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"Go to hell Sherlock. Go right into hell and make sure you mean it. Pick a fight with a bad guy, put yourself in harms way. If he thinks you need him I swear he will be there."

Ignoring Sherlock, blaming him for something he didn’t do, not wanting to help him although he asked for it and admitted to fucking NEEDING it, leaving him alone with the ‘bad guy’ he picked a fight with and BEATING THE SHIT out of him,

How guilty

On a scale from one to ten

Did John Watson feel after hearing this?


I hate the way you talk to me,

and the way you cut your hair.

I hate the way you drive my car.

I hate it when you stare.

I hate your big dumb combat boots,

and the way you read my mind.

I hate you so much it makes me sick;

it even makes me rhyme.

I hate it, I hate the way you’re always right.

I hate it when you lie.

I hate it when you make me laugh,

even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you’re not around,

and the fact that you didn’t call.

But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you.

Not even close,

not even a little bit,

not even at all.

-10 things I hate about you-

let’s play hannibal or pushing daisies!

  • the Main Guy really likes to cook. like really likes to
  • his kinda love interest slash other main character (now known as The Brunette) likes dogs
  • there’s an african american Detective Guy who just wants to do his job and is involved somehow with Gina Torres
  • the Sassy Blonde character 
    • bonus points if the Main Guy, The Brunette, and the Sassy Blonde are in a weird kind of love triangle
  • Bees? BEES.
    • bees as an accessory to murder 
  • Ellen Greene
  • Female Horse Jockeys
  • ~aesthetic~ color palette 
  • Raul Esparza
  • Many great shots of food
    • but you’re going to be thinking of dead things when you look at the food #sorrynotsorry
  • Ridiculous, elaborate murders

Me right now, help…

So I have a “Facebook friend” who was celebrating and having a good old day chatting on Facebook about how the Muslim ban was a good idea. Today, she’s upset that her tires got slashed and she was stranded hours from her house because she had a Trump poster in her backseat. Now she’s upset that she’s been left stranded somewhere because of her views. I’m just like, gee isn’t that just terrible to be left stranded in an area because your views don’t mesh with others?

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Legion of Doom Len gets his hands on the Flash. Barry tries to appeal to a man that doesn't know him to remember a relationship that hasn't happened yet.

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Could Not Ask For More

Tony is scared of being a dad. He reasons out that he doesn’t know a thing or two on how to be a good father, seeing as Howard was never a father to him. He fears that he might turn out just like Howard and end up hurting Peter and Steve in the process, just like how his father did to him and his mother. Despite all of Steve’s constant effort to remind and assure him that he is nothing like his father, he still feels that he doesn’t deserve Steve and Peter because they are too good for someone like him.

Steve is well aware of the fact that Tony is different from his father and will never be like Howard, with the way he values him, Peter and their friends. He really couldn’t ask for more, Tony is a wonderful husband, albeit a little handful, and he’s a devoted daddy, who is obviously smitten with their baby boy. Now, he just needs to let Tony see that for himself.

Pre-father’s day feels~

shit i know i literally just told lia i was gonna sleep but i had!!! a thought about yuuri not adjusting well at all to being in russia (bc lbh, reality is he probs won’t) bc not a lot of people speak english (or, not well) or they prefer russian and ofc viktor speaks russian to the people around him so yuuri starts feeling Left Out, esp when he’s around the russian skate fam and they talk to each other, they have their inside jokes, their default is a language he doesn’t understand, and viktor tries to be around a lot but he has his own obligations (like a million press interviews and commercial duties for sponsors he kind of abandoned almost a year ago) so when yuuri’s left alone he kind of… doesn’t really have anyone. yura is busy training + talking to otabek, georgi is nice but overwhelming and busy trying to woo this new girl, and mila is nice enough but doesn’t exactly go out of her way to be friends. so yuuri is… lonely

and he tries not to let viktor see, ofc, it’s yuuri, that’s what he’s like, he doesn’t want to be a burden, he wants to be happy here with viktor, with his fiancee in his hometown (and viktor left st petersburg for months to stay with yuuri in hasetsu, so yuuri should be able to do the same). he doesn’t want viktor to know that when viktor’s not around, yuuri barely speaks; that sometimes he makes international calls out of desperation just to hear a familiar voice, but time zones and training make it difficult. that he really, really misses hasetsu and the people there, the warmth, bc st petersburg is beautiful but so very cold in many ways, and yuuri is a small town boy who misses his home. he loves viktor, he really does, he wants to love st petersburg too but.

but one day it just comes to a head, too many half-sleepless nights and too many days spent trying to ignore the hollow feeling in his chest, and yuuri is tense and viktor doesn’t know what’s wrong so they fight, all these little arguments that flare up and simmer down and are never truly resolved. and one of them ends with yuuri in tears and saying he wants to go home, he needs space, he needs to be away and back where things are familiar and he’s not so scared, not so alone. (but you aren’t alone, viktor tries to reason, and yuuri just shakes his head.) (but viktor gets it, the feeling of being surrounded by all these people but feeling so disconnected, like you’re not really there, like you’re not of their world, and it hurts bc he never wanted yuuri to feel that way, he never wants yuuri to be hurt at all.)

so viktor says okay, we can go back to hasetsu, but yuuri – yuuri says no, not we.

and viktor just looks at him, and there’s a cold creeping feeling coming up his throat.

and yuuri says you have to stay, you’re working on your programs, viktor was out of competitive skating for months and he’s been struggling with balancing coaching and training, yuuri can see it, so he says you should stay here, i’ll go back. 

viktor opens his mouth, closes it, looks at the floor. (what can he say?)

it’s a fight but it’s not a fight, and when viktor sees yuuri off for the airport in the early morning, there’s an edge to their every interaction that nobody likes. yuuri kisses him on the cheek, smiles tightly, says he’ll text viktor when he’s arrived in japan.

later, the space beside both of them feels so very empty, but they don’t know what to do.