Dear Wisconsin and politically motivated street art enthusiasts,
Our fine governor has a lot of road trips planned coming up so he can play “I want to be president”. While that is happening he left a big fucking mess in the house that we’re going to need to clean up in a few years. Let’s make him a big fat welcome home present in the form of mass produced stencil slap stickers.

I’ll fix the bridging and snazz up the font a bit. The eyebrow has been raised to leave you moist with delight like you’re having a hot night out at Saz’s and the fucking anti-christ sides up to you to get your number. So lets all buckle down and brainstorm some captions, people!

A few ideas that seem to be hitting right:

-Shut up and take it
-Two inches, no lube
-Gots ta get paid
-You my bottom bitch, America
-Still Mad?
-The Great White Hype
-No State is Safe
-Tool for Sale
-You Mad?

Reblog with your suggestions, lets get these cut, painted, and on the streets by next week