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She had been Princess and inheritrix of England, and bastard and disinherited; the nominated successor to the throne and an accused traitor on the verge of execution; showered with lands and houses and a prisoner in the Tower. She had known what it was like to be reduced to her shift when her father had forgotten about his three-year-old daughter in the excitement of his marriage to a new wife. She had also experienced the violent loss of her clothes when her stepfather, with her stepmother’s connivance, had slashed off her dress with a knife. She had even contemplated exile and opened negotiations with the French ambassador. In and among all this she had been taught, with gentleness and great skill, the most advanced curriculum of the day. But it was her lessons in the school of life that mattered more.
Only two other English or British monarchs have had similarly dangerous and adventurous youths: Elizabeth’s grandfather, Henry VII, who was a hunted exile for most of his twenty-eight years before winning the crown in hand-to-hand conflict with his rival on the battlefield; and Charles II, who was also a fugitive and exile for eleven years between his father’s execution and the abolition of the monarchy in 1649 and the Restoration in 1660. But Elizabeth’s reaction was different from theirs. Henry VII’s experiences bred in him a corrosive and destructive suspicion; Charles II’s, an equally corrosive cynicism. Elizabeth similarly learned distrust, double-dealing and a swirling obfuscation of language in which the more she said the less her meaning was clear. That, bearing in mind the circumstances, was inevitable. But, above all, she learned a sort of humanity.
—  Elizabeth: Apprenticeship by David Starkey
Little Red

A really shitty drabble for @shadyraisincookie cuz I’m a lazy bitch. Her and her friend who I don’t know had some headcanons and I just threw it together for wolf Carla. Trigger warnings: rape? I guess? But it’s not explicit. Mostly sfw. Enjoy~ Also imma tag @mylittlegravityfalls cuz I know she’s a slut for Carla ;) Love ya girl.

Yui Komori had planned to heal the wolf’s wounds and then finish delivering her family’s baked goods to the church. But she didn’t know what she was supposed to do, when the wolf began to change, slowly becoming a man. How his white fur melted into white hair instead, highlighted by a deep purple of royalty.

Yui wondered if perhaps one he were fully healed, the fangs and ears would disappear as well, because there were still parts to this man that were wholly wolf. Nails that could be described only as claws, small patches of fur along his body, the ears that stuck out, one of them grazed by a hunter’s bullet.

“How long do you intend to stare?”

She yelped, jumping back, practically knocking over the table that held the medicinal herbs. Had she been staring so long that she did not notice him stir?

“Y-You’re awake!”

The wolf gave a low growl, snapping at her, “That much should be obvious, even to someone of your kind.”

Yui faltered, swallowing thickly, “My name is Yui Komori. I nursed you.”

“A wolf’s healing ability is infamous. You did nothing but waste your own time.”

“You were bleeding! Your wounds—”

“Healed themselves.”

Yui sat, silenced, seeing the cut on his ear begin to close, as if by magic. Her legs shook, threatening to give out under her.

“Your ears…” she managed, “Are large…even for a wolf…”

The wolf raised his brow at her, before narrowing his eyes in a glare, “The better to hear prey.”

“Prey…” she was too frightened to move, “Like me?”

He motioned her to come closer, and her legs seemed to do so without her permission, not stopping until she was sitting just at the edge of the bed, facing the man with golden eyes.

“Staring at someone for so long, you’ve no sense of respect.”

“Forgive me,” she quickly blurted, “It’s just—” she stopped herself, biting her own lip to keep from talking.

He looked at her curiously again, before giving a smile that were perhaps more frightening than his previous glare. “Humans are always such interesting creatures.”  

Instinct told her to run. But she’d be caught regardless. And it wasn’t as if she could move, trapped beneath such a gaze…

“Mr. Wolf…y-your eyes—”

He inched closer, and instinctively she moved back, but it did nothing to hinder him.

“The better to see you with,” he was smirking now, and Yui found herself running out of bed to back up against, frozen by the sight of the wolf’s fangs.

“Your teeth—”

He slashed the front of her dress, caging her in with his claws, “The better to eat you with.”

She screamed, her body ravished until she was left in nothing but the wolf’s bloody gashes, and the scars of his bites between her legs.

“How lucky,” mused the wolf, with a lick of his lips, “I was so horribly famished,” he placed a chaste kiss against her cheek, and Yui realized that he no longer held his wolfish features.

She trembled, pulling her red robe around her naked body, and closing her eyes. She made no sound, silenced by her own horror, until the wolf took another taste of her skin, the fur of his ears scratching against her cheek.

Her body stiffened, but she was too weak to fight any longer. She held her breath, thinking that this might truly be the end.

But he was not biting, she realized, simply running his tongue over her wounds, Her eyes widened, heart beating against her chest, thinking it all incredibly bizarre, how she could feel her own skin pulling together, the gashes closing.

He did not stop until every inch of her body had been touched by his tongue, ending only with her lips, to cure the cuts that had been caused by her own teeth.

She trembled, looking into those golden eyes, her breath against his. “Mr. Wolf, your tongue…”

He kissed her once more, murmuring in a voice that rumbled like thunder, “The better to heal you with.”

The Prince and His Rose (M)

Inspired by this performance of Kai’s Deep Breath…and that throne. Enjoy! :)

He was on his throne, one knee propped up to rest his arm. His face was covered in his hand, but Sunyee knew he was aware that she was in the room.

“You called?” she took a step forward with her hands clasped behind her back.

He started and looked up with wide eyes. Maybe he wasn’t aware of her presence.

That was concerning.

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