slash drawing

Speech bubbles read:

Rick: You know w- - what helps with your tr-*BURP*ouble?

Ford: You smell like a distillery

Rick: Honey, vodka wishes to know how this stuff is m- - made.

* * *

Bought a new stylus to see if it works with my generation 1 iPad. It does and I can’t wait to get more fanart going. In the meantime, enjoy a digitalized version of these two.

[voluntarily flings self into the pits of Voltron hell]

I have accepted my fate.

[edit: made some minor adjustments to the anatomy - and now i must sleep for 16 hours *passes out*]

“The elf had regained consciousness - sort of. He leaned against Blitz, giggling silently and making random signs like, Butterfly. Pop. Yippee. Blitzen clutched his stomach and stared into space as if he were thinking of interesting ways to die.”

(Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer, Chapter 53, Rick Riordan)