I feel like if Alec would try to propose lots of times but no-one would ever take it seriously. Like the first time would be on April fools day and Magnus would just roll his eyes and he like “Is that the best prank you and biscuit could come up with, God Alec.” The second time would be drunk “Mags… Slarry Me.” “Alec I have no idea what a Slarry is and I really think you sweet cheeks need to go home” The third time would be in front of everyone at the Institute. Alec was damn feed up of proposing and No-one taking him seriously so Alec decides to do it in front of everyone. So Alec goes down on one knee, and everyone just presumed he has an injury from training, so starts fusing and Alec by this point is about to kill someone. The last time is in the rain, and Magnus holds Alec in his arms, and Magnus takes one look at Alec before whispering “Marry me, Alexander.” And Alec would just dramatically roll out of his arms, before lunging down on one knee, looking up at Magnus furiously with shining blue eyes, before shouting “You take that back right now Bane.” “Alexander?” “I have tried so many bloody times to propose to you but you have never once listened. This is my right Magnus. You take back your proposal right now and then I will propose. And you will goddamn listen.”

ok i’ve decided that we should rename the Larry Grandma group to Seasoned Larry Seamen. who’s with me.

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