UC timeline Gundam Review MK.II

Mobile Suit Gundam

Classic. Some filler, but I can get passed it.Char and Amuro are great. Gonna watch the movie trilogy when i get home. fucking lalahs death was so intense…. fuuuuuuuck. since i was watching the series on and off with the intent to watch the movies thoroughly.

Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team

I really miss 90’s anime. This one took me back. never saw it fully and in order til now. Sucks he lost his leg, but atleast he lived a good life with Aina.  I really liked the whole 08th squad. Eledore is too funny, and Karen is a beast. Some tear jerkers here and there, like when you find out Mikhail is writing to his gf just let her know he’s alive and thinking about her… and Yuri was dope (RIP lol)

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket

totally unexpected style. makes sense since it wasnt written by Tomino and the art directer was the guy who did Macross. story revolving around a 10 year old during the One Year War is a cool perspective. he’s kinda whiny, but he grew on me. i love seeing the references in uniforms to the 08th MS team.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory

at first i didnt like kou, but he got better the more i watched. hes a beast, despite not being a newtype. chuck and kou had a great dynamic. kelly and burning’s deaths were so sad. war is really a fucked up thing. and fuckin nina with her love triangle shit with gato and kou. fuckin women i swear. gato was dope though. monsha was an asshole, but maybe thats why i found him hilarious and one of my favorite characters in this series. lolol

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

the amount of slapping in this universe is amazing. hahahaha so far so good. kamille is soooooo raw!!! and char in disguise is loooooooooooool. its nice to see kai come back and amuro make a cameo. fuckin jarid is not tight. not a fan at all of any of the titans, but i think thats the point of the this series. its really cool how they switch perspectives, and you find youself rooting for different factions between each series. im feeling char’s gold hyakushiki. that nigga always gotta stand out hahaha

Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counter attack

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Watched this already, but will watch it after Char’s counter attack.

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

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