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Dating Tommen Baratheon Would Include....

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-Ceresi hating you. With a passion. Make of that what you will….

-You and Tommen were in an arranged marriage. So technically you are courting

-You live in King’s Landing. Have since you were a child

-Matching colors and outfits

-A playfull, childish love

-”Tommy can’t we go outside? I am so bored…”

-”I can’t Y/N. I do have to finish this paper work. It is my duty.”

-”Well then I suppose Podrick will take me outside-”

-”Fine. Let’s go.”

-Lots of flirting

-L O T S  O F  F L I R T I N G

-Joffrey likes to tease you and torment and threaten you. Especially when Tommen isn’t around.

-Tommen is too scared to defend you until he’s older

-Jamie adores you. As does Tyrion

-Walks in the garden

-Him sleeping with you when you have nightmares and vice versa

-Dancing all night at balls

-Volenteering in the Kingdom together (without telling Cersei, of course)

-You guys are literally the OTP of the kingdom

-You are literally the light keeping Tommen from the dark and evil around him

-He likes to buy you things. A LOT of things no matter how you protest

-In return, you make him clothes

-He also likes you to read or sing to him

-You actually, fun fact, wore a dress of Lannister-Baratheon colors you made to match Tommen’s clothes and he actually cries

-You are about to bitch slap Joffrey for being an ass to his Uncle at the purple wedding but he held you back

-”He’s not worth it, my love, and I would like to have a bride with a head.”

-Tywin hiding you in Tommen’s neck while Joff chokes

-You both cry

-Shit… We are going to be Queen and King now

a/n: sort of requested by anon, and even though it diverged from the initial plan, at any rate i wanted to do it, so here it is:

a kick to the teeth is good for some

—“kiss with a fist,” florence + the machine

[jonxsansa, modern high school au ~5k+]

Jon had never fancied himself a particularly angry person, and as such any burst of violence from him is always a surprise. He breaks up more fights than he starts, although he’d be lying if he said he’d never thrown a punch on his best friend Robb’s behalf. Robb tended to be a bit more volatile than Jon, never able to shrug off wrongs or even the merest of slights, and Jon couldn’t very well stand by on those occasions where Robb didn’t have the upper hand. It’s not often that Jon has to intervene, but he considers it a matter of honor when he does.

The same goes for Robb’s younger siblings, who Jon—an only child—delights in and adores as ardently as they do each other. No one bothers Bran much because no one wants to be person who picked on the kid in the wheelchair, but Arya and Rickon are another story entirely; both wild, small, and scrappy, they’d had to be bailed out of a dozen fights apiece, and neither Robb nor Jon take kindly to whoever they’d been fighting. Still, even then Jon tends to be the one who looks around the corner for a teacher while Robb pummels the guy in the locker room or behind the bleachers. Love them as Jon does, Arya and Rickon are still largely their older brother’s responsibility, and Robb prefers to handle their assailants on his own.   

Between worrying about Bran and tackling whatever trouble Arya and Rickon have gotten themselves into recently, the last of the Stark children Jon expects he’ll need to punch anyone over is Sansa. She is by all accounts an easy target—soft and sweet and sensitive, but she’s also pretty and kind-hearted and everyone loves her, so Jon and Robb alike had little reason to clench their fists for her.

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Killer Queen

Drabble request from anonymous

Jaime Lannister x Reader

18. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here.”
47. Sleepy waking up cuddles
48. “Oh god, what did we do last night?”

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A/N: Tbh I really didn’t have a plan for this drabble I just let it flow out of me like water, writing whatever came natural and making a few tweaks here and there afterwards. Also I had a twisted enjoyment out of having the reader try and get revenge haha. Hope y’all enjoy xoxox

Warnings: language (cause I have a cussing problem), fluff, angst, mentions of blood and death, lots of threatening, Joffrey being a prick, Jaime being a knight in shining armor

Words: 1400ish (lol this was supposed to be a drabble and I just let it get away from me)

“Fuck you, you demented, bloodthirsty little bastard!” you screamed as you slapped Joffrey across the face, allowing the ring you wore to cut his cheek. A satisfied smile split your features as you watched the blood flow down his cheekbone past his jaw, signaling that you had given him a good, hard hit.

“You best watch your tone you little whore. Or you’ll end up like that poor little toy of yours, with your head on a spike” he smirked, waving his hand at the guard beside him, silently asking for a cloth to wipe away the blood on his face.

“If you say one more word to me Joffrey. I swear by the old gods and the new that I will personally slit your throat so deep your head might just fall off that fragile little neck of yours” you warned, your tone getting dangerously low as you pointed a finger at your husband, your king. You lifted the delicate crown off of your head and dropped it to the floor. The metal ringing against the hard stone floor, echoing throughout the throne room. Your eyes cut through the air like daggers as you made eye contact with your husband at the exact moment that your foot came down onto the crown that just moments ago was placed on your head.

After successfully destroying the symbol of your power and connection to that snide little bastard Joffrey, you stormed out of the room, throwing the throne room doors open and nearly taking out the two guards posted by the doors in the process. One of those guards was Jaime Lannister. Kingslayer. Silently hoping that he’d reignite that nickname of his, you ran quickly up the stairs to the room that was yours and yours alone. It was no secret that you and Joffrey hated one another. Everybody knew it to the point where nobody even flinched when the two of you threatened one another’s lives. The guards wouldn’t harm either of you even if the other one commanded it, so a lot of the threats were empty. Except for that last one. You were going to slit his throat, you decided.

It took a bit of planning, but you finally figured out how you were going to do it. You were going to wait until he was asleep and the guards went to change shifts, which they did at exactly the same time every night. During that small window when nobody was guarding his room, you were going to sneak in with the knife you kept under your pillow for protection and drag it across his throat. Yes, you’d probably be beheaded for killing the king, but you didn’t care. Hells, the kingdom might even worship you for doing it, gods know everybody fucking hated Joffrey. Seriously, everybody. Even his guards. It was a wonder he was still breathing.

With the knife tucked securely in your belt, you tiptoed out of your room and snuck around the corner just as the guard was leaving his post to go get the man who was supposed to relieve him. You slowly turned the doorknob to his room, feeling as though everyone in the kingdom could hear your heartbeat and your breathing because of how much adrenaline was coursing through your veins. Once you had snuck into the room, you pulled the knife from your belt and began stalking over to the bed where your husband lay. For a moment you considered stabbing yourself in the stomach after the fact, making it look like self defense but you decided to say fuck it and reached towards his exposed neck, knife in hand.

Suddenly a large, warm hand clamped over your mouth when another one wrapped around and held your wrist in place, making sure you couldn’t strike with the weapon you were still holding. Tears welled in your eyes as you realized you were caught, you were going to be killed and Joffrey was going to smile while one of his lackeys beheaded you.

Strong arms pulled you out of the king’s room and into the hall before tossing open the door to your bedchambers and tossing you inside. You finally got a look at the man who destroyed your plans and there he was, standing with his back to your door and bearing into you with a look you thought was going to make you melt into a puddle of tears. You simply couldn’t help it when you fell to the floor, a crumpled pile of sadness as sobs racked your body.

Hey, it’s okay. I’m here” soothed the Kingslayer in an attempt to calm you down. He sat down on the floor next to you, his bulky armor making the position uncomfortable but he didn’t care.

“You need to be quieter, sweetheart. Someone’s going to hear you” he whispered as he brushed your y/h/c hair away from where it was hanging over your face.

“Why did you stop me?” you mumbled out, allowing yourself to slump against the cold, hard metal of his breastplate as he held your head to him with his hand.

“I couldn’t let you kill him, your grace. He’s an ungrateful little brat but you’re the strong, lovable queen. Can’t have you beheaded for killing the king. Kings Landing would have a full on revolt if anyone lays a hand on you, we need to keep the peace” he continued to rattle off reasons why you needed to stay calm and collected in the public eye as he lifted you and place you into your bed. Your head ached from the tears and your eyes were burning. You grabbed the carafe of wine off of your table and began drinking, allowing Jaime to drink some as well. The last thing you remember is drunkenly crying and leaning your head against Jaime’s chest as you drifted in and out of sleep as he kissed the top of your head.

The sun peeking through your windows woke you up and you shifted slightly as you felt a heavy arm slung over your waist. Not noticing that you normally didn’t wake up with someone else in your bed, you snuggled into the man’s chest, sighing deeply when his arms wrapped around to hold you tightly to him. Your mind was quiet as you felt the warm, surprisingly soft hands creep underneath the hem of your shirt and settle on the small of your back. You hummed as you nestled your face in his neck, feeling his long hair brush across your face as he turned to face you.

“Mmm, Y/N. This is nice” he groaned, shifting so his legs were tangled with yours as he interlaced his large fingers with your much smaller ones.

Then it hit you. You were cuddling with Jaime Lannister.

“Oh my god” you sprung out of bed, standing a few feet a way and facing Jaime, shaking.

Oh god, what did we do last night?” you screeched, letting your hands fly to your head as you paced back and forth, “We didn’t… Did we?” you couldn’t remember a thing and you were trying, grasping for any memory of the night before but between the slight sting of your eyes from crying and the pounding of your head you couldn’t place a single thing.

“Gods, no. Sweetheart I just wanted to make sure you didn’t go running off into the night attempting assassinations again and you insisted I sleep in your bed rather than on the floor” he chuckled, sitting up in your bed and pulling up a pillow to place behind his head as he leaned against the headboard.

“Oh, thank goodness” you breathed out, relief flooding your brain as you shuffled back over to the bed to flop down and potentially go back to sleep.

“Now, can you promise me you won’t kill my nephew?” he rubbed small circles on your shoulder.

“Fine I guess” you huffed, smirking a little at Jaime’s concern, more so for you than for Joffrey.

“Plus I wouldn’t want to upset the public because they lost the queen they love so much” chuckles erupted from your slightly sore body.

“Your grace, the kingdom would absolutely crumble without you” he smiled, kissing you on the temple before beginning to gather his things and leave the room to start his shift in the throne room.

Proof Tyrion poisoned King Joffrey

Enough nonsense has been written about this already :-(

Tyrion was convicted. Are you doubting the Gods?

Tyrion conspired with Olenna. Sansa knew about it, wanted it. She wanted to marry Loras and the Tyrells wanted to marry Sansa Stark.

Olenna used Littlefinger, never said a thing about Tyrion or Sansa being involved, so Sansa could play the innocent with him. Olenna lied to Margaery about it too, of course.

Tyrion was framed to be the suspect from the start. He had a motive: he had slapped Joffrey in public and threatened him, he believed Joffrey had tried to have him killed. He feared for his life. His being right in the middle of it when it happened just accelerated things.It was not meant to go that way. Both Sansa and Olenna had some of the poison in hand, waiting for a chance to use it. Tyrion couldn’t know he would be made Joffrey’s cupbearer and he would never have planned it this way but Sansa picked up the goblet from under the table. She never cared for Tyrion, had no trouble sacrificing him. She took the occasion to drop the poison in, then left when Joffrey choked. Tyrion had been used, just like Dontos, but he was an active participant in the scheme. 

Shae wasn’t lying at the trial. No one else really was. Meryn Trant and Pycelle had personal fears or grudges and took advantage of the situation. Varys did what he had to to stay in the good graces of the powerful.Tyrion made it look like a farce, pretended to be accused of being a dwarf so he would put a plausible alternative into the room in case he won the trial by combat. He knew he couldn’t withstand a closer investigation and hoped to manipulate his brother into fighting for him.

Watching GoT S1E2

This seems to have interesting pacing. Although I’ll have to watch more to be certain, I’m currently under the impression they’re trying to condense an awful lot into very short periods given how it goes from scene to scene. Not bad pacing though.

Although speaking of awful: Viserys laughs and calls selling people into slavery a triviality that wouldn’t be punished under his reign so moment two of “why he’s shit” has arrived. The episode also touched on sex for manipulation which isn’t necessarily incorrect because any way people interact is a way to communicate so body language in sex is communicating things… still disturbing considering it’s marital rape.

Good going Tyrion for slapping Joffrey: there is something wrong with that boy, Cersei either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care, Catelyn should have gotten her head together quicker but admittedly Ricken would be dead if she hadn’t so I suppose that might be for plot purposes as well as characterization.

Finally, what the hell?? I, is it really a thirteen year old thing to see some vicious kid cutting open another boy’s cheek and then start swinging live steel at your YOUNGER SISTER and then not immediately freak out and side with said sister??? Live steel. Live steel.

I repeat: there’s something wrong with that boy. Also, the scene dooming Lady is not okay and said boy probably gets the vicious streak from his mother.

Although I do like the Starks in said disturbing scene and unless someone sensible (which means it won’t happen) sits Sansa down and goes over everything and disillusions this naive girl after hearing the facts, I predict she’s going to blame Arya for this a lot. Although really: find a better crush, for your own sake girl.


Imagine joffrey and tommen constantly fighting for your attention as they’re both in love with you, despite their betrothed.

“There she is” tommen sighed silencing Joffrey at once. You walked into the room with your friend and smiled slightly at the two boys. Both brothers smiled widely as you passed them and joffrey slapped tommen when he saw he was staring too. “Im older tom i get first pick”. “No you’ve got margery my marriage is still open and i pick y/n”. “No thats not fair” joffrey whined “i want y/n, i like her more plus she likes me better, she calls me joff and grabs my arm”. “Well she smiles at me and hugged me once”. “She hugged you” joffrey asked in outrage “why! This isn’t fair! Mother tell tommen he cant marry y/n if i cant!” Joffrey yelled in a strop outraged he wouldnt get to marry you. “Shes not a bone to fight over” cersi replied curtly “if your both so serious about her ask her to choose one of you and we can arrange a marriage”. “Lets do it” Joffrey said immediately and Tommen nodded “the only question is" he frowned looking to jofffrey “who will she pick”.

I mean I do hate how often Tyrion is praised for slapping Joffrey for what I think are the wrong reasons, like and I’m kinda iffy about the fact that this is an adult hitting a child, but there’s also a huge power difference bc Joff is the crown prince and I think people forget that what Joff said about Bran wasn’t harmless, he ALMOST HAS BRAN KILLED.

khaty-fan  asked:

Hello, it's me again still reading your blog when i saw your ask for "top 5" moments so here you go, what are your top 5 happiest moments of the series, i know they are not that many so i hope you can come up with 5 of them easily

Hello!! yeah game of thrones is not a comedy  but they are some parts that make me happy: 

5) the honeycomb joke from season 1 with tyrion/lysa/robin and catelyn

4) tyrion slapping joffrey (i can watch that clip on repeat time and time again..never got tired of it)

3) Pod, Bronn and Tyrion discussing pod time with the girls from the brothel 

2) gendry calling arya “my lady”

1) all my starks being happy and togheter in the pilot (with sansa sewing, arya bran robb and rickon in the yard, ned and cat looking all proud… the good old days…) 

A Dog’s Tears: Why Sandor Crying Matters to his Character

Before I continue, I will not begrudge anyone reading this for disliking Sandor or being lukewarm to him. To me, I can definitely understand the antipathy towards him, if not be a supporter of it. 

I love Sandor Clegane’s character so much. I love a great deal of characters from ASoIaF, from Aeron to Cersei to Stannis to Brienne to Sansa, but, of course, they all have their unique charm and this loyal dog is no exception. This guy is such an important part of the ‘what makes a true knight’ dialogue, the ‘idealism vs cynicism’ dialogue and tone in ASoIaF that it’s really hard not to get invested in him, especially if you’re a Sansa fan.

I could talk about how he’s a non-knight who still tries to embody the virtues of knighthood (like loyalty and service) even though he disparages the office itself or about he’s a disappointed idealist who armors himself in cynicism to protect himself or how he doesn’t have the typical body frame of the ‘bullied little brother’ character (being big and strong) or how he’s a burn survivor and it’s not ‘cute’ or romanticized one bit, it’s still painful for him.

No, I’m going to talk about how he cries. At least four times in the series so far. Because it’s surprisingly crucial to his character and how we see him.

I’ll confess: I didn’t like him for the first half of A Game of Thrones and I’m thinking that was Martin’s intention. He’s by the side of Joffrey, who we decisively don’t like one bit, he’s telling off Tyrion for slapping Joffrey (though, yeah, Tyrion wasn’t being smart here) and he’s killed a child we know is innocent of attacking Joffrey.

That child-killing asshole! That’s it, you’ve crossed a line, San-

[The Hound’s eyes seemed to glitter through the steel of that hideous dog’s-head helm.]


”[…] The old man made marvelous toys. I don’t remember what I got, but it was Gregor’s gift I wanted. A wooden knight, all painted up, every joint pegged separate and fixed with strings, so you could make him fight.[…]”

Eh? I-what-bwu… sh-shit.

It hit me then that Sandor was just another Mycah. Someone who wanted to be a knight, only to get hit hard by reality. When his eyes glitter, it’s not him taking some weird shine to murder, it’s him tearing up at killing another idealistic boy who wanted to be a knight and being complicit in upholding a terrible system that hurt him and supported his tormentor. 

Sure, he might have thought, and had good reason, to think Mycah did attack Joffrey, but that’s not the point. It still wouldn’t make the killing of a child itself any easier. It’d just legalize it in Westeros’ eyes, which does nothing for his soul. Crying here reveals his complicated feelings towards his part in the system and rereading it helps us see the beginning of him as more than a Lannister sworn shield.

Then the Battle of Blackwater happens. This is a rather important battle for quite a few characters’ future character development (Sansa, Tyrion, Davos, Stannis), but with Sandor…

When he goes to Sansa, he’s not in a great mental state. He fights for the Lannisters, gets scared of the fire, probably seeing his trauma relived again (” Only a man who’s been burned knows what hell is truly like.”) and has been emasculated by Tyrion. 

It’s not sexy, it’s not charming, the way his despair and trauma shows itself, shoving a knife at Sansa’s throat and demanding a song from her. I’m absolutely sure he meant well, but… yeah, I’d call bullshit on anyone who’d say Sansa should have taken her chances to escape with him. This is not a stable dog.

And yet… while having a knife at Sansa’s throat, he hears her sing about wanting his wrath soothed (God, I love Sansa so much). He feels her fingers cup his cheek.

And it breaks him. 

And he cries.

It just shows more what a complex person he is, the person he is beyond his sword. Throughout all the horrors the Battle of the Blackwater shows to him, it’s the fact that, despite all the bark, despite all the blunt criticism he gives her, despite how much he makes threats to her, Sansa still has it in her heart to care for him, to treat him far better than he feel he deserves, that makes him cry. 

Because that’s what matters most to Sandor, not the emasculation or wanting to be seen as a warrior. It’s the fact that he feels he doesn’t deserve her kindness, given what he’s just done. Sansa’s kindness is a precious thing and he feels he’s unworthy of it. It’s a storm of confusion, self-loathing and mixed-up emotions that revels in the complexity that ASoIaF just dives into.

Then he cries at the trial by combat and wow, it’s a doozy. One of the brilliant duel scenes of A Storm of Swords and it’s a stunning trial for Sandor and his fear of fire. He had to fight amid his trauma with Beric’s blazing sword and then he burns.

[“Please,” Sandor Clegane rasped, cradling his arm. “I’m burned. Help me. Someone. Help me.” He was crying. “Please." 

Arya looked at him in astonishment. He’s crying like a little baby, she thought.]

Oh, Sandor…

This makes his trauma so visceral. He breaks down. No, Arya, not a little baby, he’s turning back into that little boy that’s actually reliving his burning from Gregor. The sensation of fire eating through his flesh. He was never allowed to process his burning, his childhood trauma, in a healthy way, thanks to his father silencing the event and his tormentor being rewarded with the institution Sandor revered for being a thug. 

Here, it’s laid out in stark detail, the effect of never being able to grow up from that: the sight of a grown man crying like a little boy. It’s all rooted in deep trauma and a loss of idealism his brother tried to burn out of him. It’s not laugh-worthy. It’s not emasculating. No one makes fun of him. Trauma matters. Pain matters. Sandor can never forget it. It’s sad and it shows us, through Arya’s eyes, the true extent of what Gregor did to him and the scars in Sandor’s psyche.

Finally, his crying and “confession.”

Many have talked about this scene in far greater depth than I can ever reach, so I’ll just say this: this crying puts everything he’s done in King’s Landing under a different light. Along with the words, it exposes his self-loathing, his trauma, his focusing in how he failed the virtues of knighthood by letting them beat Sansa and his desire for mercy from the pain. It bears his troubled soul to Arya and, through merit of third-person limited POV, us.

And there is genuine pathos. When he cries, we cry.

Without those tears, it’s easier to reduce Sandor’s character to a stoic, gruff pragmatic “badass” who teaches the foolish damsel in distress how the real world works or a child-killing psycho who thinks killing is the best feeling (seriously, this is such a wrong interpretation of Sandor). 

And that’s the thing. Lesser fantasies would go for the ‘men don’t cry’ garbage (fed via patriarchy system) with the kind of character people see Sandor as: a stoic cynical bodyguard who shouldn’t cry because he’s “badass”.

In ASoIaF? Sandor cries, and has damn good reason to. We see his backstory and see his complicated feelings towards Sansa, so we understand his tears and know why. It reveals what he feels and cares for. Crying is not a bad thing. Not at all. It serves as good emotional catharsis. It fleshes his character so much, shining a light on the man, the tortured soul, he is.

Sandor is not a stoic. The problem is, he has lots of feelings and emotions underneath his armor of cynicism, and that’s what Martin does with showing us Sandor’s tears: he doesn’t discount Sandor’s humanity beneath the armor, instead illuminating it in great detail.

And Sandor is what helps make ASoIaF a story of humanity instead of nihilism or deconstruction. Even big, strong men like Sandor can be vulnerable and it’s beautiful, the way the narrative doesn’t judge him for it. Sandor’s a man who wants to fight for a right cause, do some good with his life, uphold the virtues of knighthood while condemning the office and protect someone worthy of his service.

I hope he finds it with Sansa. He has done bad like killing Mycah, but he’s still alive. He can still make up for it and do good with his life. The Hound is dead and Sandor Clegane can pick a new path to live. If Sandor is the knight Sansa deserves, Sansa is the lady Sandor deserves.

Dean x Deaf!Reader: Don’t turn of the light

Author: EdgarAllenPoes-Raven

Character: Dean x reader (Relationship) ft Sam (Friendship)

Word Count: 1830

Warnings: None

Brief Summary/Request Prompt/Original Imagine:  Dean and the reader have been in a relationship for six months and things couldn’t be better that is until one of Dean’s ex’s comes into the picture.

Kinda like a part two to:

A/N: Italics - sign language.

Dean who was now fluent in Sign language might he add had spent quite frankly the best six months of his life with you. It was like living in one massive chick flick but he loved it; since last month you’d officially (kinda-almost) moved into his room.

You were still getting used to the change in dynamics with Dean after being friends for years it was a big step to a relationship and Dean was glad for the slow pace. Everything was fantastic the pace was fitting and was helping you ease into the whole ‘relationship’ scene. Dean wasn’t your first but it was by far the best he didn’t see your lack of hearing to be a curse or a disability he treated you like an adult rather than a child.

Now that Dean was fluent in sign language made your relationship a hell of alot easier, now you didn’t have write if you needed anything, well apart from Cas but he’d been taking lessons from Sam and when he showed up one day to show you there was nothing that would stop you from hugging him.

Currently you were comfortably laid on Dean’s bed your head on his chest, watching ‘Game of Thrones’ with subtitles of course  a very typical night. You giggled as Tyrion Lannister slapped Joffrey across the face. Dean smiled when he heard you giggle because you were deaf you didn’t speak so whenever you laughed it made Dean’s heart swell, What’s so funny?

Just Joffrey getting slapped across the face. You signed with a smile, I really, really don’t like him.

I know, what a little bitch.

After the episode had ended you and Dean went to the kitchen to make something to eat, there was always an upside to not having a case to work on. Watching as Dean moved around the kitchen you didn’t notice Sam enter until Dean turned to face him.

‘’I was thinking of going out to the bar for a drink or two if you wanna join?’’ He spoke and signed at the same time, you nodded at Dean. Sounds good to me.

‘’Alright, give us time to eat.’’


The bar was packed like it usually was the last time you came here you’d gotten harassed by some guy that was the same night Dean had confessed his love to you. This time you all sat at the bar sitting close to Dean as always because he was always so protective. After ordering your usual you slowly started to let yourself relax, bars never were your scene but it was a chance to spend time with the boys without all the pressure of a case.

Everything was going fine until Dean turned his head you glanced around to try and see who he was looking at but by going off the way Sam rolled his eyes it wasn’t good. A rather tall brown haired woman came flying out of nowhere and wrapped her arms around Dean, almost knocking you off the barstool if it wasn’t for Sam you would’ve fallen off.

Who’s that?

One of Dean’s ex-girlfriends, it only lasted two weeks because she is a class A bitch.

‘’Dean! Fancy running into you here!’’ The woman stumbled clearly drunk, ‘’Y-yeah, Emma, hi.’’

‘’How long has it been? Like a year?’’

‘’Yeah, a while.’’ Dean rubbed the back of his neck he was clearly not comfortable being around this woman. ‘’Aren’t you going to introduce me?’’

‘’Emma this is (First) and my brother Sam, guys this is Emma.’’ He spoke and signed at the same time and the woman you know knew as Emma laughed, ‘’What’s all this hand waving.’’ She motioned moving her hands around, ‘’Oh it’s sign language (First) can’t hear so.’’ Dean curled his hand around your back and Emma noticed, ‘’Are you two a thing?’’

Dean smiled, ‘’Yup.’’

‘’Aww ain’t that cute.’’ Though you couldn’t hear what she was saying you could read her lips; you Dean had been helping you to develop your lip reading skills and they came in handy. Her comment seemed innocent but the hidden meaning in her body language showed cynical.

‘’How long?’’

‘’Six months.’’ Emma smiled, ‘’Wow that’s a long time for you, big boy.’’ She winked which made you cringe you wanted so desperately to tell her to back off but it wasn’t like you could just open your mouth and speak, your vocal cords were practically useless.

So instead you sat back hopeless as Dean and Emma spoke; Sam noticed your change of behaviour and tried his best to keep you occupied. What are they talking about?

Nothing really, just pointless crap.

‘’So Dean, you jumped on her yet?’’ Dean choked on his beer, ‘’What? No!’’ Emma hummed, ‘’Didn’t take you long to jump on me if I recall it was the same night.’’ Sam relaid everything that she said to you and the more she spoke the more uncomfortable you became. You and Dean were going slow but not once had he indicated anything even after you told him that you were comfortable but yet here you are learning from Sam that in the short two weeks they were together they’d done more than what you and Dean had done in six months.

I want to go home.

Not the only one. Sam signed before getting of the barstool, ‘’Hey Dean, you ready we’ve got a long day of work tomorrow.’’

‘’Yeah Sammy, I’m ready. See you around Emma.’’ Dean didn’t spare a second glance and you all walked out the bar, you almost wanted to run to the impala but you were stopped when Sam turned back around and Emma was stood there with a smug smile on her face. Dean kept opening and closing his mouth looking between you and her.

What did she say? When Sam didn’t answer you shoved his shoulder, What did she say?

That Dean’s only pity dating you.

Emma walked forward until she was stood in front of you, ‘’Face it sweetheart, you know it’s true.’’ Shoulders slumping you smiled slightly before pulling back your arm and punching her in the face, she fell to the floor cradling her bloodied nose.

You turned yanking open the door to the Impala and sat in the back, the ride home was tense enough tension that you could cut the air with the knife. Back at the bunker you wasted no time in changing into your night clothes and crawling into bed.

Looking up you saw Dean his expression unreadable, You okay?


Don’t be like this sweetheart. You let out a huff, Don’t be like this? You try not being like this when you have to sit through and listen to the person you love’s ex go on about the incredible sex you used to have.

I was just as uncomfortable for me as it was for you.  You rolled your eyes, were you being unreasonable? Maybe, but right now you didn’t care, Dean sat down on the bed and removing his jacket, jeans and boots before leaning back. I told you I was comfortable but yet you won’t even try.

That’s because I’ve never -

What? Slept with a deaf girl? When Dean looked away from you it was then you knew you’d hit the nail on the head. This is new to me. I need to test -

I’m not a test subject Dean, you don’t get to play around with my feelings like this.

You know what? I’m not having this argument right now. I’m tired and I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

Dean - Before you could finish signing Dean turned off the light plunging the room into darkness cutting off your only means of communication. Anger spread through your veins, this wasn’t fair he wasn’t playing fair. You threw back the covers and ran out of the room slamming the door on your way out, for the first time in what felt like ages you were sleeping alone in your room.

You locked the door pushing the chest of drawers in front of it for good measure there was no way in hell  you were allowing him to do that to you. You told him on many different occasions that you hated the dark, you weren’t afraid of it but it took away the only way you could talk. Hot angry tears fell down your face, you could feel the vibrations from the banging off the door but you ignored it and got into bed, the coldness wasn’t pleasant after sharing a bed with Dean for so long but you were to tired to even complain.

‘’Dude what’s all the banging for?’’

‘’I messed up Sammy, I seriously messed up.’’ Dean ran a hand through his hair, ‘’Alright calm down, what did you do?’’

‘’I- I turned the light off.’’

‘’You what?’’

‘’We were arguing and I was tired and I turned the light off.’’ Sam rubbed his face with his hands before throwing them to the side, ‘’For god sake Dean, you know -’’

‘’I know Sammy, I know.’’ He let out a breath staring at your door, ‘’I just wasn’t thinking.’’

‘’Damn right you wasn’t.’’ Sam pinched the bridge of his nose, ‘’Just leave it for tonight and talk about it in the morning.’’ Dean nodded but there was no way he was even going to get a wink of sleep.

The next morning you woke up with a killer headache from crying most of the night, it was only when you sat in alone did you realize that you’d been a little unfair with Dean. You knew it was just as hard for him as it was for you, Dean was used to sweet talking his way with girls but obviously he couldn’t do that with you. Damn it, now you were feeling guilting.

You pushed away the chest of drawers and as soon as you opened the door you were met with the tired looking face that was Dean’s. I’m sorry, I didn’t - I didn’t mean to turn the light of, I’m so fucking sorry god I’m such an ass.

Dean’s hands frantically signed words of apology you stopped him by taking his hands in yours, It’s okay, Dean. It’s okay.

No, it’s not.

I understand that it’s new to you Dean, I understand that you need to find your bearings. I just freaked out after all what Emma said.

Nice right hook though, she deserved it. You giggled, That she did, you didn’t sleep last night did you?

Not a wink.

Want to cuddle with me?

Dean Winchester does not cuddle. You rolled your eyes and smiled, Shut up and cuddle with me.


Sam had spent the full morning looking for both you and Dean he was about to give up until he opened the door to your room, finding you both in bed wrapped up in one another’s arms. He smiled to himself and snapped a photo, perfect blackmail material.

I know the “progressive” part of fandom condemns Tyrion for slapping Joffrey and this is commonly interpreted as Tyrion doing damage control / reminding Joffrey of the image he is supposed to maintain but also it’s Tyrion advocating for a disabled child? If we’re allowed to punch Nazis are we also allowed to punch those in power who dismiss the lives of and advocate for the murder of disabled children?