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Chasing His Own Pleasure

Chasing His Own Pleasure

Warning:   NSFW— 18 YRS AND OLDER —- PURE SMUT from the beginning.   UNPROTECTED SEX. LANGUAGE.

Reader and Winchester brother of your choosing- Soulless Sam or Demon Dean.

He’d been fucking you for what felt like hours, you are a wet rag, at his mercy. 

He knew how to make you scream. This tall hunk of a man picked you up in a bar and took you back to his room. You didn’t even know his name.  He was rough, kisses, hands, very little four play, all action.  While he has not neglected making sure you feel good, he seems to be chasing his own pleasure, using your body.

Not that you mind.  

After you come for the umpteenth time, he pulls out of you. You whine at the loss of him as the cooler air reaches your skin.

He looks down at you, his eyes devour even inch of you.

“Turn over.” He growls.

Your muscles miraculously respond to his command; you present your shapely ass to him.

“Hmmm” He groans looking at you. “So nice, so hot for me.”

You feel his large hands grip your hips as he lines his thick member with your pussy. He teases your clit a little before he slides deep inside you.

“So tight.”

 He begins again with his hard punishing pace. He slams into you, his hard abs slapping your round cheeks, he reaches deeper inside you than you thought possible.  He places one hand on the back of your neck, pushing you into the mattress his other hand on your hip.  

He moves faster, harder. It’s almost painful yet feels soo good.   You feel the pressure building; you are going to come again.  This will be your biggest orgasm yet.  As the waves of pleasure begin your walls clench around his large cock, seizing it. Every thrust he pushes through your tight walls cause another shock of pleasure through you.

“Oh Fuck, Baby.” He cries out in surprise.

“That’s it… Fuucck!” He cries out as you feel him spill inside of you.  He continues thrusting into riding out your orgasm. He slows and pulls out a few moments after your walls release his cock.

“Darlin, that was so damn good.” He flops down next to you. His chest is heaving as he gulps for air. Sweat covers his muscular body.  

You are panting, laying on your stomach, your sweat drenched hair in your eyes.

“Dear God in Heaven, I have never felt like that before.” You say trying to move.  

“He’s not in heaven.” The Adonis laughs next to you. Chuckling as if he made a joke.

“No Honey, he’s right here next to me.”  You smile finally moving to trace your hand down his toned stomach.

“Hmmmmmm” He rumbles in his chest as he grabs your wrist. “Keep that up and we’ll go again.”

“Maybe I don’t mind?” you purr.  

Before you can move he has rolled you over and is atop you, kissing you roughly.   This is going to be an amazing night!