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Hey. It’s Pride Month!

Over the next 30 days, we are actively encouraging you to share your LGBTQ+ pride with all of Tumblr. You deserve to be proud of who you are 365 days a year, but these next 30 days, we’re going all out. There’s no wrong way to do it. Upload an illustration. Write a poem. Make a GIF. Take a selfie and slap a Pride sticker on it. Maybe send a sticker to a friend. These precious babies are in your app right now:

Do one thing, do 100 things—whatever feels right. Just tag it with #TumblrPride so other people can find it. And, hey, if you can’t do any of these things, know that we still support you. You have every reason to feel proud this month, even if you aren’t ready to show it. <3

We’ll also be signal boosting other influential LGBTQ+ voices all month long. We’ve secured some really amazing people for Answer Time and Issue Time:

  • 6/23—Gavin Grimm, 17 year old activist fighting for the equality of transgender students, held on Action (@action).
  • 6/29—Becca McCharen, queer fashion designer and founder of fashion label Chromat (@chromat).
  • 6/30—Trans Rights & Community, focusing on urgent issues that affect trans people, like violence, access to health care, and unemployment, held on Action (@action).

Have a safe and beautiful Pride Month, Tumblr.

So you’re going to a Halloween party

It’s the weekend of Halloween. You have your wig. You have your outfit. You have your youth. It feels…eternal. It feels like you’re gonna live forever.

You fools. You complete and utterly ghoulish fools. Nothing lasts forever. Hold on to the memories while you can. Take some damned pictures, slap on some stickers, and then post ‘em to your Tumblr.

Just tap the photo post type

It’s the blood-red icon.

Choose the photo you want to use

Try not to show your friends you took so many pictures of pumpkins. It’s weird.

Smash that sticker face

There are limited edition Halloween stickers made by Tumblr Creatr Laurène Boglio (@boglio) in there now. They’re scientifically proven to make your photos 10% spookier.*

Put that jack-o-lantern on your photo

You’re obsessed with pumpkins. It’s so fitting. You can rotate and scale the size of your stickers. Put ‘em anywhere. Make ‘em any size. Cover your weird friend’s face with the pumpkin, if you want.

Feeling this

A gravestone can liven up any picture. A touch of tasteful alien is an amuse-bouche for the eyes. Your dreadful photo is now an All Hallows’ Eve masterpiece. Congratulations, you fleshy, mushy, sinewy skeleton.  

I’ve spent my entire life as an atheist who nonetheless dedicates quite a lot of time and effort towards finding the God I don’t believe exists (unless we are allowed to abstract God to the point that anything could be God, the universe is god, the ability of our cells to divide is god, the love I feel for a grandmother I never met is god, and while that level of abstraction is truly the only God I think I could believe in, it also seems like a cop out to be like God is a vague hand gesture and a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , especially if there’s no action, no practice to go with it)

But I clearly very much want faith, want belief, want a connection to something impossibly bigger than me, in a way that secularity alone has not yet offered me. But I also, once again, do not believe in god, have never believed in god, cannot frankly imagine how people do believe in god (or gods! or any belief system! There’s literally so many belief systems, sometimes I worry that Judaism and Catholicism resonate with me so much not because of what they are but because I was like “okay this multiple choice test has too many answers, I Gotta eliminate some") (but that doesn’t really seem true) (but it does seem kinda true)

In the midst of trying to find God in books, I tried finding him in nature, and I did find awe, I did find sublimity and smallness and grandness, but I didn’t find what I thought God would feel like. I realize I thought it would feel like love at first sight. And I think a lot lately about how I don’t like anyone right away. I meet them, I spend time with them, and then one day we are friends trying to remember how we became friends. So maybe it’s a lot to expect a relationship with God to function differently from my relationship with everyone else. But on the other hand, with my other relationships I know the other person exists. Which tends to help a conversation along.

That’s why orthopraxy, right actions, appeals to me far more than orthodoxy, right thought. I might never think the right thing, but making ritual out of routine, having the places in your day where God must go and you are reminded of that, that’s something I could practice, both in the sense of doing and the sense of improving through deliberate repetition. And I like the idea of making everyday labor holy. You keep kosher and lunch becomes sacred. You cover your head and your wardrobe becomes an altar.

When I think about religion lately, two quotes come to mind. First, the apocryphal St. Francis quote: “Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary use words.” And Mark Watney from The Martian, writing to tell his parents, “I’m dying for something big and beautiful and greater than me. Tell them I said I can live with that.” So maybe what I’m thinking about isn’t God at all but purpose, the thing I do each day that I would be okay dying for and that makes me want to live so I can do the work of it longer. Let’s cop out and abstract God: purpose is God. Can I build myself a God? Is that what religion is? Do you build a public God together and a private God alone, and are they the same? If I believe in a God I know I constructed, is that really faith? Or is that what faith has always been? Believing anyway? Untangling what’s the difference between creation and discovery? I don’t know. I’ve been asking questions a lot lately and always. Call it prayer.

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Imagine Steve lying about how young he was to get into the war, and after everything, the team comes to realize that Steve’s barely/not even 25 and has seen more than most ever have and will and try to help

The Smithsonian takes down the ‘Captain America’ exhibit when Steve becomes a criminal.

It’s almost a relief for him, which is surprising. It’s something else to see his entire history packed up into cardboard boxes and mailed back to the former Avengers Tower, and then delivered via a very nervous-looking UPS driver with a ‘forwarding address’ sticker slapped on the top.

“It’s no worry,” Steve tells him, scribbling his signature on the electronic keypad the kid has. “This place isn’t exactly as…. advertised as the last one.”

Sam helps him go through the boxes.

The stuff from his childhood makes him laugh and smile, pulling the occasional ‘old man’ story out of him. Sam listens to every single one and Steve manages, somehow, not to feel like a grandpa telling his grandson about ‘the good old days’. The stuff that has Peggy makes him quiet. Sam doesn’t ask and Steve doesn’t tell. It makes him realize with a sharp pang in his chest that she’s really gone.

The stuff with Bucky draws the man himself into Steve’s bedroom. Bucky sits cross-legged on Steve’s floor next to Sam and laughs about his old haircut, which makes Sam tease him about his ‘sad grunge 90s hair that went out of style twenty years ago’, which makes Bucky tease Sam back about being a bird (since that’s the only insult Bucky seems to have). Together they make Steve laugh again, and it makes the years where he woke up with Bucky’s ghost in his mind and his name on his lips again and again seem just that much further away.

The stuff that Sam labels ‘Captain America 101’ ends up having everyone squeezed into Steve’s bedroom all at once, clamoring over each other to find a seat.

“You what?” Tony asks, bewildered.

“I’m not sure why this is a shock,” Sam says, laughing. He knew, because of course he did, figuring it out before Steve offered the information.

“I-I just, you know, he’s a good old boy.”

“I really think your definition of ‘good old boy’ needs to include the thousands of laws we broke every single day,” Bucky says, laughing. “Steve, were you even 18 when you got the serum?”

Steve thinks. “Hmm, maybe six months shy of it or so. I joined the Army when I was 16. That’s part of why it kept taking me so long to get in. Not only was I ninety pounds soaking wet, but I couldn’t provide the right documents to show I was legal… since, you know, I wasn’t.”

Natasha has a grin on her face that lets Steve know she probably uncovered this information years ago. Tony’s flapping his jaws, shocked. He says, “I can’t believe my dad made all that fuss over a teenager.”

Steve smiles. “In his defense, I was a pretty cool teenager. I even had super strength. Not even Wanda has that.”

“Steve, I will throw you across the room without lifting a finger,” Wanda teases.

“So how old are you now?”

Steve pauses to do the math inside his head. “Not counting the ice? Twenty-five. Just turned it this past July.”

Tony’s face sombers out. “You’re just a kid.”

“Sonny,” Steve says, teasing, breaking the ice a little because he knows he’s just a kid. But after everything he’s been through he feels old in a way that has nothing to do with his actual age, with the ice or without. “Way before your time, I punched a guy that had a completely red face.”

“Oh here we go,” Sam groans.

“He asked me, ‘what makes you special?’ Do you know what I told him? Nothing made me special. I was just a kid from Brooklyn. The same applies now.”

Tony blinks at him. “You’re insufferable.”

“I know.”



Guess who opened a redbubble store! All of the designs were made by the ever talented @gibslythe who I adore with my whole heart so please show them some love for helping me out on this project!!! There are six colours options for the Altea Arena gear so you can represent your faves and then a super rad Red Lions logo for you hockey fans out there. 

All of the designs are available as several different articles of clothing as well as stickers to slap onto whatever you please! Feel free to message me if there’s any product you’d like to be made available and I’ll do what I can :)

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