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Oh queen of memes, slaper of backs and friend of trees with no kneecaps, please fogive me! For I implied that Zack, Sarkhan-Volkswagon, memes harder and better than you. For give my indiscretion and be swift in your judgement.

I’m gonna eat Zach

Types of friends

 In every group of friends we have more types of friends. Here are some examples for you : 

The creepy one

The total diva

The sass master

The funny one

The serious one

The silent one

The one who always laugh at any small thing

The one who thinks that can dance

The one with dirty mind

The cheesy one

The weirdo

The funny one

The cute one * lovebreathoftheforest that’s you*

The annoying one *I have to admit that this is me* 

The butt slaper *me again*

The smart one

The swag master

The total fangirl/fanboy *you and me followstars babeh love ya*

The one who always takes a selca

The artist

The angelic face one * followstars*

The blonde! * followstars *

The tall and the shortie

But of course, those are just some examples. Feel free to add more.


Yo Sunshine (via JJ)