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McHanzo Week Day 3: AU – Petals on the River, a Western 1920s AU

As time has passed, it’s harder to think of the American as a stranger, as someone he must keep at arm’s length. Jesse’s outgoing, light-hearted personality is infectious, and Hanzo can’t help but find himself indulging in the free-spirited fun taking place every night at the cowboy’s bar. He can’t help but contemplate what it would be like to really get to know these people. To let them get to know Hanzo in turn. To have friends he could trust with his life. When he looks at Jesse it seems so easy to imagine the man smiling and telling him that everything would be alright.

- Chapter 10

Guy Fawkes Hope Mask


West by Midwest Photography

Woolsey near Adeline in Berkeley in SF Bay Area.

The mask is familiar does everyone know who Guy Fawkes was?
He was a member of the Gunpowder Plot who on Nov 5, 1605 was arrested while guarding explosives to blow up the House of Lords in England by English catholics for greater religious freedom. This day is still observed in Great Britain.
This contemporary mask was designed by illustrator David Lloyd around 1982 for V for Vendetta. It has gone beyond its original purpose being used for anonymity by protestors

Born before 1984


Lilac Alley @ 24th St in San Francisco, Ca

Now what is that supposed to mean. This is heavy. You all do know the book  1984 by George Orwell published in 1949. Big Brother is watching you… Only one think allowed. Is this commentary on todays society? This is a hot topic. Maybe we are there and he is the individualist???

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Rung up a woman for a $4 bible (looked at the sticker TWICE) and she came back 10 minutes later by slapping a $1.99 sticker claiming I overcharged her. Then she proceeded to yank on the bible when I was trying to give it to my manager and started complaining while making rude comments. Someone should read the ten commandments in that little book (specifically 8 and 9) let alone seeing how Jesus would act towards others