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MEMO #563

All employees are reminded that banana peels are to be placed in the waste receptacles located throughout the base for disposal. They are especially not to be left at critical junctures in the hallways in order to ‘catch the unwary.’

In a similar vein, no one is to stage a recreation of the 'Spanish Inquisition,’ on any enemy of SHIELD, even if they wouldn’t expect it.

Commander Hill

Deputy Director.

Loli-chan’s Anime Review: Baby, Please Kill Me

Should you watch it?: Yes!

Quick Summary: An airheaded high school girl becomes becomes best friends with a rational but short tempered assassin. This is the story of their friendship.


  • Its slapstick, random humor is well executed and overall very entertaining.
  • The music DURING the show is really nice, and fits the scenes well. The outro’s music is just ok. See the cons for more on the music. 
  • The characters aren’t super cliche, but they definitely were well planned and developed.
  • The animation style is simple, but it’s nicely done. I especially like the colorful backgrounds it uses for certain scenes (like the one pictured above).
  • Each episode focuses on three different things. It almost seems as if one single episode is divided into three different mini episodes. This not only provides more content for us to watch, but keeps the show refreshing and enjoyable. 


  • The intro music is high pitched and frankly irritating to both the ears and the head. I’d recommend skipping it.
  • One of the characters remains relatively unused and ignored. However, this becomes a running gag, hence canceling out the problem.
  • During the ‘timeskips’ (rather, between scenes), the show reads “Kill me, baby!” in various, comedic voices. I felt like it was a little overused, and could be interpreted as just stupid. 
  • The episodes are all around 24 to 25 minutes, which means it can be a little lengthy. 

Overall opinion: Wow, I’m a little sad this one’s over. I finished it really quickly; this is something I never do, which means it was thoroughly entertaining. Of course, if slapstick humor isn’t your thing, maybe this is not for you. All in all, as long as you skip the intro music, you should enjoy it.

anonymous asked:

okay i need some help: me and my friend are kinda awkward and tense right now. this is mainly my fault. I've become horribly envious of the fact that she gets more recognition for her art. She also looks down on me because im not the best at concentration or school. I dont know what to do. I cant express and release my envy because she and my other friends will basically shun me. This as caused the emotion to build um in unhealthy amounts and im really just stuck.

Forgive me for being so bold, but why are you friends with them if you can’t let your feelings out?

Friends are there to help you grow as a person. They’re also there to keep you in line, yes, but if something is bothering you, you should be able to say it so they can help you get over or through it.

I know if I’m having a bad day, and I tell my friends to lay off the slapstick humor we enjoy so much, they’ll lay off until I let them know I’m feeling up to it again. Because they care about me as a person.

Perhaps if you can’t be open with your friends, you need to find new friends. No one should endure a relationship where they feel belittled. It’s not healthy. 

I’m not saying friends can’t disagree, but they should be able to be honest. If you can’t be honest, what’s the point of being friends?

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Do you have any soft/happy kuro headcanons? Despite having willingly chosen a pretty dark series as my main interest, sometimes it's nice to think about softer less edgy things involving characters and I was wondering if you had any ideas or headcanons

Oh man, I’m not sure if I can answer this question sufficiently but yes, I have quite a lot. I feel the same way; in the big picture, Kuro’s not that dark a series and there are still spots of light in it.

Some headcanons:

  • Frances and Alexis feel true love for each other and think of Ciel as one of their own children
  • Rachel, Ciel, and Diederich were the people that reminded Vincent he was still human
  • Ciel also organizes little celebrations for Lizzie when he has the time
  • Finny and Sebastian are keeping a cat behind Ciel’s back
  • Tanaka was like a father to Frances/Vincent and a grandpa to Ciel
  • Undertaker likes slapstick humor
  • Lots of girls and boys have crushes on Edward
  • Sieglinde goes to Lizzie’s fencing contests and acts like a cheerleader
  • Ciel genuinely likes Soma, but won’t admit it
  • William genuinely likes Grell, but won’t admit it- Grell knows
  • Lau and Arthur kept in contact and are good yet awkward friends
  • A strange, hidden, itty bitty part of Sebastian is genuinely fond of the people around him

I have more but that’s all I’ll share for now!

this is probably the most serious sunny episode ever written, and i’m glad it was, because openly saying a bunch of slurs can only have so much slapstick humor in it. mac’s moment is also the only fully serious moment they’ve ever had in the show that i can remember. it could’ve easily been super lame but it was incredibly touching. some of the discussion of slurs was surprisingly nuanced.

all that said, there was absolutely a dildo bike. there was 100% a dildo bike

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now that you've gotten into maid dragon, what are your thoughts!!!! i always get really warm inside, i never thought i'd get to see something so heartfelt and. gay? i also love how kanna has a girlfriend too. it's all very cute

i really like it lakjdsf it’s so sweet and cute. kobayashi and tohru are straight up married and kanna is their kid and it’s just PURE. it reminds me a lot of the feelings i got watching chuunibyou, non non biyori and yuru yuri. super cute and heartfelt moments sorta sprinkled in around A1 comedy and slapstick humor. idk it’s just a really good and pure show minus a few very minor overlook-able things and i feel bad that i judged it off the bat. it really is not as bad as we all assumed it was gonna be.

The Signs’ Sense of Humor

Dark Comedy - jokes about taboo topics such as tragedy, drugs, death, rape, violence, etc.

Capricorn & Aquarius

Blue Comedy - jokes about politically incorrect topics such as sex, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.

Scorpio & Libra

Dry Humor - jokes with a casual tone, sarcasm, and without emotion or change in body language; deadpan

Virgo & Taurus

Insult Comedy - jokes at the expense of others possibly being offended on a more personal level

Leo & Gemini

Physical Comedy - finds humor in slapstick, toilet jokes, exaggerated gesturing, and other body humor

Aries & Sagittarius

Wit & Wordplay - appreciates more clever and intellectual manipulation of language; how posh

Pisces & Cancer

Dan and Phil's lives would make a great sitcom

Think about it. Two best friends living and working together. Getting into humorous situations. Uh-oh! Another crazy person has run into Phil again! Some slapstick humor because of general clumsiness. Heart warming lessons about accepting yourself and the value of friendship. Cuteness. It would have the cheesiest theme song and I would watch the hell out of it.


Seriously though, I think this movie doesn’t know what it wants to be.

At times it seems to go for a dark tone, with lots of atmosphere, fairly good character moments, and a rather twisted scheme from the main antagonists. But at other times it gets really silly, with a lot of slapstick, awkward humor, and acting that belongs to a school play. It’s this tonal disparity that makes this movie so unbalanced, and just not fun to watch.

I think I kind of understand they were going for a more colorful, comedic comic book movie, but Batman deserves better and the filmmakers should know this. If you are in dire need of some cape crusader shenanigans, give this one a watch. I personally don’t care.

And now, if you excuse me, I have to start practicing my riddles. This lovely fellow sure has a few of them, and quite good ones too!

Featuring: Wiggles, as The Riddler. Happy Birthday Wiggles!


RIP to La India Maria, Mexican actress, singer, and comedienne María Elena Velasco has died at the age of 74. :-(

Velasco was perhaps best known for creating and portraying the character of La India Maria who over the course of 30 years, the character appeared in 16 films and a spinoff television series, Ay María, qué puntería. La India Maria was usually garbed in colorful, traditional blouses and skirts and braided hair, and countered racial and class discrimination with her good nature, strong morals, and slapstick sense of humor.

battle tendency shoujo manga high school au
  • joseph: comic relief boy with a surprisingly deep backstory
  • caesar: the boy that everyone gets the dokis over
  • suzie q: the girl who gets the dokis
  • reporter girl (rebecca): the girl who punches the dudes for slapstick humor
  • lisa lisa: the principal
  • mark: best friend of the boy that everyone gets the dokis over and sometimes feels overshadowed by the doki friend
  • stroheim: extremely problematic senpai
  • wamuu: the boy who respects the doki boy and demands to be taken under his wing to learn how to create dokis
  • esidisi: the source of 99% of the shoujo tears
  • kars: the beautiful teacher who keeps putting joseph in detention
  • santana: the kid who learns just by sitting in class and gets straight 100s
  • straights: the teacher that complains about looking too old and being single
  • smokey: the class president who is very confused by all the dokis flying around