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Halloween with the RFA Members

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween! These mini strips are based on @zens-ponytail​‘s (angst queen) head canons about the RFA entering a Haunted House Attraction ++ mixed with the RFA Halloween Party Outfits! Please read the headcanons on her blog to better understand what’s happening *v* ♥

I added Unknown bc why not;;; he didn’t want to wear a costume but he lets MC match with him anyway hhhhaha!! ++ V coming soon – or not LOLOL ;;; will fix some stuff tomorrow ahaha i’m so tired

Why Did  You Fail Me? ~Freaky February~ (D.W)

Prompt: I like reviving my old stories! I have a ton more. Here is the one before.

Pairing: Teach!Dean x Student!Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warning: Age gap

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anonymous asked:

Hi dear! I was wondering if I could request a scenario where the reader wants Yoongi to be rougher with her in bed and his reaction to that basically? Love your writing! Thanks love xoxo

Originally posted by bwiseoks


word count : 1.5k

warnings: asphyxiation, spanking, idk it’s smut…

“Rougher in bed… I’ll show her rough,” Yoongi mumbled as he packed up his stuff and headed to your apartment for an impromptu visit.

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So, this is my first attempt at a standalone smut, so hopefully it’s okay! Let me know what you think!

You sighed as you left work, waving goodbye to your colleagues. Thank God it was the weekend and you wouldn’t be due back in again until Monday. You climbed into your car and sat with your head against the steering wheel. It had been a long week for you, with your boss being more of an asshole than usual and deadlines upon deadlines stacking up against you and any plans for a social life, or even just half an hour of peace without anything work related rudely entering your mind.

You were pulled out of your thought as your phone began to vibrate on the passenger seat next to you. It was your boyfriend of several years. Josh had finally gotten a break from touring, even if only for a couple of weeks, and for that, you were grateful.

“Hi Josh, is everything okay?”

“Hi baby, everything is great, I’ve just got back from hanging out with Jesse and Ashley. Just wondering if you’re hungry?”

You’d already eaten dinner, one of the admin guys had just turned 30 so they had ordered in pizza for the whole office. You’d maybe had a slice or two more than you intended, but fuck it! You had earned it from all the hard work you had been putting in!

“Hmm, I’m not hungry for dinner, but there should be stuff in the house for us to make sundaes if that’s okay?”

Josh quickly agreed, stating that everything would be ready for you coming home. Josh did sound pretty excited on the phone, although you weren’t sure if that was because you were coming home, or because Josh had an excuse to eat ice cream for dinner. Possibly the latter.

The message tone rang out whilst you were driving home, tempting you to check the screen, but you persevered until you had pulled up outside of the house you both shared.

~ The door is open baby, meet me in the kitchen

You grabbed your handbag, locking the Audi and making your way to the front door. Pushing open the front door, you were greeted by the sounds of soft romantic music coming from the kitchen. The kitchen door was closed, but you could see a dim glow coming from under the door. You quickly removed your coat, kicked off your high heeled pumps and dropped your bag in the living room.

When you opened the kitchen door, you were not greeted by the view you were expecting. Instead of Josh sitting by the kitchen table, with two bowls of ice cream, the view was something far different. Stood in front of you, Josh was wearing nothing but a pair of low slung boxers, a tiny apron and a chef’s hat. Displayed on the counter tops behind him were a variety of condiments and sprinkles, including your favourites: maraschino cherries and Nutella.

“Instead of making a sundae, I thought maybe you’d like something else for dessert?” Josh stepped towards you, pulling you in for a passionate kiss, which quickly turned to a full blown make out session.

Just as you began feeling dizzy from the lack of air, Josh moved away from your lips, trailing kisses and little nips down your neck and along your collarbone. You moaned a little at the sensation.

You felt something cold against your skin. Looking down, you watched Josh spray a small line of whipped cream from a can down the opening of your shirt, stopping just at the swell of your breasts, before licking it off of your body, watching you intently.

He slowly unbuttoned your work shirt, sliding it down your shoulders before removing your bra. Josh pinched your nipples just the way you liked it, you could feel him pressing against your hip. Clearly he was enjoying this as much as you were.

“Wait here, I want to try something.” Josh disappeared quickly into the living room while your eyes were trained on his ass. You’d spent many a hometown gig, hiding in the wings at the side of the stage watching that ass as he drummed on top of the crowds.

When Joshua entered the kitchen again, you noticed the black tie in his hands. Your stomach flipped a little. You and Josh had discussed (at length over text and skype) trying being blindfolded, and maybe even having your hands tied behind your back, but you hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.

“Trust me?” Josh asked, checking you were comfortable. You nodded quickly as you began to feel excited. He tied the tie around the back of your head, covering your eyes, before continuing to play with your breasts. At first, you could feel Josh’s skilled hands and fingers teasing, pinching and squeezing gently. Then you could only feel one hand on your left breast, still teasing.

“Do you want some ice cream?” You opened your mouth expecting to be spoon fed by Josh.

You were startled as a cold, wet mouth latched itself onto your breast, sucking gently, his tongue swirling around your nipple. You could feel the excitement pooling between your legs, squeezing your thighs together in the hopes of a little friction.

Josh took a large spoonful of ice cream, feeding it to you, before feeding himself another and working on your other breast, giving it just as much attention.

Just when you were excited enough by the attention Josh was lavishing on you, his mouth began to move down your body, trailing kisses down your stomach. He paused to unzip and remove your skirt.

“I’m so lucky you’re mine,” Josh sighed. He had always been a fan of your legs, whether it be in short skirts, a spare pair of his shorts or just when his face was pressed between them.

He slid his hands into the waistband of your tights. You expected him to peel them down slowly to tease you, just like he usually would. It was obvious Josh would be full of surprises tonight as he gave them a quick yank. You could feel ladders beginning to form in the tights. He pressed one hand against your stomach, holding you still as you began to squirm a little, the other hand bundled up in your tights as he tugged hard against them ripping them down the left side.

Josh’s teeth nipped at your right hip as he grabbed at the remaining tights with his teeth pulling them away and tearing them fully from your body.

You heard a little fumbling, causing you to lift the makeshift blindfold and peek a little. Josh was stood by the counter, can of whipped cream in one hand and a jar of Nutella in the other. He turned around, catching you red handed. He gave you a look which was intended to be firm, but you could tell by the smirk on his face that he was amused by your actions. He took a few steps forward, laying the sweet condiments he held on the countertop next to you.

“No peeking or you get punished. Turn around and move the tie back down.” You complied with Josh’s request, turning around to face the kitchen cupboards and pulling his tie down to once again cover your eyes. You could feel Josh step behind you, his breath on the back of your neck, slowly running his hands up and down your sides-

A sharp stinging sensation swept across your ass. He had just spanked you! His palm rubbed softly against the sore spot, before slapping down firmly once again.

You had to admit you were enjoying this more than you had expected. Josh turned you around again, so you would be facing him. You heard him chuckle a little as he hooked his fingers into the sides of your underwear, ripping them off of you as well. He began to kiss from your mid calf to the inside of your thighs, stopping just before you could get too excited.

You could feel a sticky substance (which you could only assume was the chocolate-hazelnut spread) being smeared up the inside of your thighs before Josh’s tongue slid up slowly. He teased you with his tongue, peppering little bites along the way. Once one thigh had been licked bare again, he moved to the other side, mirroring his movements. He moved away again shortly after, for just a few moments before you heard him again.

“This ice cream is delicious, do you want more?”

Before you could answer, you felt a cold wet kiss directly on your core. You gasped as Josh’s tongue darted out, flicking against your already swollen clit. The ice cold sensation on your heated core, along with Josh’s previous teasing had you almost tipped on the edge already.

You moved one hand to the back of Josh’s head, tangled in his hair holding him firmly against you as he licked and sucked. Your other hand pulled the makeshift blindfold off, you didn’t want to miss this view. You looked down, Josh was happily buried between your legs, pulling away to smile at you quickly, before re-attaching himself, and slipping a finger in between your folds to pump slowly.

You began to grind a little against Josh, only encouraging him as he slipped a second finger inside you and began to pump a little faster.

It didn’t take long before you were seeing stars. Josh pulled away, wiping his mouth and kissing his way back up your body, your legs shaking a little in the aftermath.

“You taste even better than ice cream baby.”

Josh spoon-fed you another mouthful of ice cream, which was now melting in the tub, before launching his lips back on your own. You still held the tie in your hand, and you were about to put it to good use.

“Now it’s your turn.” You pushed Josh away a small distance, maybe just a few inches, before wrapping his tie around his wrists, making sure it wouldn’t hurt him, but would hold tight. You pushed him back until he was sat on the island table in the centre of your cosy kitchen. Giving him one final push, Josh fell back until he was lying fully on the table, with his arms above his head, and his legs dangling off of the edge of the table.

You moved over to the side counters looking at the assortment of toppings before deciding on a few. You took a large spoonful of Nutella, dolloping it directly onto Josh’s smooth chest, spreading it out.

Next, you picked up a bottle of sprinkles, shaking them over the chocolate-hazelnut mess you had made. Finally, you finished off your masterpiece with a little of the whipped cream and a few cherries.

You could see that Josh was beginning to get impatient, straining a little against the tie restraint. You giggled a little, picking up Josh’s phone from the side and snapping the perfect picture. Just a little reminder for later.

You dipped your face down to meet Josh’s lips, kissing him hard before moving back over his chest. You licked wide strips down Josh’s chest, stopping just before the waistband of his boxers. This continued until all the Nutella had been removed. You wanted to tease him just as much as Josh had teased you.

“Baby please, enough teasing!” Josh had lifted his head just enough to see you, grinning at him, your face only inches away from where he wanted you to be.

“I don’t think so… if you keep moaning, maybe I’ll blindfold you as well! Or just tie you up and leave you here?” You smirked as you heard his slight whine in response to you.

You slipped your hands up his thighs, sliding just under his boxers and dragging your nails back down, scratching a little and never quite touching exactly where he wanted you to touch.

You took a mouthful of the peppermint chip ice cream, which had so far remained untouched, swirling it around your mouth until you were sure that your mouth would be chilled enough to give the desired effect.

You slowly pulled Josh’s boxers all the way down his legs, before dropping them to the floor. Pre-cum glazed the tip of his cock, as you leaned towards it and started to suck gently, approving moans slipping from Josh’s open mouth as you began swirling your tongue around gently.

Josh’s fingers ran through your hair, tugging a little harder as you began to take him deeper and deeper, inching your way to base of his cock.

You moved away for the briefest of moments to grab the small packet on the side counter and a clean tea towel, causing Josh to groan at the lack of contact.

“Hold on. It’s my turn to try something new now.” You demanded, you knew Josh liked it when you took charge. You rolled the towel until you would be able to use it to your advantage. Moving round to the top of the table where Josh’s head rested, you motioned for him to lift his head. As he complied, you laid the towel over his eyes, knotting it at the side of his head, allowing him to rest his head comfortably back on the kitchen table.

You moved back down until you were between Josh’s legs once more, trailing your fingertips slowly towards his enlarged cock. You lifted the small packet from earlier, emptying about half of the contents into your mouth before continuing to suck gently.

“Oh my God! Is that… pop rocks?” Josh moaned, recognising the slight popping sensation. “It’s different… not bad though!”

After a couple of minutes, you then shifted your focus a little bit more on your techniques rather than the theatrics, meaning it wasn’t long before Josh was like putty in your hands, moaning your name and bucking his hips.

“If you move your hips once more, I swear I’ll give you a reason to move them!” You tried to sound domineering, though the slight snicker from Josh proved otherwise.

“Yeah, like you would!” He scoffed back. You slapped your palm down hard against the side of his thigh, the stinging sensation moving across your hand as you made contact with his bare skin.

“Try me?” You smirked back, knowing you had the upper hand again. Josh tried to wiggle his hands out of the tie still wrapped around his wrists. You used the moment of distraction to your advantage and took Josh’s member fully into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat as you sheathed your teeth with your lips, and began sucking harder, moaning a little enjoying the effect you had on Josh.

You could feel his legs clench a little around your waist, still dangling off the end of the kitchen table, knowing Josh was edging closer to his climax, you upped your game a little.

You pulled away, grabbing Josh’s hands and pulling him towards you until he was stood upright again, removing his blindfold so he could see you sink down to your knees again and finish him off, maintaining eye contact the whole time.

His hands held you in place by the back of your head while you swallowed the salty liquid which came in thick spurts, making sure not to let a single drop fall from between your lips. Josh sat back upright on the table, stroking his fingers up the outside of your thighs and along your backside before resting at the curve of your spine.

“That was incredible baby. Have you been planning to do that all day?” You giggled, nodding your head in agreement.

“At least in the car on the way home. Once the idea popped into my head, it was hard to get rid of it.” Josh took a spoon of the, now fully melted, ice cream and dribbled it onto your chest. He dipped his head, kitten licking at your chest, swirling his tongue around each nipple in turn, until they were once again stiffened peaks. Josh’s hand trailed back down towards your core, once again, a familiar slickness spreading between your thighs. Josh soon found the source of the wetness, his fingers parting your folds and playing with your clit.

Josh licked his lips, grinning at you, showing the perfect pointed teeth that you loved so much. “Did I really make you this wet baby girl? Did I do this to you?”

Josh slipped a finger inside of you, adding another soon after stretching you a little.

“How do you think you’d like it if I tied you up and fucked you hard against this table? Make it so your legs tremble and you can’t even walk? Make you see stars when I pound into you and make you scream my name?” Josh removed his fingers from you, causing you to whimper at the loss of contact. He pushed you away a little, before walking past you, towards the front door.

Josh returned a few moments later, with your heels from earlier in his hand. “Can you put these on please? It’ll make the height difference a little easier.”

You followed Josh’s request, slipping on your heels on, allowing you to almost see eye to eye with Josh. He turned you around until you were facing away from him, feeling his member pressed hard against your backside.

Josh slipped the tie around your wrists, looping it around several times before tying it tight enough to make sure you can’t wriggle free. Josh pushed you forward gently until your chest was resting on the table, before surprising you with another firm smack to your backside.

Josh rubbed his erection against your core, teasing you, making sure you were even wetter than you had been all night. He rocked his hips back and forth, so, so achingly slow, pausing for just a second at your entrance, before continuing to tease you further.

“Josh… please just fuck me already-” You whined, the desperation in your voice catching you off guard and surprising even you. You noticed you were pushing back against Josh, even grinding a little, hoping he would give up the foreplay.

“Baby, the whole neighbourhood will know my full name by the time I’m finished with you.” Josh smirked, you could hear it in his husky voice. He didn’t wait for you to reply before he pushed into you, causing you moan loudly.

“That’s right baby, I want to hear your sweet moans fill this kitchen.” Josh again slapped his hand against your rear, before pushing into you up to the hilt, filling you completely. Josh began to build up a steady rhythm, working up to a fast pace.

You could feel the tops of your thighs hitting against the table every time Josh thrust into you. Josh’s hands were gripping your hips too, his fingertips squeezing tight against the mounds of skin. He was going to leave bruises on you by the morning for sure. Little reminders of the passion you had shared that night. It wasn’t long before you could feel your climax approaching for the second time tonight.

“Fuck, you’re so tight. You feel so good squeezing around me. I’m almost there baby, just hold on a little longer.” You barely held it together long enough for Josh to finish as you came undone around him, your legs trembling underneath you in the aftermath, just as Josh had promised. He pulled out of you, scooping you up in his arms and carried you to the bedroom you shared, before laying you on the bed.

“That was amazing, how long have you been planning that?” Josh shrugged in response to your question, climbing in besides you and wrapping his arms around you, before answering you.

“I get bored on tour and sometimes my mind wonders, y’know!”

“Well Joshua, can’t wait to see what else you’ve been thinking about on tour!” You smirked, cuddling closer to him as he ran his fingers through your hair.

“Just wait until tomorrow baby…”

Control. (Kim Taehyung.)

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

Requested – No.

Prompt – Taehyung is a fuckboy and you are a fuckgirl. The two of you both want dominance but only one can remain in control.  

Warning – Smut, fuckboy Taehyung, oppa kink, slight angst. Listen, I’m not that great at smut but here I am. By the way, this is unprotected but just wanted to tell you all that safe sex is the best sex. 

Words – 2,036. 


“Fuck, that was amazing.” Jungkook sighed as he plopped down next to you. Although Jungkook was one of the most attractive boys in this college campus, sex with him was anything but amazing. You would say he was an average companion in bed considering the fact he was able to make you come at least once but sex was so bland and you wanted something wild.

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..And You Will Again.. 

[Notes; This is the second installment of Cody’s drabble Like You Haven’t Already..] [Which can be found, if you click the link..]

      “Cody..” I whispered as quietly, but as loudly, as I could- trailing behind the Nightmare backstage. “Not now, (Y/N).” Cody sang back, rejecting what- to my ears, was at least the sixth phone call. He shoved open his dressing room door, and threw his phone to the table top. I followed in, kicking my foot between the door and it’s frame before he could shut me out.

      “No. Now.” I ordered, stepping through the barrier, and shutting the barricade quickly. “M.. Maybe she..” I tried, tripping over my words like hurdles. “Don’t. She wouldn’t call fourteen times if she didn’t.” He batted. My palm started at my eyes, brushed my nose, and then gripped my jaw and lips. “How do we..” I croaked, realizing that there was a slim chance out of this. “We don’t anymore, (Y/N).” Cody spat back, frustrated with the circumstances. “We don’t.. we aren’t..” He started, drilling right into my chest’s cavity. 

      It was an equal mixture of anger, lust, and confusion scattering around his brain, diluting his concentration. Cody’s face screamed of anything but focus. “What’re you going to tell her?” I finally asked. “(Y/N), I need you to leave..” Cody offered, with a way out. “I can’t just leave, this is my fault too!” I shouted back, denying him what he wanted. “Go, dammit!” Cody yelled, even louder. “Go!” He said, shoving his palm into the concrete wall. 

      I huffed my chest, and grabbed the doorknob- pulling the door shut behind me. Without permission, my knees unbuckled and I sank to to the cold concrete. An uncontrollable wave rushed my body, and I let it. 

     There he is.. I mentally noted, seeing him strut backstage with his jacket on. He was either going out, or coming back.. It doesn’t matter. How could you be in the same faction and not talk to one anoth.. A familiar tone snapped me from my thoughts.

      “Dude, just stop!” It was Matt. I shoved my back against the wall and concealed my presence from being known. “I’m sorry, okay? It’s been a week..” Matt pressed on. Matt was always the pushy one when it came to being ignored. “Just talk to me, man!” He yelled out, enough for everyone and Cody to hear- believe it or not, with how Cody was acting. “It slipped, and you’re being ridiculous.” Matt urged, not realizing that Cody had stopped walking. 

      Matt had almost bumped into his back before noticing. “I just.. what does Brandi think, Cody.. or.. what would Dusty think?” No, Matt. My eyes widened that the live murder that I was milliseconds away from witnessing. A fatal mistake, the mouthy Jackson had just made. 

      Indescribably quick, Cody had both of his fists full of Matt’s shirt, and forced him up the chilled wall. “Don’t.. you dare, Jackson.” Cody threatened. “If I ever hear you talk of him again, you’re a fucking dead man.” He spat, slithering poisonous words, rightfully so, into Matt’s ears. Matt’s face flinched in fear, knowing that he had stepped over a fine line that no one was to ever dare- regretting his error. 

      My heart told me to follow, to calm him down.. but with the slamming of his door- screaming through the entire arena, my brain thought otherwise. I glanced back to Matt, and he was looking at me- putting together that I was there long enough to hear his questions for Cody. In a wise decision, he didn’t speak. “Matt..” I tried, behind the stage equipment. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).” He said, before walking away.

      Oh, God. I swallowed what little pride I had left and let my knuckles beat to Cody’s door, twice. My instinct screamed to turn back, and right when I made the choice to, Cody opened up. “Hi..” I stumbled, suspecting that I was probably the last face he wanted to see right now. Still not speaking, he only furthered the passage way- inviting me in. 

      “I know you don’t want to talk to me. I know, I just.. I just needed to see you. Maybe even discuss what’s happening.. I’m alone and you’re in this with me and I can’t..” I rambled before being cut off by warm hands. Two comforting hands, surrendered my cheeks and he placed his forehead to mine. I closed my eyes, and so did he. Our eyelashes danced off of one another in a speechless moment. “Please..” Cody mumbled, just barely enough for me to hear. I shook my head slightly, and pink, plump, and needing lips mashed into mine. 

      With each thrust of his cock, I felt his length dig deeper and deeper in between my walls- something I’d never get tired of. “Cody!” I cried out, begging him for me. “Shh.. shh, shh. I got you, baby.” He milked, bringing his palm down to my ass cheek. Both cheeks slapped against his thighs as he fucked me from behind. I gripped the bed sheets, holding me upward, and he grasped for the loose ponytail I had thrown my hair into before this started. 

      Wrapping it around his fist, he tugged. “Too tight.” I claimed, as politely as I could. “Do you think I fucking care..” Cody responded, slapping the same spot he had just. “I don’t, baby. I really don’t.” He whispered, yanking back my locks, and snagging strands in between his wedding band and ring finger. “Cody, Cody!” I yelled. “Please. Stop, stop.” It wasn’t our safe word, so he knew something was wrong. “Don’t move. Please.” I begged, almost in tears from the mid-scalping he was giving me. 

      My fingernails sketched the single word on his chest over and over again, a countless amount of times before he spoke up. “Different circumstances and all, dad would have really liked you..” Cody whispered, tangling his hands in my hair. “I would have really liked him.. either way.” I said, putting my pointer to rest. Cody laughed at the daring statement. “I really like you.” He started. “Believe it or not..” It took that for me for to come back to my sense of morality. “Not tonight, Cody.” I pat his chest, and rose from the engulfing swarm of sheets. 

      “Either way.” He repeated. “He’d just want me to be happy..” Cody said, almost talking to himself- skimming his touch over his bare chest. “Are you?” I puzzled, pulling my panties over my hips- playing along with the obvious trap. I felt his eyes jump to me. Not my exposed, naked skin, no.. but me. He blinked twice, half-licked his bottom lip, and nodded with a small smile. 

      “I knew I could be happy the first time we were out, in fact.” Cody whispered, resuming the tone from before. I didn’t respond, and only my eyebrows raised. “You had just joined. Maybe two or three weeks before me and.. Tama was talking about that damn Pepper place, by the Dome again.” I flashed a smile, knowing exactly which day he was talking about now- still searching for my shirt through our combination of clothes. 

      “So we all went.. and that place was way too cramped for all of us. Matt was.. stabbing Nick in the hand, with a chopstick. I think.” Cody chuckled through the last few words, asking for my reassurance. “Yeah, they.. do that a lot.” I confirmed. “Adam was hitting on some poor waitress behind the bar, and everyone else was just too big for their stools.” He stopped as the crew of my sweater slid down my face. “Keep going.” I whispered.

      “Cody scoffed in a smirk- suddenly ashamed and embarrassed of the memory. “So.. I took mine outside. It was raining, and I looked to the Tokyo Dome. And I knew.. I knew that all of my hard work meant something. I knew that pop would be proud. I knew that that was happiness.” He said, pointing to to the imaginary building in front of him- showing his pearly, white teeth. 

      In the pause, my heart warmed- knowing that he had made the right decision.. wrestling wise, of course. Maybe not with me, but it was comforting to know that he was happy here. His eyes flickered from the day dream, and back to mine. “Then.. you stepped out, too. Because it was too cramped.” He laughed again at the recital. “And I looked at you, like I’ve never looked at anyone else before..” He paused again, glancing away only for this claim. “Not even Brandi..” Cody confessed, as he involuntarily rolled his ring around his finger- in the dimly lit scene. “And then I knew that you were happiness, too..” Cody admitted with a heave of his chest. “I had to have you.” 

      Like a butterfly’s set of wings in the wind, my heart fluttered- sending a shock wave through my core. “Code..” barely left me lips, and he offered a hand- pulling me back to his embrace. I couldn’t stop myself, even if I wanted to. I accepted his offer, and straddled his lap for the second time of the night- pulling his lips into mine again. There were fits of this, this affection, but they weren’t like this. They didn’t last. They were always short lived. 

      I ground my hips into his, letting him know that I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe it was what he said, maybe it was the star lit, dark room’s mood- but something inside of me let go of whatever I was holding onto. I was happy, too.. and I had the rest of the night to prove it. 

      It was mine, not his, that woke me up. I glanced to the alarm clock that read 4:43 A.M., and groaned. What the hell do you people wa.. I thought to myself as my screen shot mood-changing words into my vision. 

You know who this is. Touch my husband again and I’ll make that trip to Japan.

      “What is it?” Cody asked, snaking his arm around my stomach to pull me closer to him. “Nothing..” I swallowed my lie. 

      Seven weeks had passed by and Brandi’s message still stung through my eyelids every time I closed them. I know what’s wrong.. and what’s right. Why does this feel right? So right, even once or twice Cody almost kissed me in public. So right that the sneaking around in hotel rooms are worth it. He’s worth it. I don’t know where his heart is, but I have an idea for mine. Of course, it was the married man. 

     I asked to be pulled from matches and act as a valet until this all blows over, and the company couldn’t have agreed more with my decision. It was weird to go back to the days of out-ring. I took it as my punishment, and a light one at that- considering who’s still in my bed at night. It’s awkward- seeing him in the ring and not being able to speak anymore, and it hurts. 

      Red Shoes slammed his hundred-year-old hand against the mat for a third time and closed the Bullet Club’s win in. Cody, Matt, and Nick picked up the win over Okada, Jay, and Mark- with the help of Tama, Tanga, and I at ringside. 

      “Celebraaaate, whaat.” Tama yelled backstage to the clique. Everyone was in, everyone was always in. Even when we lost, we celebrated- but tonight, tonight was the last time before we all would regroup in months here again. Anyone who wasn’t Kenny was flying back to the States in two days, and it was our last hurrah. 

      “Look at that.” I whispered to myself, viewing the same spot Cody was referring too all those nights ago, across the street. I pushed myself through the local karaoke bar’s glass and was greeted by happy, semi-drunk faces. “She’s here!” Kenny yelled, grabbing his bottle and the fork from Matt’s platter- pointing it to him- both boys smiling from knowing of the mischievous act that Matt was planning with it. Kenny tapped the metal against his glass and requested everyone’s attention. “Now that we’re all here, I wanted to say a few words.” I heard Kenny start, as I settled beside Tama. 

      “I love you all. You all are my family. And I will miss you until you come back to me.” Kenny toasted. Kenny hardly drank, so when he did.. it was fairly easy for him to feel good. He never over-did it, but he knows how to have fun. “Ken.. we’ll be back in four weeks.. we aren’t going..” I tried. “Shhh.. Just let him..” Tama eased me, setting him hand to my wrist. I couldn’t help but laugh at how Tama was the one to tell me to let Kenny go. Normally, he was right there with him. 

      “What do you say?” Tama offered, throwing his eyebrows to the stage. “You’re joking.” I dismissed, immediately. “No! Come on! We preform in front of thousands, and I’ve heard you sing. You’re good.. not as good as me, but..” Tama rushed in, shimming his body to the side of mine in the signature pop-dance that he does. “Let loose, come on.” He pushed, slamming his Miller Lite to the table top- grabbing my hand, yanking me from the stool. 

      “Tama!” I seethed through grit teeth, once I realized with the giant leap that I was already on the stage. He was chuckling like  child, expressing the true example of “hehehe”. I looked back, and noticed that I wasn’t the only one with a locked jaw. He was watching me, sure, but Tama even more. My eyes rolled, and my mood changed. Fuck you, and your fucking wife. Don’t get jealous.. You don’t get to be jealous. “Okay!” I yelled back to Tama, hoping the group was at least too far gone to remember this anytime soon.   

      “This shit’s in English.. where did you find this place?” I asked Tama, with a little too much pep in my talk for my taste. “Girl..” Tama shot me a sarcastic look. “And.. it’s all.. really old music.. wow, Tama.” I quipped, digging though the music files of doo-wop 1953. “Here, everyone knows this one.” Tama said, mashing his fist into the machine’s select button. “Just so Adam and Kenny, and Bucks don’t do that Call Me Maybe song again.. Jeeeesus.” 

      Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs’ Stay scanned across the rickety screen. Are you serious, Tama.. “Stay, ahhhh..” Tama started out, and a little too high. I let him do most of the verse, and worked on the woman’s part. “Please, please, please, please, please, tell me that you’re going to..” Tama kept, and I fazed out for a minute- missing most of it. 

      “Oh won’t you stay, just a little bit longer.. please let me hear you say that you will.” I smiled, genuinely enjoying the moment with Tama. He snicked at how bad my singing was, but he was right.. it’s not as good as his. “Won’t you place your sweet lips to mine, won’t you say that you love me, all of the time.” Tama shimmied with his eyes closed, closer and closer to me- closing the gap between us. I let him finish the song, and threw in a couple come on, come on’s in the mix. 

      The group stood and cheered, whistled and whined. All but one. A waiter with a pan of what would be closest to pizza-pizza passed by, and my stomach knotted in an instant twist. The smile wiped from my face, and my palm flew to my face- covering my mouth. My eyes shot to the ground, forcing myself to keep what was coming up- down. I shot myself from the stage and into the bathroom, and Nick’s arms attempted to wrap around me on the way. 

      Gasping for air, I cleared out whatever it was that had me so suddenly upset. The smell of porcelain was far too much, and I needed to escape it before upchucking again. I flushed, wiped my mouth, and washed my hands. 

      Minutes pass, and I pulled open the door. The group stood by the booth, waiting and concerned. It was written on their faces. My nerves have been easily triggered lately, and I wasn’t in the mood to explain why- being that I’m still sleeping with a member of the I’m married and unavailable club. Cody’s eyes were full of worry. 

      “Yooouu.. okay?” Nick asked. “Yeah., totally.. just needed a moment. I’m fine now.” I thanked Nick, patting his bicep. “I think I’m going to head out, and catch you guys tomorrow, before we all leave.” I finished, throwing my jacket over my shoulder- not turning to say my goodbyes.

      I sat on the edge of the rented garden tub, waiting. A click of a key card later, my stomach jumbled again- the way I had just calmed it down from. “Damn, you were begging for me in no time tonight.” I heard Cody laugh out, throwing his over night bag to the foyer’s floor. “Babe?” He called out, once I didn’t answer him.

      I let the sound of harsh footsteps pat against the tile, until they reached my bathroom door- the only barrier between us now. With a little help of WD40, it wouldn’t have made the eerie creek that it did when he gave it a simple shove. My weary and swollen eyes were set to where his would be in seconds, and immediately his mood switched from sexual to shocked. 

      “(Y/N).. What’s wrong..” He hummed out in a scared tone. He then saw what I was holding, and instantly knew the answer to his question, and that device. “Guess what..” I muttered, shutting my eyes and begging God above to let me keep down my dinner. “Oh.. Fuck..” Cody replied. 

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A. Ham x fem!reader

Requested by anon:

Super angsty Alexander x reader where she gets deadly sick and he feels useless just like he did with his mother? And he just starts hating on himself and all his mistakes? Maybe post Reynolds Pamphlet and she forgives him then dies? 

I changed it a little bit, but still angsty. Kinda short too. :(

(I was listening to Tears of an angel, and Deep in the ancient Hawaiian rain forest, which definitely adds to the angst. I swear that first song is enough to make me cry, so…)

Warnings: angst, illness, death, overall sadness

Words: 1,187

I’m so sorry for how long this took to write, I’m not the best with angst. Not too happy with how this turned out, but…


It started in the summer. One of the hottest days so far. You were exhausted, and the heat and mosquitoes weren’t helping. You felt a jab on your neck, you slapped the spot, a little blob of blood on the palm of your hand. You fanned yourself, heat becoming overwhelming.

It was a week before something changed. You found yourself in dizzy spells, headaches, and none of your gowns felt right. After a few days, you became very fatigued, almost to tired to get up from bed. You knew something was wrong, but you didn’t want to bother Alexander. He was already under so much stress, he didn’t need to worry about you as well.

You sat in your bed, waiting for him. He didn’t come. He must still be working. You went to your husbands office to bid him goodnight.

“Alexander? You knocked lightly on the slightly opened door.

“Yes dear,” he said, not looking up from his writing. You walked in resting a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at you.

“I only wished to say goodnight.” You said, planting a light kiss on his forehead.

“I’ll be with you soon, dear.” He said lightly kissing your knuckles. You nodded yore head, leaving him to his work.

A sudden wave of nausea hit you. Your head spun, and your tripped over you feet. Everything spun and faded out of clarity.


Alexander looked up from his writing. A thud from the hallway drew him away.

“Darling?” He called out. No answer. He stood up, concern spreading over his face. “Y/n, dear?” 

He got no response, and overwhelming wave of fear washing over him. Alex moved quickly from his office, running down the hallway. Y/n laid face down on the floor, her night grown sprawled around her.

“Dear, y/n, wake up.” He knelt down on the ground, gently flipping her body upwards. Y/n’s pulse was weak, beads of sweat forming on her forehead. He picked her up, rushing back to their bed. He laid her down. She was barely breathing. Maybe her corset was too tight. As quickly as he could, Alex began to undo the laces of y/n dress, ripping off the fabric. Too many layers, the thought sarcastically ran through his mind, as he tried to unlace to the ribbons of his wife’s corset.

Something bizarre caught his attention as he removed the many layers of clothing from y/n. Red spots on her chest poked out from underneath her last layer. Overcome with worry, he pulled off the undershirt from her body. Small red dots scattered over her stomach and breasts. Her body had lost weight, her frame now fragile and weak. A broken sob passed Alexander’s lips. Something was very wrong with the woman he loved more than life. And he hadn’t noticed until it was too late.


There’s not much…pneumonia…very weak…typhoid fever…not a lot of time.”

Unusual voices broke you from the empty dream. You head was spinning, and the world around felt cold. A terrible pain stabbed at your chest. Everything hurt. Your body shook, cold chills filling you. You let out a fit of heavy coughs. A wet rag was dabbed across your forehead.

“Y/n? Darling?” Alex. You tried to open your eyes as much as you could.

“I’m here, my love.” You saw him, and it felt like an arrow had pierced your heart. He sat next to you on the bad, eyes brimmed with red, hand shaking.

A tear fell from his eye.

 You lifted your hand to his face, thumbing away his tears. He leaned into your touch, holding your hand on his cheek.

“Please don’t cry.” Your voice was strained and weak. He looked into your eyes, more tears falling down his face. He seemed to crumple and fall apart, your heart breaking.

You did your best to sit up, and leaned on Alexander’s shoulder. You wiped away the tears that continued to run down his face. He held you close, his breathing ragged.

“You must promise me to get better.” He mumbled into your hair. “Please, hold on. I love you so much.”

He kissed the crown of your head, rocking back and forth, holding you close.


You woke up in your husbands arms. He held you to his chest as tightly as you could, never wanting to let go. You felt safe in his embrace. Warm. Like nothing could hurt you.

Your body ached, though. You lungs burned, and your muscles weak. You throat was burning, and any time you breathed, it truly felt like your last. Coughs racked through your chest, waking up the man next to you. Alex immediately shot up, asking if you were okay. You nodded your head, still trying to clear your sore throat. He gently rubbed your shoulders. You collapsed into his arms.

“It hurts.” You cried into his shirt. “I want it to go away.”

You felt him shake, and you knew he was starting to cry as well. He felt helpless. He held you tighter, afraid at any moment you would be gone.


Weeks passed, and your condition worsened. There was nothing the doctors could do. All you could do was hope for a miracle as your health rapidly faded away. You knew though, that deep down, nothing could save you. You took a deep breath. 

“Alexander…My love…” You called out, eyes still closed. You felt the bed dip slightly under your husbands weight. He held your hand gently. You looked up at him meeting his eyes. His eyes no longer sparkled with passion, instead taken over by a storm of grief and vulnerability. Dark circles were clear under his eyes. He hadn’t slept much, nightmares taking over his dreams, and the fear of losing you consumed every waking moment.

“My dear, what is it?” He said, voice wavering. You moved ever so slightly to lay in his arms facing up at him.

“Alexander…my only Alexander. I love you more than anything in this life.” Your voice came out in a whisper. He nodded his head, a melancholy smile taking his face. Your heart ached, and you were beginning to feel the world around you fade in and out. You continued. “Do you remember our wedding day?”

“Of course.” A tear slipped down his cheek as he spoke. “Lafayette got so drunk he couldn’t stand.”

You giggled, the atmosphere lightening a bit.

“You looked so beautiful when you walked down the aisle.” Alex kissed your forehead softly. “The most gorgeous, brilliant, beautiful woman that I had ever seen.”

“I remember your wedding vows took so long, my uncle almost fell asleep.” You whispered. You eyes locked with his, looking into the deep brown color, almost like searching for answers. “But they were so beautiful…”

You felt your life start to slip away, like sand though finger tips.

“I love you…so much.”

He held you as close as possible, cries of despair escaping his mouth. He could feel your heartbeat fade away to nothing. Tears cascaded down his face. He could feel everything falling apart. You were gone.

But he couldn’t let go.

One thing that bugs me, every pun intended, about Ladybug and Chat’s respective costumes is that his is FULL of careful little details and hers is just … not? He’s got cuffs on his wrists and ankles, the bell and studs, and fake ears and a tail that literally MOVE, just for starters, to say nothing of the hairstyle change. Hell, even his MASK is more interesting than hers–it covers more skin, the shape’s slightly less domino-cliche, and it not only literally changes the shape of his pupils and color of his eyes, it comes with friggin’ OPTIONAL NIGHT VISION. Meanwhile Marinette gets, like … spots and ribbons and slightly bluer hair. Maybe. At MOST. The ribbons don’t even function as damn ANTENNAE ffs COME ON, DESIGNERS HOW DID YOU NOT GO THAT WAY 

(so yeah I actually have zero problems with the whole “how the hell does NO ONE recognize the damn PROFESSIONAL MODEL in his own damn HOMETOWN” thing, considering how much more eye-catching his costume is and how drastically a new hairstyle and a posture/behavior change can affect someone’s look, ESPECIALLY without Photoshop all over his face, but I remain eternally baffled as to why NO ONE has pegged Marinette for Marinette yet. SHE’S NOT THAT DIFFERENT, CLASSMATES.) 

Basically, Chat Noir’s superhero gear actually looks like someone TRIED to disguise him; Marinette’s looks like Tikki slapped some spots on a discount leotard and called it a day. She couldn’t even be bothered with separate boots or gloves! It’s like I can HEAR Plagg weeping over the fashion disaster that is his eternal partner, my GOD. 


wilting-rxse  asked:

"Maybe they were wrong about you Schnee, you're not as inclined to attack on sight, unlike others with that cursed name."

Icy gaze turns colder as she glares up at the faunus, her hand gripping Myrtenaster but she doesn’t attack, no matter how much she wanted to. This man was responsible for so much misery in the lives of both herself and her teammates, and she couldn’t think of a worse person to come across for this dare. But a dare was a dare, and she hated to back down from a challenge.

Gritting her teeth and clenching her fists, she steps up and grabs his collar, pulling him down to press the quickest kiss to his cheek before letting go and promptly slapping the same spot, then pulling out her weapon and pointing it towards him.


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Request-Smutty Joker

A/N: It has smut and it’s the first time I’ve done anything like this so don’t hate me. I don’t know if the anon wanted it to be a sequel of their previous request, so bc I’m lazy, I decided to let it be a sequel to

Warning: Smut

Nick Fury slams down the pale yellow envelope on my desk, in which I was furiously typing the new bill of Tony’s destruction. Last week, his suit had malfunctioned mid-mission and now there is a gaping whole of the 43 floor. 

“We found the son of a bitch,” Fury huffs, his arms crossed, a proud smirk, cockily making its way to his face.

Dropping the keys, I roll my head and look at him pointing out, “You call a lot of people ‘a son of a bitch’. Be clear and tell me his name. A name would be nice.”

“The Joker.”

Your eyes grow wide in shock and you nervously chew on your lip. You knew how brutal SHIELD was, and the prision they would throw him in would not be a calming one. The idea of him getting hurt began to rattle your brain. The tattoos would be baby cuts compared to the slashes and scares that would soon burn his skin.

“AGENT Y/N!” Nice screams, his finger snapping in front of you. 

You suddenly snap out of your shock, shivering at your now paled skin. “S-Sorry. I just can’t believe we finally caught him.” “Well not yet, that’s why I’m here, he left a note for you. Open the folder.

Knitting my eyebrows in confusion, I open the folder to reveal a sticky note:

I declare that Y/N comes alone. She is a pretty little thing, and my pretty little thing. Bring anyone else, I disappear and kill everyone else, but her. My locations are near the whale and through the zoo of hell.


Inwardly, you rolled your eyes and chuckled.You knew his ‘locations’ were bullshit and not even a riddle. He just said that to make no sense to anyone, because you already know his locations. 

He told you his location since Day 1, just in case you ever wanted to join him, or you just needed him for someone to cry on (which would lead in him killing somebody and you begging for him not to.)

“Find that fuck, Y/N”


“Joker I know you’re here. You crazy dork.” you called out to the abandoned theater. He actually cleaned it up to look very luxurious, but you’d never admit it. You didn’t want him getting a big head. Bigger anyways.

J suddenly appears out of nowhere, his arms making around yous, teeth biting into your neck making you let out a surprised moan. He pushes your body closer to his chest, his right hand wandering dangerously low near your skirt.

You tried to push him away, but all you could do was give him another moan. His hand wanders into your panties, his index finger tapping your clit, making you whimper. His hand continues to dig into your clit, rubbing it violently, but neveer pushing them in. 

His mouth is still sucking that same spot. cuts the blood flow, and his teeth begin digging into it roughly, tugging your skin upward. With a pop, your knees weaken by the cool air touching the black and blue mark. 

“W-What a-a-are-” Tugging your clit you while, and throw your head back to him while he tugs even more, biting your right ear before darkly teasing, “Use your words darling. I don’t know what you want if you don’t tell me. Or I I’ll just keep going as I please.”

Suddenly, he rips off the shirt you were wearing, tearing in half before flinging it anywhere while you tried to breath.“No bra? Such a pretty little thing aren’t you. So dirty, wonder if the SHIELD agents know how rough I’m going to fuck you.” His hands grab your boobs roughly, digging his nails into them while he turns you around so he could clamp down on your collarbone.

You tried to tell him something, but your knees were shaking too badly at the pleasure. Soon your skirt and panties fell leaving you completely bare while Joker was completely covered, making your eyes plead for him to remove something.

He easily catches on to your silent pleas and mocks, “Aw, you’d like that wouldn’t you.” His hand suddenly dives into pussy making you loudly moan in pleasure and slight pain. You try to fall, but the hand he was finger-fucking you with forces you to stand not cower away from the growing heat. “If you can speak while I’m doing this, then I’ll remove my clothes. Speak.”

You try to form a decent sentence, a word even, but you couldn’t do it. It felt too good, to the point where you felt so close, so close. “The Joker grabs your neck with his other hand and lightly squeezed, making your eyes clamp shut. 

“Say something, or I’ll remove my hand. Come on.”

You felt so close to cumming, and you could only scream. Your throat clenched, preventing you from forming any words Joker’s hands curl into your G-spot and you were right about to cum when…he removed his hand.

You were close to tears as you felt both his hands rip away from you. 

J, then tugs his belt and snarls, “Alright, you don’t feel like talking, we’ll find other uses for your mouth.” He drops his pants and boxer, and forcefully shoves you to your knees. 


Immediantly, you grab his huge length with his hands, and pumps it, thumb playing with tip, making pre-cum ooze out. You grip it tighter, squeezing it, making him moan, until he abruptly grabs your face with his hand, making you look at his now pitch black eyes. 

“I said suck, not touch.”

Gulping you nod your head, and shove your mouth into his cock. You gag on it and tears prick your eyes, but Joker, just grabs a fistful of your hair and keeps your head in place, trying to suck as much as you can.

His foot tilts up and pushes itself into your clit making you moan around his cock. He moans loudly and throws his had back, yanking your hair upward, causing you to gag again, now taking all of his length into his mouth. That’s when he suddenly explodes into your mouth.

He pulls out and gets on his knees, shooting a deadly look at you, ordering, “Swallow.” Instantly, you swallow and open your mouth showing him. He smirks at you, then shoves your entire body to the floor, his weight crushing you. He throws off his shirt, and waste no time paling into you.

You scream at his huge cock tearing you apart. Slapping your ass, you moan again, making him slap the same spot again painfully. His hands soon cover your mouth threatening, “You dare make a sound and I swear I will not let you cum. Understand?” You nod your head, not wanting to take chances by giving a verbal response and lets him pound into you.

“Ugh, you’re so fucking tight, your such a good slut.”

He begins going faster and faster, and your toes curl because you want to scream so badly, but you have to repress it. Your, hands scratch his back making him throw his head back groaning. 

His right hand goes down to your clit, rubbing it fiercely, making you bang your flaming body against the cold floor, trying your best not to scream.

“Do you want to cum, Y/N? Speak.”

You nod your head as fast as you can begging, “Y-Y-YES. PLEASE! P-P-Please l-let m-me c-c-c-cum.”


You throw your head back and scream as loud as you can while he gives in after one more thrust, falling on top of you. Rolling you around he lets you rest of your chest, breathing heavily.

Love At First.. Nevermind (2/3)

Chapter 2

| O N E |

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You made a love potion for Bucky, the rules were the same as any other rule. Be the first person he sees, and you’ll be the love of his life. But when Steve drinks the potion and not Bucky, it leads to all kinds of disasters. Mostly when you’re the first one he sees.

Word Count: 685

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Tags: @waikimikey , @sumiaran , @bubblyanarocks3

Warning: Swearing , Kissing

A/N: Here is chapter 2! The last part will be up tomorrow. I hope you enjoy ♥

You look at Bucky as Steve continued to talk to you, you didn’t really mind Steve and his flirting. But when you saw Bucky’s face you saw how much in pain he was. You sighed and looked at Steve, suddenly seeing him leaning in for a kiss, you let out a fearful squeak and dodge his kiss, disconnecting his hands as well. You started to backaway from him as he started to walk towards you, his eyes were filled with desperation for kisses and love.

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falling in love

○ pairing: hoseok | reader
○ genre: fluff
words: 2,901
○ warnings: none

a/n: hello again, i really hope you enjoy this! there wasn’t really any storyline – i just typed what i felt like typing, so sorry if it’s a bit choppy[?]. nonetheless, i’m in the mood for [love] writing, so enjoy!
any feedback is highly appreciated!

The pitter-patter of rain upon the windshield distracted you from the onslaught of the harsh air. Clasping your hands together, you sat; legs crossed and hands to your mouth, hoping for any sort of warmth to envelop you. A chuckle appeared from the boy sitting beside you, also trying to warm himself up and you stuck out your tongue out at him.

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Mutually Absurd Drunkenness

Alternative title: Waiting for Sobriety
Pairings: RusAme/AmeRus
Synopsis: America does not show up on time for their date. Russia drowns the disappointment in alcohol. This leaves America with a drunk and uncooperative Russia to drag home.
Rated: T, just in case, for alcohol reference.

“Come here- dammit, dude, stop wandering!” Alfred gave a great tug, trying to guide his charge.

A very tipsy Russia merely tried yet again to free himself, quite intent on forging his own path. “But Fedya, we are not finished!” he said through a string of giggles.

America allowed himself three long deep breaths, trying to summon some reservoir of patience. He had arrived markedly late to their date, and arrived to find Ivan indulging in some spirits. That in itself was alright- Russia was able to drink quite a bit of alcohol before feeling any effects.

“How much did you drink?” America asked, holding Ivan’s arm in a vice like grip across his shoulders, the better to anchor him to his side. Just a bit farther…

Ivan paused in his struggles, granting Alfred a brief reprieve. “Four…” Alfred’s eyes narrowed. “…ty two.” Ah, that sounded a bit more accurate. “Forty two. Four. Two. I think. You interrupted.”

Alfred grimaced, leading them around a corner and down a side street. His apartment was just a minute away now. “I’m sorry , Evie, really, I am,” he said in earnest. He had only said it eighteen times, since apparently tonight was the night for keeping count…

They were supposed to meet up for a date at 6 o'clock, which, for Russia, turned to 6:15, 6:30, then 7, waiting for America to show up. Alfred had gotten caught up in a meeting that was not even supposed to take place, and was unable to call or text him. He had made a point of dropping hints at his boss that he had somewhere to be for personal matters, but, alas, for better or worse, the needs of the America trumped those of Alfred F. Jones.

Ultimately, some dark recess of Ivan’s mind had determined that the American had stood him up, and so sought to stifle the pain with booze. He explained as much to Alfred, albeit a little less eloquently.

“How could you think I’d stand you up? We’ve been seeing each other for ages- I wouldn’t just ditch like that.” Somewhere through the alcohol-induced fog, Russia sent him a searching look before shaking his head.

“You could have…found another? Realized you could…do better…”

It was Alfred’s turn to shake his head. “I forgot what a pessimist you are sometimes.”

Ivan let out a sigh. “I used to be optimist,” he admitted, the alcohol causing him to drop his articles and his accent to thicken. “But you learn over the years. Things change, people change, you change…” Alfred did not know who “you” meant- himself or Ivan. All he did know was that they were treading dangerously close to the sadder effects drinking has on the Russian. Times like this made him want to wrap the guy in a thick warm blanket and cuddle him by the fire.

“Where are we?” Ivan asked suddenly in a tone of wonderment.

Alfred blinked. “We’re a minute from my house, dude. We’ve walked this way like eighty times.”

Ivan shook his head stubbornly, nearly careening off balance in the process. “No, no, I do not remember this place. We should be exploring more.”

“Ivan, I live right there!” Alfred cried, freeing one hand to point at where his house stood now visible in the darkened evening.

Ivan merely shook his head all the more vehemently, feeling the world spin horribly beneath him, the ground flying up to meet him. Alfred’s grip on him tightened, and he looped his arm around his waist in response. “Mmmmm, my hero,” Russia said with a rumbling laugh, sending waves of heat through Alfred’s cheeks.

“Let’s…just keep going,” he muttered.

The next half minute passed in relative silence, broken only by the sounds of their labored breathing and Russia’s soft humming, “Polyushko polye, polyushko shiroka polye… ” Ah, so he was still at the Singing portion of his drunkenness. Russia had different phases of being drunk, ranging from Singing and Folk Dance, Laughing, Sullen, Depressed, and Angry. The latter had become rarer and rarer ever since they started going out, thankfully. They sometimes shifted so suddenly and seamlessly, that often more than one phase seemed to coexist simultaneously. He had been in the Singing and Folk Dance segment when America arrived at their designated meeting place.

Just as they were stepping up to the door to the apartment, Russia piped up, “Fedya- Fedya, you have not taken me to Disney World in ages.”

“What!?” America asked, thrown by the sudden outburst.

“You said you would. Fedya- you said, you told me even if my boss could not go, I was welcome to, you said it would be alright. I have not been there in ages, but you said you would take me,” Russia informed him with a pout that looked remarkably charming on his chiseled face.

“I…I’ll get right on it,” America said, struggling to get them over the threshold. He remembers that but he doesn’t recognize the street… The door shut behind them, cutting off the stream of cool nighttime air leaking in. After much awkward clambering and more than a few choice swear words, they arrived at last at their final destination.

Alfred let Ivan fall unceremoniously onto the bed, where he quickly nuzzled his face into the thick down comforter. “Mmm, come join me, Fedya,” he insisted, slapping the spot beside him sloppily.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” After a hurried change of clothes, America slid himself in beside Russia, whose arm snaked out to wrap securely around Alfred’s waist. Immediately, America felt his eyelids begin to droop. It had begun drizzling lightly outside, and the gentle rhythmic tapping of the raindrops against the window was lulling him into a nice comfortable slumber…

“Fedya,” Russia said, poking him none to gently in the side. America groaned. “Fedya, would you like to colonize Mars together?”

Aah, right, the other phase of Russia’s drunken state. Talkative.

“That sounds good, buddy, America mumbled into his pillow, eyes clamped determinedly shut. Russia beamed. For one brief moment, America thought that was all. Then, "I would like that very much.”

“Me too, babe,” he responded, hoping Russia might be sober enough to register some of the exhaustion in his voice. “Why don’t we sleep now, huh, babe? We’ll plan something nice in the morning.”

Russia shook his head, platinum locks sliding gracefully across the pillow case. He gave another musical laugh. “Nyet, I am too sleepy for that.”

“That…doesn’t make sense…”

Another rumble of a laugh.


“…yes, Vanya?” America asked thickly.

“…you really did not mean to stand me up?”

Something warm blossomed in Alfred’s chest at the faint touch of insecurity lacing Russia’s words, and he slid a hand up to thread his fingers gently through those thick pale locks. “Wouldn’t dream of it,” he promised. “Now try and sleep. You’ll feel better with some sleep.”

He had a faint memory of sharing a goodnight kiss before the heavy blackness that had plagued him all throughout their trek finally overwhelmed him, and he was deep in a world of dreams.


Russia woke to a pounding headache and an amused America who had a glass of orange juice and pain killers at the ready. He took them groggily, the faint light leaking past the drawn curtains enough to stab painfully at his eyes.

“Morning, sunshine,” America greeted cheeky.

Russia groaned. “Please stop yelling,” he implored. “What happened last night?” he added.

America frowned. “Well, I got stuck at some boring-ass meeting, didn’t get to call, and so you thought I stood you up after we’ve gone out for how long now? Then you got plastered, and by the time I got to you, were treating everyone to a one man reenactment that crazy dancing part of The Nutcracker. It’s already on Youtube, actually, if you want a more vivid reminder.”

Ivan’s violet eyes drooped down to his lap as his cheeks flooded with heat. “No, no, I will take your word for it…”

“Suit yourself, but it already has a million hits, and I’m pretty sure half of those are me.”


Notes: I love the scenarios involving Alfred being the one to completely fail at holding his liquor at parties, but I thought it might be fun to see Ivan in that situation.


Hello lovely ladies, this smut is for all of Yixing’s babygirls out there because I just love daddy Yixing and you should too

Also I haven’t posted in this blog since I first entered it so yeah… I exist
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(Just making sure that no one is thinking that I’m stealing this smut but my original blog is writerinapinkdress and I just reposted this on both of these blogs)

Warning: Kinky shit is about to happen, also smut as you can tell

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When Yixing slides the key into the door forcefully and slams the door open, I’m convinced that he is angry. I grab his coat from his hands and hang it in the closet.

“Baobei, are you okay?” I ask, trying to comfort him with my hands on his shoulders. He doesn’t say anything, instead he goes and sits at one of the chairs around the table. His chin is clenched and his eyes are like fire. He licks his lips and continues ignoring me. I find a chair and sit right in front of him.

“Are you mad at me Yixing, did I do something wrong?”

He suddenly tugs down the skirt of my black mini dress, making me almost fall from the chair. He speaks loudly, but he doesn’t shout.

“Why did you wear a dress this short?! You knew we were only having dinner with my friends!”

I know where this is going from the way he tugs at my dress. I still try to fight back, pulling my skirt towards me so I can get it off from his grip.

“But I though this dress was okay, I thought you would like it!” his eyes open from my reaction to his words, but he is still in his dominant state.

“I like it, but it’s inappropriate for a girl like you to wear such thing in front of my friends!”

I imagine the scenarios of what could lead from there, and I feel myself getting wetter under the chiffon dress and Yixing’s touch. I kneel in front of him, my hands on my lap.

“I know, Yixing.”

He tucks my hair behind my ear, and he kisses me passionately. His kiss tells me that he wants to be angry, but he is as eager as I am now to be angry at me. I notice the bulge in his pants and my throat becomes dry as he pulls back, one of his hands still grabbing my hair lightly. “Did I tell you that you can call me that?”

I don’t answer, and I don’t look at him as he lets go of my hair. I keep my focus on my lap, and I just shake my head at him. I can still tell that his face get softer even if I don’t look at him.

“Are you sorry, darling?” he grabs my chin forcefully, pulling me closer to his face. I nod my head furiously, having a dilemma inside me about not wanting a punishment but also getting really aroused by the thought of it.

He gives me a smirk. “I don’t hear you saying it. Did the cat get your tongue? Say you’re sorry.” He says, squeezing my face even harder. I’m sure his fingerprints will leave a mark this time.

“I-I’m sorry daddy.” I murmur, he finally let’s go of my face, making it fall in front of me. His face stiffens, he lies his back on the chair and speaks in a harsh tone. I know that he is getting annoyed.

“I can’t hear you baby girl, did you say something?” I close my eyes, opening my mouth as wide as I can and I shout,

“I’m really sorry daddy, please forgive me!”

He leans and kisses me roughly on the lips, sucking my bottom lip and I feel safe in his mouth for a second.

He suddenly lets go of me, leaving me breathless and eyes open with shock.

“Then show me how sorry you are.” He says with his voice deep, and he nudges at his belt. My hands are trembling and I slowly slide my hands up and down on his strong thighs.

I put one of my hands on his belt, taking it off slowly. His voice startles me. “You know I don’t like slow baby.” I gulp and nod my head, my hands are still shaking but I manage to take off his belt and pants in complete silence. He gives a moan under his breath when my fingers grab his boxers and I stop for a minute. He talks through his teeth,

“Don’t you dare slow down.”

His voice sends shivers through my spine and I feel my clit throbbing under my dress. I try to create a friction between my thighs but it doesn’t feel enough.

I obey him and quickly get rid of his boxers. His erection makes me lick my lips, I don’t want to make him wait any longer and I put my tongue on the tip of his cock and swirl it around. My tongue is moving in a slow pace, and I hear Yixing give out a moan without intending.

I move my hand across his cock, pumping it a few times and I put one of my hands on his thighs, squeezing it hard and he gives a quick breath before speaking through his teeth

“I’m not the one that’s supposed to be punished here, know your place.”

He suddenly grabs my hair with his hands and he pushes his hips towards me. My mouth fills with his cock and I can feel his precum spreading on my tongue. His cock feels warm and wet on top of my tongue, and I open my mouth more for him to thrust his hips harder into my mouth.

Yixing’s movements are fast, at least faster than me, and I moan against his cock to make him feel at the edge. I can see a few beads of sweat on his forehead, and I’m thanking myself for not having a gag reflex because Yixing really does like pushing until the edge.

Just when I close my eyes and my mouth starts to feel a little numb, he lets go of my hair and he grabs my chin again.

“You still didn’t get your punishment, even though your mouth feels so nice my baby; I’m still angry at you.”

He points to the sofa while loosening his tie. His voice makes me want to melt right at that spot and he knows his voice does me things.

“Strip and sit there.”

I quickly take my dress off, forgetting what I’m wearing underneath. He comes closer to me as his hand reaches for my ass when he realizes that I’m wearing pink matching lingerie.

He slaps my ass, and whispers just before kissing me “Look at what you’re wearing for such a bad girl. Is this for Daddy?”

I smirk to myself while kissing him back shyly. I know these are his favourite pair of underwear on me, and he’ll quit his angry side in a minute. I talk in a shy voice while putting my hands on the collar of his shirt.

“I-it is daddy.”

He knows that I’m trying to get his mind off of the punishment even though I really want his strong hands on my ass.

He sits on the sofa and gives me a look that makes me sink to my knees right next to his legs. He strokes my hair and speaks in a low voice,

“Now bend over my lap like the daddy’s girl you are, okay baby?”

I bend over his lap, my breasts squeezing on top of one of his knees, my wet core is dangerously close to his other knee.

“You’ll count loudly so that I can hear you, or you’ll have to start over again, got it darling?” he whispers into my ear as his hands make their way to my panties. He pulls the elastic of my underwear and lets it go instantly, it snaps against my skin and my legs tremble a little from the shock.

He suddenly pushes my panties to my knees, making me exposed to himself with all my wetness. His finger travels on my core, and he puts his finger, now wet with my arousal into his mouth and he pops it out of his mouth with a loud noise.

“You’re really wet for daddy’s cock aren’t you baby?” he squeezes my ass, wanting me to answer him.

I just nod my head while I adjust myself on his lap more.

“I really am daddy. Please…”

I can feel that he smirks behind me, and he slaps my ass hard without a warning. I remember the order I got before and try to shout “One!” while biting my lower lip.

“But every bad girl like you has to be punished for their bad behaviour first.”

He slaps my ass at the exact same spot again, and I choke out the word “Two”

He moves his hand around the stinging spot on my ass, and he gives it a light squeeze.

“Just like that, baby. 3 more and it is over.” He slaps the same spot again, this time harder than ever. I’m sure that his hand will leave a print on my ass. I bite my lip strongly that it becomes a dark red colour. He pinches my other ass cheek as he talks again.

“Did you say something baby? I didn’t hear you?”

I realize that I didn’t count and shout “Three” as my hands turn into fists.

Four and Five are quick, they follow each other immediately, and my wetness is almost dripping from my knees to the ground. My legs feel weak when he tucks my hair behind my ear and whispers. The way his breath hits my ear is making my legs rub to each other,

“See, it wasn’t so bad, was it baby girl? Now it’s time for daddy’s cock. You deserved it.”

This time he gives me a light slap, making me stand up from his lap and he quickly pulls me to himself, making me settle between his legs, his hard cock touching my wet core ever so slightly. He attacks my swollen lips with his plump ones, and he sucks at my bottom lip when I start to grind on him, desperate for feeling him inside me. He moans into my mouth and I press my hips harder.

“You’re a really desperate girl, aren’t you darling?”

I wrap my arms around and I literally beg to him,

“D-daddy, please, please.” I push my hips one last time, and his eyes open wide.

“God, you’re gorgeous.” And he enters inside me, my already wet core fitting so well on him.

I give out a long breath when he enters me, my thighs shakes with the sudden pleasure I feel inside and his strong hands grip my legs. I start to move my hip back and forth, while he throws his head back while occasionally swearing. He starts to move his hips upwards in sync with my movements and I hold on to his neck tighter, burying my face on the crook of his neck while moaning loud enough for the whole building to hear us.


He grabs my hair and starts to push deep inside me faster than ever without answering me. Seconds later, I feel a knot in my stomach being untied and I come with a loud moan against his neck, my fingers scratching his wide back.

A few hard pushes and words containing “You’re daddy’s girl, aren’t you baby?” Later he comes deep inside me. He sends me shivers through my spine and the familiar warm feeling inside me makes me dig my fingers on his back harder.

I stay in his lap with his arms around me and my legs covering his torso for a little while. His sweaty smell makes me feel glad that I’ve been a bad girl this whole evening.

anonymous asked:

do you do keyword scenarios/drabbles? Like if I say "shhhh", could you write a short scenario (just like the reaction ones) based on it? It's okay, if you don't! Keep up the good work (:

I’ve never tried it before but I guess I’ll give it a shot while I wait for my hair to dry~ Bear with me!!! HAHA

Mark: “Shhhhhhhh” he covered your mouth with his hand as you both hid behind the tool shed in the backyard. “Uncle Mark!!!!! Auntie Y/N!!!!” you heard Mark’s niece, Kylie, yell as she hobbled around the backyard in search of you both. “Uncle Maaaaaaaark” she yelled in a frustrated screech. You and Mark glanced at each other, wide smiles plastered on your faces. He leaned in and kissed you softly. “Mark!” you hissed in a whisper. “As long as the kids don’t see” he grinned. You both giggled before emerging from behind the shed, “Here we areeeee!” you revealed yourselves. Kylie smiled brightly with Leila in tow. “We found you!” they screeched happily.

JB: “Shhhhhh” JB soothed you as you winced in pain; he was spraying disinfectant on your bloodied knee. “I told you not to dance around on the sidewalks so carelessly” he shook his head as he began bandaging your wound. “You know it was my favorite song though” you playfully smacked his forearm, recalling falling off the sidewalk whilst dancing to their new song. He shot you a look, “Yeah, well if you keep dancing along to your favorite songs without a care in the world, you won’t have an unscathed limb to spare” he playfully slapped the spot he just bandaged up. “Ow!!” you glared at him, “I can’t help that I’m your biggest fan” you grinned. “I’m just kidding, just be more careful” he kissed your forehead. 

Jackson: “Shhhhhh!” Jackson desperately tried to quiet you down as you began cackling with laughter in the quiet movie theatre. You and Jackson were watching a movie in theaters on a typical Friday night, and of course, Jackson can’t help but make his own commentary every now and then. So it goes to no surprise that you end up laughing at one of Jackson’s side comments a lot harder than he expected, and disrupting the entire theatre while you were at it. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and covered your mouth with his hand, muffling your loud laugh. “Shhhhh” he repeated, pulling you into his chest to shut you up.

Jr.: “Shhhhh” Jr. put his finger to his lips while his eye wrinkles deepened with his wide smile. You were both studying at the library when you suddenly looked up because you felt Jr. trying to grab your attention. As you focused on him, he continuously raised the book up and down, changing his facial expression with each pass of the book. You snorted with laughter at the last one, an expression completely unimaginable to be done by Park Jinyoung. He reached over and covered your mouth with your hand for you, “shhhhhhh” his eyes darted side to side as he tried not to laugh himself, seeing all the bothered library-goers.

Youngjae: “Shhhhhh” Youngjae shushed you suddenly. You looked at him in confusion, “what?” you furrowed your brow. You were both cuddling in bed, talking about your whereabouts earlier the day when he suddenly interrupted the moment. “Just listen” he whispered. Your brow remained drawn together, still confused. You exhaled and shut your eyes. You could now hear the soft but audible sound of raindrops hitting your window. “Doesn’t it remind you of the time?” Youngjae grinned. “Our first kiss in the rain?” you smirked, blushing at the thought of the romantic memory.

Bambam: “Shhhhhh” Bambam waved his arms in front of you, “Let me finish my story!” he whined. You felt bad he may never get to finish his story because you were already laughing so hard from what he had already told you. He was telling you about the time he signed an autograph from an elderly woman and regardless of what he had signed on the paper for him, she said, ‘Ah. What a kind boy… Thank you… erm… Bamboo’ she read off the paper. “BAMBOO!!!! HAHAHAHAHA SHE CALLED YOU BAMBOO!” you howled in hysteria.

Yugyeom: “Shhhhhhh” Yugyeom cut you off as he pulled you against his chest. You were both arguing over what to watch on TV. You refused to cuddle with him if he didn’t want to watch your favorite show. “Shhhhhhh” he had said, “Just come over here. Pick your show, then. I’ll sacrifice it this time” he pouted as he held you tight against his body, handing you the remote. “Hehehe, I know it was a decision you didn’t have to think twice about” you cooed, kissing him on the cheek. “You win… this time” he smirked at you.