldemort overcoming his problems with Harry’s help.

-Harry being brought to freedom from worldly expectation by Voldemort or Tom Riddle.

-Tom Riddle learning love and happiness because of Harry.

-Both butting heads and learning’s to care for each other over a long and arduous time period.

-Pure smut just because it’s hot.

-Even darker pairings between them. Like both being bloodthirsty dark lords.

So many things we can do.

The best Harry Potter ship in my own opinion. Not that others are inadequate or bad, just that it is the best.

The understanding. The equality. 

It gets to me. It really does.

Some may not agree and that’s all well land good. Your opinion is your own. But this right here, is my opinion.

Tomarry and Harrymort are great pairings with a plethora of avenues that can be twisted and molded for your pleasure.

No one’s complaints will ever convince me that this pairing is ‘insipid’ and ‘stupid’.

Strive Pt. 1

Pair: Tomarry

Rating: M-E(depends)

Tags: Mild Language, Homosexuality, Sexism, Obsessed Tom, Time-Travel, Teacher/Student, Eventual Romance, Teacher-Harry, Grey!Harry, MoD(sort of),

Professor Potter wasn’t tall. Not short per se, but definitely not tall. He stood over almost every girl, but was significantly under almost all of the boys.

In between.

Tom wasn’t particularly interested. The man, whom wasn’t that much older than Tom and his fellow seventh years, didn’t seem the type to be very capable of anything but sitting and looking pretty.

And honestly, he had skin that would no doubt make all of the teen girls jealous, and probably Abraxas as well.

His eyes were a bright shade of green that none of them had ever seen on a human before. His hair had never been brushed apparently. The black locks flopped this way and that, and Potter seemed unconcerned about how they presented him.

The man was attractive, true, but he didn’t seem like much beyond being a pretty face. A ‘trophy wife’ as some Muggles would say.

“Mr. Riddle, perhaps you’d like to come up and demonstrate a friendly spar with me?”

His musings were cut off by the object of his attention.

Professor Potter looked strangely calm and not as happy as he had been when the students had walked in. Gone were his wide smile and the Dumbledore-like twinkle in his eyes. All Tom could see now was something dark and a bit disturbing that didn’t belong there.

Still, Tom would not do anything to ruin his ‘good boy’ image, and gave the man a charming smile. “If you would like, sir,” he replied.

Potter waved him forward as he took a stance and erected a silvery, transparent barrier around the dueling platform he’d summoned some time before class had begun. He had cast non-verbally. 

Already, Tom’s wariness was rising. If the man could do such advanced magic without having to say a word, then what else was he capable of? And should Tom be more on his guard than he had previously decided to be?

“I presume you know how to begin a true, wizard’s duel, correct Mr. Riddle?”

Potter’s voice flowed across Tom’s senses in a smooth purr. Almost as if he was an animal in his natural habitat and was completely comfortable with the situation he was in.

Tom smirked, feeling confident. “Of course, sir.” 

To prove his point, he held his wand in front of his face, parallel to his nose and perpendicular to the floor. Potter mimicked the action.

There was no warning, Tom merely cast the first spell he could think of, the Bone-Breaking Curse. Borderline Dark Magic.

Potter deflected it with a wave of his wand, the curse slamming into the barrier and dissipating.

Potter cocked his head to the side, but made no other movements.

Tom’s teeth grinded together. It was as if Potter was mocking him. Tom did not like being made a mockery of.

He raised his wand to cast again, only to find his wand slipping from his grip and soaring across the room and into Potter’s open palm.

No words. No wand movement. It just flew into the man’s hand.

If that wasn’t startling enough, the wood glowed upon contact, and Potter smiled and gave it a stroke.

The image of those thin and elegant fingers stroking Tom’s wand, would forever be burned into Tom’s memory along with the day he’d finally lost in a duel.

The man smiled and stepped forward to return the weapon. “You are extremely powerful, but we’ll need to work on your ability to read body language. You could have anticipated my actions had you looked at me close enough. I have to wiggle my hand a bit to do it wandlessly.”

Turning to the class, the man added, “We’ll be working a lot of physical fitness as well, to help you protect yourselves better. I’m looking forward to the upcoming term.”

And for the rest of the lesson, Tom’s gaze was fixated on his wand, that was strangely warm, in the place a hand would hold it. As if Potter’s hand had burned a permanent memory of his body heat into the wood.

And the magical connection between Tom’s core and his wand thrummed even stronger than before.

Tom suddenly felt need. He didn’t know of what sort, but he knew that it was strong and if he didn’t satisfy it, hell would be easy compared to what his wrath could make happen.


Fiiinally I’ve coloured that Fingon rescuing Maedhros from Thangarodrim piece @.@ 

And also introducing my headcannon Fingon=)

~ The close up is just a few minor AU Fingon/Maedhros details: I like the concept of handfasting especially for elves, seeing as they lack the urgency of time as mortals, marriages while supposedly for all times is more of a soul searching experience, and as such highly intimate (in a spiritually-ish kind of way) and subtle. So the yellow ribbons in Fingon’s hair is Maedhros’ handfasting ribbon and the blue is Fingon’s, and the white threads are actually delicate silver stitchings with oaths only known to the couple. The reason Fingon would have Maedhros’ ribbon in his hair was that the two had a fall out when Feanor went to confront Fingolfin and Maedhros as the eldest son felt that it is his duty to support his father. Maedhros is the more hot tempered of the two (the curse of Feanor) and threw his ribbon at Fingon in an impulsive move but Fingon being the more even minded one of the two had the foresight to know the fight won’t last. They never got the chance to reconcile properly before it all went to shits. So I guess this adds a bit more of a drama to the rescue? And the white things in his hair aren’t pearls, they’re actually supposed to be bells:P Since Glorfindel canonically wove bells into Asfaloth’s mane, I kind of borrowed that idea with Fingon, seeing as he is also quite musically inclined the bells must have played a sort of song whenever he moves around (giving the misconception to humans that elves tinkle when they move around). Ok headcanon vomit over > <