slapping fight

tips for the new year

stop arguing extensively with people online as a hobby:

  • its boring and isolating
  • its a cheap way to get a short burst of self esteem in something thats not actually fun or encourages your own growth
  • the likelihood that you, a complete stranger, will change someone’s mind if you just tweet at them enough is close to zero
  • you should take time to think seriously about how you want to engage with the world and develop your opinions based on varied, new experiences
  • if you ignore shitty people it makes them go so ballistic they meltdown spectacularly, pretty much every time without fail
  • no one is impressed by your internet text victory. in the rare cases where someone is, its impressive for the 3 seconds it took to read the tweet
  • when i have to scroll past your 120000 word nerd slap fight it mildly inconveniences me
  • just play a video game
BTS Reactions

As disney characters

As puppies

His apartment

Getting a positive pregnancy test as a Christmas gift

When their GF is flirting with another idol

When their BF does skinship for the first time

Carving pumpkins together

When you bite his ear to let him know you’re horny

How they react to you being chubby

When you pleasured yourself while they were away and they can smell it on you (werewolf au)

Having 5-6 kids with them (werewolf au)

When they meet other members as puppies for the first time (werewolf au)

When you don’t know what mating is and you ask if you two can do it (werewolf au)

They find out you’re being used as a vampire’s human blood cattle (werewolf/vampire au)

when you grab your boobs because they’re sore/it’s going to rain

How they react to other members banging on the wall because you’re too loud

How they react to you getting ‘blushy’ when you do skinship

They get a call from their scared child

When they see your self-harm scars *trigger*

They slap you during a fight *trigger*

You slap them during a fight *trigger?*

How they react to you being depressed *trigger?*

When their GF does parkour

When you can sing pretty ok

When you’re good at puppy dog eyes

Another idol kisses their GF when she didn’t want it

When their BF secretly draws them then gives them the picture

You get the title of SKorea’s visual and holy trinity

When their Korean GF has natural blue eyes

When you bring home pepsi instead of coke

Their GF being a theatrical performer and a broadway fan

When he can’t help himself and sucks your blood, hurting you (vampire au)

When their GF asks them to bite her (vampie au)

You can rap to an English song but not to his song because you aren’t fluent

Their GF is really strong

You’re half cat and you tease them sexually (vampire/creature au)

They fall in love with a witch (vampire au)

Going to a haunted house with them

You’re in heat and you need them to take care of you (werewolf au)

They feel love for you when they thought they could never love (vampire au)

When they like an omega who acts very alpha (omegaverse au)

They can tell your period is coming (vampire au)

When you ask if starting a pack means having 5+ kids (werewolf au)

You want to have sex with them (vampire au)

When another vampire bites you (vampire au)

When they witness you changing on the full moon (werewolf au)

They find out their makeup artist is a cross dresser

Their GF dances to trouble maker with another idol

Their Hogwarts house

Watching their children experience snow for the first time

What kind of drunk are they at a holiday party

Their GF is too short and has to jump to kiss them

When you have a high sex drive

You like to wear their hoodies cause they smell like them

Their S/O want to make their relationship public

You have a pet goat that screams, follows them around, and steals their things

They find out their fav waitress is a cross dresser

They find out the girl they’ve been interested in is half dragon (werewolf au)

When you ask them where they got their costume, but really they just came out of hibernation (vampire au)

Them as werewolf puppies (werewolf au)

Finding out their GF is a hybrid (creature au)

How they react to you wearing your natural coily hair for the first time  

How they react when you ask them to eat you out   

How they react when they’re your older brother and they spy on your first date

How they react when they tease you and you start crying  

How they react to you looking cool & edgy but find out you’re really sweet & shy  

How they react to you looking younger than you are

How they react to you having a panic/anxiety attack in public  

When they develop real feelings for their WGM partner  

How they react to their crush having tattoos/piercings  

How they react to you becoming withdrawn

Favorite sexual position *nsfw* 

How they react to their GF working a manly job and getting hate for it

When you tell them you like anal play  

When they have a crush on a member form a new boy group  

When their crush see’s them getting kissed by another trainee (who also has a crush on them) 

How they react to you having cute moans

When you stick a horn on a horse and call it a unicorn

Scents their mates would have (omegaverse au)

Alphas following an attractive scent and they find you (omegaverse au)

Being alphas with a scent kink (omegaverse au)

They have a lover, but haven’t introduced them to the members yet because they have a child from another partner

When the find out they have a long lost daughter

When a peacock tries to seduce their GF

You bite them during sex

You have a fear of deep water and go to the beach together 

You’re both on running man and you get pinned by an enemy member

When another guy flirts with you but you can’t tell he’s flirting

  • So like I had this dream where band members read the fic's that every person in the fandom has read
  • *Ryan and Brendon reading the milk fic and look at eachother then burst out laughing*
  • Brendon: What the fuck is this?
  • Ryan: I won't ever drink milk again
  • *Tyler and Josh reading the forest fic*
  • Tyler: Ow. My heart.
  • Josh: What do I do now like... Is there a sequel? Like fuck.
  • Tyler: Jish why did you slap me and fight with me
  • Josh: You said I wasn't real! Why did you ruin our treehouse?
  • Tyler: My tree house is on fire and for some reason I smell gas on my hands. This is not what I had planned.
  • *Josh and Tyler look at eachother*
  • Josh: We should write a sequel

Their hogwarts house

Watching their children experience snow for the first time

They get their crush for secret santa (xMale)

Drunkenly kissing their crush under mistletoe

Jerking them off in public

When you listen to Up&Down 24/7

When you bite them during sex

You give them a boner in public

They catch you masturbating

You slap them in a fight *trigger?*

Their BF being dominant in bed

They find out you’re a vampire when you two get frisky (vampire au)

When you tell them you don’t want kids

When you tell them you want to have kids with them

How they react to you being the holy trinity

They start showing their fangs as you get intimate and you ask them to turn you

They have a crush on a member of a new boy group

When you ask to dom them

His apartment

Favorite sexual positions *nsfw*

When they watch you wax your eyebrows

When you bring home a goat and it’s 5 babies

When you get horny and bite their ear as a hint

How they react to you getting off on them kissing your neck

How they react to you being in a popular k-girl group

They have a crush on a JYP solo artist

Waking them up with a blow job

As disney characters

When you moan when you’re making out

When you swallow them at the end of a blow job

When you hand them a love letter and run away

As bunnies

When you act sexy

When you ask them to eat you out

Scents their mates would have (omegaverse au)

They find out you started work at 9 Years old

You buy a bunch of Soya milk

Their GF has a big butt

Some Tomco Headcanons

beacuse I don’t contribute to this ship enough

- Sometimes Tom follows Marco to school which worries Marco a lot beacuse
“what if someone sees you??? you have horns and three eyes??? go back home”

- they have karaoke and movie nights every Tuesday which often results in them both being tired and falling asleep on Tom’s couch

- Marco tried to teach Tom how to make nachos needless to say it ended terribly
Marco ate the nachos anyway

- A discussion about family lead to Marco finding out that Tom is the son of the literal devil, he’s surprisingly chill with it.

- They often have heated debates about which Mackey Hand film is the best
sometimes resulting in petty slap fights

- Marco once left a hoodie at Tom’s place and saw Tom wearing it the next time they hung out
he never got that hoodie back

- Tom took up Karate for part of his anger management training Marco was happy to teach him but wasn’t sure to be surprised or offended when Tom broke the boards on his first try

They Slap You During a Fight *TRIGGER* (BTS)

Requested by the enchanting @poody1608 <3 (BTW guys we DO NOT condone domestic abuse in any way, if it is/has happened to you or you see/hear it happening to someone else, PLEASE HELP OR GET HELP! No one deserves to be treated like that ok)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: *exhales* Ok. I honeslty think it would be so out of character for him that it might even shock him more than you. There’d be a minute of silence between the two of you until the waterfall of apologies started rushing from his mouth. I feel like (even though you should never do this) it might be easier to get over this bump with him than a few of the others because he’d be so torn up about it himself

YOONGI: Yoongi would just freeze, he really wouldn’t know what to do. Unlike Namjoon, it would actually take him forever to even talk, much less look at you (but you wouldn’t be looking at him either so). Then once he got half his courage back, he’d hit you with a super anguished expression

HOSEOK: If you thought Namjoon would feel torn up about it, you haven’t met Hobi. He would be horrified of himself. He loved you more than anything in the world and never ever dreamed (nightmared) of ever hitting you. He would def start sobbing and he might even try to leave but (and I’ve got a soft spot for this boy) seeing how awfully regretful he was, you’d pull him into a tight hug, stopping him

SEOKJIN: Jin I feel could be a toss up. He’d either get super dissapointed in himself or super angry (you are the one he loves most after all). But mostly I think he’d see himself differently after that incident. He’d beg you to forgive him but he’d understand if you didn’t

JIMIN: (chimchim is such a sweetie why) So He’d be shocked silent as well, just kinda staring at your face and his hand. He’d never been aggressive towards you before (even the rough sex was pretty gentle) so you’d be stunned too. You’d start to walk away from him, but he’d clutch at your arm, begging you to stay (and probably hit him back)

TAEHYUNG: When he saw your frightened, tearful face, he wouldn’t forgive himself. He’d stand there for a minute, feeling like a monster. He wouldn’t try to apologize or touch you, feeling like he didn’t deserve it. He’d leave, but he’d come back if you called out to him

JUNGKOOK: This kid would be so shocked and just confused (almost as if he didn’t realize he did it). In a daze he’d reach out to you, but when you screamed at him and walked away, he’d let you go. He would feel like he didn’t deserve to even be around you

BTS reacting to you smacking their butts occasionally (requested)

Gifs aren’t mine.

Jin (Seokjin):

The first time, Jin would probably burst out laughing and blush, not knowing what to do, before hugging you playfully. He’d say ‘You really have no shame, jagi !’ before chuckling. After that he’d just get used to it and not even react anymore, just smiling at you.

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Suga (Yoongi):

The first time, Yoongi wouldn’t even react. He’d probably just close his eyes feeling embarrassed for you and ignore you. After a while he’d start hitting your butt occasionally too and you’d form this sort of routine where you would always hit each other’s butts whenever you’d pass behind one another.

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V (Taehyung):

The first time, Tae would laugh before hitting your butt too quite playfully which would lead to a butt slapping fight with him, people staring at you while passing by. ‘You won’t win, jagi !’. The times after that, it would lead to the same thing when he’s feeling playful but if he isn’t, he’ll just look back and smile widely at you to let you know that even if he wasn’t participating, he didn’t mind.

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The first time, Jimin would look back to see who could’ve done this with kind of a glare but when he’d see it’s you he’d quickly chuckle. ‘You’re the only one allowed to tap my butt, baby’ and he’d just let you continue. The other boys would tease him for being whipped and of course he’d try to deny it and he’d say that he’ll tell you to stop but he would never be able to which would lead to even more teasing.

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Rap monster (Namjoon):

The first time you hit his butt, Namjoon would be really cool about it and would smile at you before hitting your butt playfully too. ‘So naughty, jagi’. After that, he’d kind of let you do your own thing without reciprocating and would occasionally trade a butt slap for a quick kiss.

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J-hope (Hoseok):

The first time, Hobi would jump because you hit him really hard and he’d bring his hand up to his heart. ‘Yah ! Jagi, you really scared me !’ he’d complain but start laughing after five seconds. He’d surely have the same reaction every time and after the boys would notice, they’d start hitting his butt too when he’d least expect it,  so you and the guys would start a competition to see who would be able to make him jump the most.

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The first time, Jungkook would look at you, quite shocked you’d done that, although he could believe it since you’d play around all the time. He’d get all shy though and try hiding the blush that graced his cheeks. After a while he’d get used to it and would just lean in for a kiss afterwards to try and hide the tiny blush that didn’t seem to be going away.

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When You Slap Them In a Fight (GOT7)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

JB: He seems like he has a temper, so he might even think of hitting you back (hey, you hit first) but of course, I don’t think he would. He would need to walk away to calm down a but before he says/does something he’ll regret

JINYOUNG: I think he’d just be really shocked and angry. He wouldn’t believe you could be so childish. He really isn’t about that shit and he wouldn’t deal with it either, He might even reconsider the relationship. 

YOUNGJAE: It would just really hurt his feelings and he might get a bit emotional. He’d never raise a hand to you and he’d be really hurt that you would, so you’d have a hard time trying to make it up to him.

JACKSON:  I think his feelings would be hurt too, but he would deal with it a bit better. I think after you left each other alone for a bit and you apologized (and he’d prob apologize too tbh), you’d both be able to get over it.

MARK: It would make him more angry, but it would also make him take a step back and really evaluate the argument. If it was important, he might try and continue in a less heated fashion, if it wasn’t important, he’d drop it altogether.

BAMBAM: I feel like it would make him a bit more feisty in the fight. He wouldn’t hit you back, but he might mock you for it. The whole thing would get so silly that the two of you would prob end up busting out laughing.

YUGYEOM: He’d be stunned, but he wouldn’t be able to walk away. I think he’d stop the fight, but he would want to talk to you about it. If you were that angry about something, he’d want to know why and what the two of you could do to fix this whole situation.