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Post-S3 Hannibal deserves everything he gets and Will is the tired husband fic.

The kitchen was warm from the wood burning oven. There was a loaf of bread being baked inside it now and soon there would be the fish to go inside next.

The catch had been small, but it would do for the next few days. There was always the fish in the freezer, but Will was wary of resorting to unthawing those just yet. 

Will held the smallest of the halibut by its head and lightly whipped the tail, slapping Hannibal on the cheek, leaving behind a wet trail that led to the corner of Hannibal’s upturned lips. There was no surprise or shock on his face, he was–as simply as Hannibal could be–happy to have Will’s attention. 

He wiped his cheek primly with one of the patriotically themed discounted paper napkins.

“There is a word for that.” Hannibal said.

“I’m not above doing it again, just so you know.”

“Cornobbling,” said Hannibal. He laughed at Will’s heartfelt groan. If it wasn’t for Will’s scale covered hands, he would have covered his face to shield himself from Hannibal’s humor.

Will pointed his knife at Hannibal. “I am not going to ask you how you know that. I’m not.” 

With every ounce of purposefulness, Will set the halibut back onto the cutting board, ready to start descaling the fish and add it to the tray with the others.

Hannibal moved and stood behind Will, circling his arms around him and placing his hands over Will’s. Together they scaled the fish. Hannibal bit gently at Will’s ear.

“You shouldn’t cornobble people who don’t deserve it.”

“If there was ever anyone in the world who deserved a fish to the face, Hannibal, it’s you.”

“That’s not very nice.”

Will could hear his pout and started to smile. “Yeah, yeah.”

For @sirenja-and-the-stag for informing me about the word ‘cornobble’. I am forever grateful.

Okay but can I just say I really appreciate that one part in dgm where literally everything leads you to believe that Allen and Lenalee would fall victim to the classic *innocent male character accidentally falls face-first into female friend’s chest* trope to fuel shipper material like, you see the train jolt to a stop, Allen goes flying forward, even shows his point of view and you know where he’s going and it’s out of his control BUT Lenalee is just so awesome and was quick enough to destroy that trope here, with the help of her trusty suitcase:

Like, I feel like the dgm crew was purposefully trying to make a point here so idk I just love this for some reason.

Allen: I sure hope I don’t fall into my female friend’s chest for some random reason that isn’t important to the plot, therefore providing shipper material and feeding the stereotypical trope. *all them Allena shippers waiting in anticipation*

Train: Hey guess what time it-

Lenalee’s suitcase: BLOCKED

BTS - you have a big butt.

i found this on my drafts, i don’t remember if was a request lol. 


Before you date, Seokjin always noticed your butt, but of course he never said anything. But now that you’re dating OH GOD! He your ass is like a godness thing, seriously! “I’ll never get used to it, baby! Look at this. Your butt is so perfect.”


He loves to squeeze and give little slaps on your ass. He always does this when you are alone. “Your ass looks so hot on those jeans, c'mon, sit on my lap for me to feel how good it is.” “No. I’m going to work now, you pervert.” “I’m not a pervert. Your butt is too beautiful.”


At the beginning of the relationship, he was shy to squeeze your butt or something like that. But now, oh god, it doesn’t stop. He loves to squeeze, slap or just caress your ass. It’s one of the favorite things in the world for him.


Namjoon had an obsession with butt, especially yours. He loves how your ass is perfectly round and attractive. When you wear skirts or dresses at home, he would just lift them to look at your butt. “I always dreamed of having a girlfriend with that butt, believe in your dreams, they come true.” “Why are you so obsessed with my butt? I mean, it’s just an ass.” “How dare you say that?”


Sometimes he’s very shy about it, and sometimes he’s a pervert. It depends on his mood. He likes to squeeze your butt during sex, it’s the moment where your butt gets more attention. And of course, you love when he does it.


He’s a cutie and everyone knows that. He doesn’t care much about your ass in general, I mean, he likes, of course, but he doesn’t have to pay attention to that all the time. But when it comes to sex / makeout, that changes. All the attention turns to that butt.


You have a lot of intimacy with each other. There is no shame at anything. He squeezes your ass at inappropriate times, just to tease you. “Hm, your ass looks so good in those shorts.” “Oh really?” “Your ass looks good on anything, especially on that dick.” “Why are you so disgusting? Let’s break up.”

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09.04.17 Happy Birthday To Moi~

Yusss today’s mah burfday so I drew myself a pic or two to celebrate 0w0 Yoosung tells OC Amy to quit her job (she does World Hacking i.e. hacks her way into other Worlds, some of which can be very dangerous) since he’s worried for her safety. Amy is all, bich that’s mah life’s work okay, and Yoosung…well he just kisses her 8D

Enjoying The Show

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Ruby

Word Count: 2260

Warnings: Very NSFW, Threesome, Unprotected Sex, Oral (female receiving) Female on female oral, fingering, multiple orgasms, minor voyeurism, 

Prompt: The reader accidentally walks in on Sam and Ruby, and while Sam doesn’t notice, Ruby does and confronts her about it. The three later enjoy a night with each other.

A/N: I’ve never written a threesome before and this is only the fourth smut piece I’ve written. I’m tagging my forevers and sam girls in this, but you don’t have to read! I will not be mad if you skip over this one.

Beta’d by the lovely @impala-dreamer

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▪A/N: I love sirius tbh

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▪the two of you meeting when he’s paired as your partner for potions 6th year

▪hating him at first for his cockiness and obnoxiousness

▪doing things when he’s being the cocky self he is

▪such as rolling your eyes when he makes a sexual joke

▪or huffing a breath of air when he talks to James from across the room

▪it’s obvious you hate him

▪but eventually he comes up to you and asks “why do you hate me?”

▪you being straight up and saying “because you are arrogant, insolent, irrevocable, and annoying. you think you’re the shit but really, you’re not,”

▪talking about how aggravated you are of him and how it’s hard to work with him and finally getting it off your chest

▪but this little shit decides that while you’re talking, mid-sentence, he kisses you

▪you push away and slap him giving him the ‘what are the fuck’ face

▪and just walking away from the spot you were previously in

▪while he’s standing there confused running a hand thru his dark hair

▪not talking to him for a few weeks after the little scene he caused

▪you change partners for potions so you don’t have to deal with his shit

▪sharing longing glances in the hall while you’re walking past each other

▪you feeling confused about your feelings for him ever since the kiss which is the reason why your ignoring him

▪but eventually you guys meet in the common room once it was dark and everyone went up their dorms

▪it was kind of an accident really because you needed to study, he needed some time for himself to collect his thoughts/couldn’t sleep

▪you sitting across the room from him because you couldn’t bare to look into his stormy eyes that melts you in

▪him giving glances at you from across the room confused as to how he felt this way

▪but he first pipes up, quite awkwardly, “so what are you working on?”

▪you giving him a bitter glance, “studying for the transfiguration test we have next week”

▪him nodding along

▪then silence

▪sirius huffing getting up from his spot “I can’t take this anymore Y/N, I like you okay? I don’t know what I did to deserve this!”

▪dropping the notes you had in your lap to the coffee table while joining him in the couch “I was confused as to what I was feeling towards you which is kinda the reason why I’ve ignored you for the past few weeks”

▪sirius widening his eyes “I didn’t know you felt the same way”

▪then silence

▪sirius kissing you out of the blue, but this time you accepted it and kissed back this time

▪and all was well ♡


A/N: I feel like I’m missing a lot, but I did my best. If you can think of anything I missed please let me know! I didn’t include everything like kissing, hair-pulling, etc… and I didn’t get too freaky, I tried my best to be realistic lol they’re all fluffy babes, not freakdeaky men.

Also, pls do not report me for using ‘oppa’ it’s a real thing, just like daddy is-

-Admin Finn [this is only my opinion!]



Oppa/Daddy: A term used to refer to an older and dominant male. Either may be caring or cruel, their domineering natures giving them obsolete control.
Branding: Marking their S/O either by biting, giving a hickey to claim possession.
Asphyxiation: Breath-Play, light or heavy choking by the dominant participant.
Degrading: Talking down to the submissive in a degrading manner, names such as “slut, whore, bitch.”
Binding: Disabling another either by ropes, handcuffs, or any other material to render them.
Shibari: Traditional Japanese robe binding known for it’s precise aesthetic.
Sensory Deprivation: Depriving one of a sense, such as sight blindfolding.
Altocalciphilia: A fetish of high heels.
Corrupting: A kink associated with the pleasure the dominant party derives from ‘corrupting’ the innocence of the other party, [taking virginity, getting kinky with a shy, innocent, or inexperienced person, etc…]
Edge-Play: A dangerous kink associated with the possibility of serious harm, ie. knife-play. Or in general edgy erotic play, blood play, etc…
Facials: A man orgasming on his S/O’s face, creating self-satisfaction
Crying: The pleasure a sadistic party derives from seeing the tears of the other.
Forceful: Another term to mean rough/demanding
Voyeurism: Sexual pleasure derived from watching others in intimate acts, including masterbating, sex with another, or even undressing.



Taeyong [Switch]

  • Oppa
  • Dirty Talk [Giving & Receiving]
  • Collars
  • Biting [Giving & Receiving]
  • Branding [Giving & Receiving]
  • Voyeurism
  • Orgasm Denial [Giving]
  • Overstimulation [Giving & Receiving]

*Asphyxiation, Degrading, Shibari, Toys, Sensory Deprivation – Begging, Enjoys Pain, Enjoys Being Bound

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  • Oppa
  • Dirty Talk [Giving]
  • Altocalciphilia
  • Biting [Giving]
  • Branding [Giving]
  • Begging [Receiving]
  • Erotic Torture [Giving]
  • Corrupting

*Slapping/Spanking, Binding, Overstimulation, Sensory Deprivation, Master

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  • Lingerie
  • Asphyxiation [Giving]
  • Degrading [Giving]
  • Biting [Giving and Receiving]
  • Being Forceful 
  • Collars
  • Body Worship [Receiving]
  • Erotic Torture [Giving]
  • Overstimulation [Giving]

*Fighting/Wrestling, Disciplining, Edge-Play, Slapping/Spanking, Forced Orgasms

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  • Lingerie
  • Begging [Receiving]
  • Disciplining [Giving]
  • Slapping/Spanking [Giving]
  • Branding [Giving]
  • Using Toys

*Overstimulation, Voyeurism, Daddy, Asphyxiation, Facials, Being Forceful

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  • Oppa
  • Biting [Giving]
  • Disciplining [Giving]
  • Orgasm Denial [Giving]
  • Corrupting S/O

*Role-Playing, Being Forceful, Slapping/Spanking, Sensory Deprivation, Toys

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  • Dirty Talk [Giving]
  • Biting [Giving]
  • Degrading [Giving
  • Being Forceful
  • Begging [Receiving]
  • Disciplining [Giving]
  • Overstimulation [Giving]
  • Corrupting S/O

*Oppa, Exhibitionism, Food-Play, Crying, Binding, Gagging

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  • Altocalciphilia
  • Biting [Giving & Receiving]
  • Body Worship [Giving & Receiving]
  • Branding [Giving]
  • Sensory Deprivation [Giving]

*Using Toys, Forced Orgasms, Overstimulation, Voyeurism

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Ten [Switch]

  • Lingerie
  • Body Worship [Giving & Receiving]
  • Voyeurism
  • Using Toys
  • Erotic Torture [Giving & Receiving]
  • Sensory Deprivation [Giving & Receiving]

*Food-Play, Collars, Orgasm Denial – Begging, Giving Worship/Praise, Enjoys Being Tortured

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Symbol Starters v.2~
  • Send for our muses to play in the rain.
  • Send 📞 to have my muse prank call yours.
  • Send 🎵 to have my muse sing to yours.
  • Send 👕 to go clothes shopping with my muse.
  • Send 👙 to go to the beach with my muse.
  • Send 🌠 to watch shooting stars with my muse.
  • Send to have my muse comfort yours during a thunderstorm.
  • Send 🔑 to find my muse locked out of their home/business/etc.
  • Send 🚿 to catch my muse in the shower.
  • Send to give my muse a haircut.
  • Send 🎼 to walk in on my muse playing their instrument of choice.
  • Send 🎮 for our muses to play video games together.
  • Send 🎲 for our muses have a game night.
  • Send 🚴 to go bike riding with my muse.
  • Send 🍵 for our muses to have a tea party.
  • Send for our muses to stay in on a cool day and snuggle with warm beverages.
  • Send 👫 to ask my muse on a date.
  • Send 🍱 for my muse to cook for yours.
  • Send 🍩 for our muses to buy and/or eat sweets together.
  • Send 🏠 for my muse to stay over your muse’s house for the night.
  • Send 🎡 for our muses to go to an amusement park.
  • Send  for our muses to go to the hot springs together.
  • Send to play truth or dare with my muse.
  • Send to have my muse write yours a letter.
  • Send to go ice skating with my muse.
  • Send 😳 if you want my muse to make you blush.
  • Send 🐟 to go fishing with my muse.
  • Send 👊 to punch my muse.
  • Send 👋 to slap my muse.
  • Send 😃 to give my muse a hug.
Santa Baby - Luke Hemmings

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Luke’s leg was bouncing as he sat on the plane, parked at the terminal waiting for the pilot to take the fasten seat belt sign off. He wanted nothing more than to get off the plane and into the arms of his girlfriend that he hadn’t seen in four months except over Face time and Skype, which clearly isn’t the same thing because you can’t kiss through a camera. It had been the longest ride of his life, both physically and emotionally, but the end result would be worth it, especially when he saw her beautiful right in front of him, eyes bright, kissable lips…

The light flicked off, Luke quickly standing, bags already ready as he made his way down the aisle standing in front of the stewardess bouncing on the balls of his feet trying to calm himself down. “Anxious to get home?” she questioned smiling at him, eyes running over the length of the boy’s body, Luke oblivious as he smiled nodded quickly.

“Haven’t seen my girlfriend in four months. I’m really excited,” he responded, the girl’s face dropping slightly as she tried to keep a smile on her face. Luke wasn’t ugly, and he knew it, but he also had the girl of his dreams waiting for him at the end of that tunnel and right through customs.

“Well, she must be really great if you’re this excited to see her,” she said, Luke nodding quickly as the door opened. He quickly sped off, walking as fast as his long legs would carry him down and out through customs. It wasn’t a quick process, getting his passport checked and let back into his home country, but it was quicker than when he was trying to get into London. He stepped through the double doors instantly being attacked by his two older brothers, Luke dropping his bags hugging them back tightly hoping they let go just as quick as they hugged him.

“Lewi’s home,” Jack teased being the first to pull back, Ben pulling back next as Luke’s eyes scanned the crowd, a frown coming to his face.

“She’s not here, Luke.”

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