slap shot*

Nursey: So what’s the plan? We just go in there and [high-pitched voice, trying to imitate puck sounds] pow, pow, pow! and get the goal? 

Dex [Monotone]: What was that noise?

Nursey: Slap shots.

Holster: No, Nursey. I think you mean [lowers voice] BOW, BOW, BOW, BOW.

Nursey [Unimpressed]: That sounds like fireworks

Chowder: Technically, they’re more like [higher-pitched voice] pchoo, pchoo, pchoo!

Jack: Okay, everyone, enough with the bad sound effects….. Besides, it’s more like [imitates passing the puck] blam, blam, blam!

Dex: What?!

Chowder: You’re crazy.

Nursey: No way!

Ransom: Tch, wrong!

Bitty [Fed up with these boys]: Y'all! Focus!


Michael x Reader

“So how’d it go?” John teased as he joined the family in the kitchen, muttering an apology for being late.


“Don’t want to be associated with the likes of us, (Y/N)’s got to stop day dreaming about Gangster’s and find herself a nice young man.” Michael grunted and accepted the glass Arthur handed over.


“She was too good for you any way Michael.” Arthur chuckled and pulled a chair out for his cousin to sink down onto.

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you help me find bellarke fics in which bellamy and clarke are similar to the show (with the show's setting and all).. something which seems very real if you get what i mean?

I think you’re looking for canon fics, which take place within the show universe. We have a tag just for that!

unofficialbellamyblake asked: ‘OKAY so I’ve already read like all five hockey AU fanfics in the hockey tag but I was wondering if anyone knew of any other ones? 💕’

The hockey!au’s we’re aware of are these:

Anonymous asked: ‘I’m looking for fics where Bellamy or Clarke is in a relationship and they cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse with Bellamy/Clarke’

The best rec we can give for that is probably Keep Your Enemies Closer. We also did this rec a long while back.

Anonymous asked: ‘I’m looking for a fic Bellamy and Clarke are working together at a bar together along with the the rest of the gang and it’s a long fic they wind up becoming friends and her ac breaks so she stays at his place one night..’

We believe that’s Hey Bartender.

Hey c: Can I request a T'Challa oneshot, where the two of you have been dating for a while and you comfort him after the death of his father. And you tell him that he will be an amazing king, living up to the legacy that his father left behind and how his dad will be immensely proud of him. And it’s just really cute, because he says he wouldn’t want anyone else as his Queen apart from you. Ta c:

A/N: Hey lovelys, I feel like I’ve promised this for centuries and now it’s finally happening!

Maybe he thought you didn’t realise how every morning, before he set off to discuss the political rights of Wakanda, T’challa would sit at the foot of your shared bed and sob. His cries muffled by his hands.

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Slap Shot (1977) Review  
The undisputed greatest hockey movie of all time

Slap Shot is directed by George Roy Hill and follows Reggie Dunlop (played by Paul Newman), the coach of a minor league hockey team- The Charlestown Chiefs. With a never ending losing streak, and the imminent closure of the local factory, Dunlop knows that he needs to do something to save the team. Thrilled by the violent playing style of the new players- the childlike, glasses wearing Hanson brothers- and their talent for drawing crowds, Dunlop encourages his team to fight, much to the displeasure of teammate Ned Braden (Michael Ontkean). Meanwhile, Dunlop befriends Bradens alcoholic wife, Lily (Lindsay Crouse), and tries to maintain a relationship with his own ex wife. 

Written by Nancy Dowd, the film is based on the experiences of her brother Ned Dowd, who played for the Johnstown Jets at the time: with many members of the team making appearances in major and minor roles- most notably the Carlson brothers playing their remarkably true-to-life film counterparts, the Hansons. 

Amongst the bloody play, and crude language, the heart of this film lies in its sarcastically genius script. From the sly, raunchy humour of Paul Newman to the clueless humour of the Hansons, the comedy still retains its wit years later, and the characters are all iconic, for their hilarious quotes. While the highlight of the film is the Hansons- who steal every scene they’re in- the subplot involving Lily, the struggling hockey wife of Braden, is also highly entertaining. While her humour is more subtle and quiet, she is still funny none the less, and never feels like she is slowing down the main hockey action. 

The minimalist soundtrack is simple, but memorable with a few good uses of Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and Leo Sayer. The repeated use of ‘Right Back Where We Started From’ by Maxine Nightingale as an upbeat anthem to the teams travels will have you humming it on repeat, and forever associating it with the film. 

While not succeeding at first- mainly due to the NHL’s objection to its focus on hockey violence- Slap Shot eventually gained momentum and became one of the most iconic sports movies of all time. 40 years later, the Carlsons still draw crowds at games, reciting lines and ‘putting on the foil’, and the film is regularly mentioned by commentators. A staple on NHL buses and in locker rooms, most hockey players and fans alike can quote their favourite lines (if not most of the script), word for word. The true testament to Slap Shots’ brilliance is its endurance and the legacy it has left on the world of hockey and comedy filmmaking.

“I dare you.”

“I’m not doing it.” The pack, minus Derek, groaned at my protests. In a clean and innocent game of Truth or Dare, things had gone sour. At least for me. I was dared to slap my boyfriends ass. He was out at the moment, picking up some groceries. He was all for being playful and intimate when we were alone, but in front of others it was the exact opposite. He was cold, and very closed off, which I was okay with it, because when we were alone, he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. It wasn’t in a sexual way, but in a soft, romantic way. His hands were always with mine, and playing with my hair. I was constantly on his lap and he was always hugging me from behind. He kissed every part of my face that he could reach.

The door to the loft open and in came the man himself. He was carrying a couple bags filled with the stereotypical grocery items. He glanced briefly at us, a smile twitching on his face when his eyes landed on me, before heading towards the kitchen. I looked at the hopeful faces around me and decided that this is the time. The deed just had to be done.

I followed him, nervous of course. He noticed my it, supernatural hearing and all. He turned around, narrowing his eyes at me and I smiled childishly at him. He shook his head and went back to unbagging the bread.

And then a slapping noise rang out throughout the apartment, louder than I thought it was going to be. My hand was still on his ass as he whipped around and grabbed it and growled.

“Everyone else. Out. Now.”